Although it is not weak,But it is just equivalent to these,Said by a ridiculous person who has no cultivation skills。

In front of Xia Chenglong,It’s not enough to see,But at this time, he doesn’t care about it at all,Just waved gently,Smiled:
“A person who has entered the holy realm dare to challenge the gods,I think you ridiculous people are really no one,I actually sent you out,Ridiculous or sad,Sad or sigh!”
Kurosaki Shenliang stared at Xia Chenglong with scorching eyes,Looked for a while,I spit out a few words coldly from my mouth:“Are you just a bit sharp??”
Xia Chenglong was angry when he heard what Heiqi Shenliang said,The anger of the strong man in the gods is something that Kurosaki Kamura cannot bear,The leader of the desert is terrible,But he is more terrifying。
At this time,I’m already regretting why I want,Trying to challenge Xia Chenglong。
But now it has reached the point where the arrow has to be sent on the string,At this moment, even if it is Heiqi Shenliang, regret it again,But you can buy all medicines under the sun,Only this regret medicine has nowhere to buy。
In the end, Kurosaki Kamura could only grit his teeth,Focus all your spiritual power on the scimitar you hold,At this time on the black spirit Shenliang’s scimitar,A faint yellow light appeared。
The spirit of heaven and earth rushed towards Kurosaki Kamira’s scimitar frantically,Everyone saw this scene,My face can’t help but change slightly,There is a little awe in the eyes。
It’s just that Xia Chenglong at this time doesn’t care about all this,I don’t care when I see a large amount of spiritual energy gathered on the path of the black energy and coolness.。
To the end,Kurosaki Kamura seems to have finally gathered his aura,Gave a low growl forward,Then there was a violent drink:“go with!”
This knife carries the power of heaven and earth,There are faint ripples in the space。
But at this time Xia Chenglong saw this scene in front of him but didn’t care,Xia Chenglong gently pulled out the Sky Profound Sword,With such a gentle slash towards the front,Understatement,so easy,Looks like eating and sleeping casually。