“Intuition and observation。”The instructor looked sad,“of course,There is still a hopeless hope。”

“look forward to?”
“Is an expectation。Mention these,I have to talk about Zhang Zhiqiang。”
“correct,Zhang Zhiqiang……”
The instructor waved his hand to interrupt Li Tianchou,“This person has a lot of history,We didn’t talk deeply last time。Twenty years ago he also belonged to a secret field team,And responsible for performing overseas tasks。But once the mission failed,Only one of the team members who attended together came back alive,This person committed suicide unexpectedly during the investigation,So the whole incident became confusing。”
Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Three Past events
The instructor took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket for the first time,Draw one out and throw it to Li Tianchou,Then I ignited one without rushing,Took a deep breath,Through thick smoke,The instructor’s deep eyes are faintly foggy,“Those team members total twelve,One of them has the same name and last name as you,There is another called Zhang Zhiqiang,None of them came back。The only survivor is Fang Jun,His death interrupted the investigation,I was one of the members participating in the investigation,The file is included in the high-security level storage。
“After that,About five years ago,I transferred to the Southeast,I accidentally found Zhang Zhiqiang with the same name and surname,This person is a foreign investor,But the foundation is not clean,And it is inextricably linked to cross-border money laundering。While feeling a coincidence,I started to pay attention to this person,From the appearance, it is no longer possible to check with the photos of the year,But I feel that Zhang Zhiqiang is not as simple as in his resume,So I not only asked the local police to secretly cooperate with the investigation,Also found Geng Huanzhang。
“After Lao Geng is discharged,I don’t know how I got hereSZcity,And start,Take in,In the underground society, he is still famous。I have a long talk with him,Although I don’t want to interfere in his life,But as an instructor and old comrade,What i should say,The future of this road is unworkable。
“Lao Geng is a man with a brain,He knows I’m polite,Maybe there are his difficulties,And it’s too hard to look back,That’s why he made an agreement to help me investigate Zhang Zhiqiang……”
Li Tianchou was more surprised as he listened,I feel the nightmare I once had is right in front of me,The authenticity of this dream is beyond doubt,But it would be so coincidental,It is related to the instructor in front of you,No wonder the series of unintelligible accidents after I met Uncle Geng all happened for a reason。
The instructor took a sip of tea,Continue on,“You and Lao Geng are doing well,Zhang Zhiqiang’s underground money laundering channels established in the mainland were all choked to death,The evil forces attached to it have basically been uprooted,But this guy is too cunning,Feel the wind is wrong。”
“So is this Zhang Zhiqiang the same person back then??”Combine fragments of stories from your dreams,Li Tianchou naturally understands the instructor’s thoughts and guesses,But such a long investigation should have an eyebrow?
“Yes。But most of it is my personal feeling,There is too little evidence。”The instructor’s expression showed a little helplessness,“Because this investigation was not authorized,Totally my personal behavior,So many restrictions,And this person has diplomatic immunity,More difficult。”