a family of three,A month’s living expenses are about 40,000 to 50,000 Baileys,The money can only be said to give a sigh of relief to those who survived,They have to endure the grief in their hearts and continue their difficult lives。

Leo couldn’t help but let out a sigh of breath when he thought of this,This is life on the sea,In those pirates、navy、noble、While the world government enjoys,These low-level civilians can only survive generation after generation。
About half a day later,it’s getting dark,Leo and the navy leave here,Towards the island of Evion。
“This time the battle is really dangerous!”to be frank,Although the past half day,Leo still has lingering fears。
Although he was not injured,Didn’t even get off,But the process is really dangerous,Once he was caught by Skopodor,That’s a dead end。
“Fortunately,Skipper’s fruit grade is too low,Easily suppressed by me!”
Leo began to reflect on the battle gains,He’s not some kind of talented evildoer,So after every practice and battle,He will reflect on it。
And sitting aside is the thinking green bull。
This is also Leo’s request,Think and sum up with him every time。
Although Xiao Shorthand’s intelligence is okay,Unfortunately, I’m not good at thinking about this,So every time I behaved very depressed。
If it weren’t for Leo pressing it,,I guess it ran away long ago。。
but,There are still benefits,Both of them are improving steadily。
“The incident that Skopodor ate the devil fruit,Does Ens know?”Leo doubts Ens’s purpose。
He has considered the connection between the two people,It’s normal for the pirates to have contact with the navy。
“This matter has no result,And I still need Ens’s help,If something happens to Ens,I couldn’t get into the navy headquarters!So it seems,I can only forget this for now!”
Leo’s distinction,Reason tells him that he should pretend not to know this time。
“Pretend Enns is not in touch with Skopodor?to be frank,It’s just my guess that two people are connected,Not necessarily true!”Leo hinted to himself。
but,What should I do if I still feel unhappy??
Stronger and stronger,Leo has become more and more casual,Such unpleasant things,He doesn’t want to just go over so vaguely。