Bai Li said,Came over,Carried Xia Jian’s bag on his back。Bai Li used to be Xia Jian’s secretary,So she is quite clear about Xia Jian’s working methods。

When they go downstairs,Li Yue already drove the car。Xia Jian and Bai Li got in the car,Li Yue looked back at Xia Jian and Bai Li sitting in the back row and said:“President Xia!Then we go。I think it’s a bit late?”
“Oh!I understand what you mean,Are you afraid it’s noon when we go up the mountain,Then prepare a few more bottles of water and food。Of course if you two are afraid of the sun,You don’t need to go up,Wait for me under the mountain”
Xia Jian was talking,Looking out of the car window,He suddenly discovered that Pingdu City seems to have changed a lot。Running around here every day,But he has never observed these carefully。
Xia Jian said just now,Li Yue spit out her tongue,She thought Xia Jian would say such things when she was angry,Actually not so,What Xia Jian said was from his heart,He thinks so,So just say so。
“Mr. Xia can make a joke,We both accompany you to check the work,Let you go up the mountain alone,And we are waiting under the mountain,You don’t want us to do it again!”
Bai Li sitting next to Xia Jian,Half open jokingly。
Xia Jian realized that what he said just now was a little bit blunt,He laughed and said:“I am telling the truth,Don’t remember these。For climbing Ziyang Pass,I’m a piece of cake,But you two are different,It’s female after all”
“President Xia misunderstood,I have no problem at all,I was thinking about you just now。Manager Bai, I think he even changed his shoes,She has no problem。If you let us stay on the mountain,Then vice president Guan will definitely let us two walk tomorrow”
Li Yue drove the car,Talking loudly and laughing。
When the car leaves the city,The scenery in front of you changed drastically。Look around,All the mountains and plains are golden。someone said,Autumn is the harvest season,This sentence is not false to farmers。Compared to the flower in spring,Xia Jian prefers autumn harvest。
“President Xia!Our project in Pingyang Town is good,Why not imitate it,To develop other towns and villages in this area?”
Bai Li suddenly interrupted Xia Jian’s thoughts,She asked softly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“This should be adapted to local conditions,Not all towns are suitable for this project。For example, Donglin Township,Had it not been for a Ziyang view,Then it can only develop local industries with characteristics。The same goes for other towns。And the development of Binh Duong Town is just a groping stage。Wait for the experience to mature,Not impossible”
Bai Li took a breath and said:“President Xia!You are not easy,You can have such a mind at a young age,Really admirable。There are a lot of business owners in the city,But they are all for money,Either for the famous,That’s like you,I only do things for the people of my hometown”
“Also,It would be great if there were more”Xia Jian said,Took a long breath。
First2528chapter On-site inspection work
Xia Jian’s big jeep gallops on the provincial road leading to Donglin Township。Sitting in the car, Xia Jian looked out the window。He couldn’t help sighing:“This is another harvest year,Which pieces of cornfield do you look at,Much better”
“This year’s corn growth is really good,But growing crops is getting less and less cost-effective,All left the land and went to work,This is not a good sign”