The first thousand four hundred eighty-four chapters is different

Jin Xijie’s words are also a fear of everyone.。
“You can rest assured,I won’t let you shoot ash.,Since you can think of,Then I will definitely think。”
“I have already said to him.,You are just responsible for whistling.,If you make you cannon ash,You can refuse。”
“Or call me directly,I will take my brothers to save you.。”
Jin Xijie said this,Someone stationed directly:“I go!”
“I’ll go as well!”
soon,More than a dozen people said to go。
Face this scene,Nie Yang is also a means of admire Jin Xijie to control people’s hearts.。
“it is good,I don’t have much more than enough.,Nie Lao Gong took you in the past。”
“remember,We are not going to be cannon ash,We are going to support help。”
Finish,Jin Xijie let Nie Yang said two sentences。
Nie Yang did not expect Jin Xijie to give him a chance.。
In the face of these people, he actually can’t open it.。
But I thought about it.,He knows that some things still have to take the first step。
And Jin Xijie let him say two sentences,There should be deep meaning。
“Dear brothers,I am actually not talking.,But since standing out,Then I will apologize to my brothers.。”
See Nie Yang 90 degrees,Everyone is also stunned.。
What is said,Nie Yang is also the boss of the gilly wolf.。
Such a boss can apologize for them.,They also feel some incredible。
“Before I followed the brothers, they were different gangs.,So those who use violence is also forced to have,After all, I was betrayed by Gong Hongyu.。”
“You don’t have it,Can only use some means。”
“But I promise,We are a family in the future.,Who is bullying a brother?,My Nie Yang first took the lead to find it back to the venue.。”
Nie Yang, although he did not let everyone immediately forgive,But at least a lot of mustard heart in the hearts of everyone.。
soon,Nie Yang invited everyone to take a shower,Then eat again,drink wine,Sing the last dragon service。
This is after,Nie Yang is directly into the Nie Lausi of everyone.。
For Nie Yang’s performance,Jin Xijie just laughed and did not say anything。
The next morning,Nie Yang brought people to Qiu Boyu.。
And Qiu Boyu is also immediately actions tonight.。
Such a speed of action makes Nie Yang have not thought about it.。
However, Qiu Boyu said it is very reasonable.。
“Nie Lao Big,Soldier,And since the sneak attack is that the other party is not,The other party is prepared, it is not the problem that the elimination is.。”
For this,Nie Yang also nodded。
Go back,Nie Yang and Jin Xijie are also contenders to initiate attacks on Ye Fengchun.。
On the evening,Qiu Boyu directly sneak successfully,Directly let the Dihai of the Ling Sihai fall into the bar,There is no way to open。
After drying,He took people directly to run.。
And Jin Xijie is also the same here.,When the other party goes back to rescue,Take advantage of。
This is operational,Ling four seas direct alarm processing。
And Qiu Bo Yu is laughing with Jin Xijie.。