I don’t need other people’s guidance,Xiang Chen drove directly to Zhou Ziyi’s room。

Even though Cai Kunpeng and Li Yang have chased in immediately,But still did not stop Xiangchen’s slap on Zhou Ziyi’s ass。
Zhou Ziyi let out a muffled snort,Cai Kunpeng and Li Yangguang can feel the pain of Xiang Chen’s slap.。
“not bad!No wonder you keep answering in shame,Turns out the butt is so up!All big men,Shy what?”
Sitting next to Zhou Ziyi,Xiang Chen didn’t mean to see anything outside。
&; “Why did you come so soon to taunt the defeated opponent??There is no such demeanor?”
Zhou Ziyi lying on the bed,Signaling that Cai Kunpeng and Li Yang are okay,Zhou Ziyi and Xiang Chen’s tone of voice,It’s a lot easier。
Xiang Chen waved his hand,I took a pat on Zhou Ziyi’s hip again。
“Why are you defeated?At today’s reception,But majestic!”
Xiang Chen raised his hand unconsciously as he spoke,Zhou Ziyi looked at Xiangchen fiercely,Every word is almost chewed out of the teeth and spit out。
“Again and again,You do this again,It’s too much。”
Zhou Ziyi stared closely at Xiang Chen’s raised palm again。
Until he saw Xiang Chen put his palm down,Zhou Ziyi let out a sigh of relief,Said:“On the surface, we are indeed financially strong,Everyone fight to the end,We are slightly better。But we know the actual suffering,Although I can’t say that I was miserable by you and Han Zhili’s old fox,But such a disgusting thing,It’s not easy to put it on anyone。Don’t plan to tell me now,How did you find us?”
Zhou Ziyi looked at Xiang Chen,It’s hard to imagine that two people would fight together before.。
“The land under our feet,Pay attention to freedom and equality,Just like you can find my information,I can also use my own means,Investigate some things you want to know。”