The four of Lu Menglin entered the room,Rough count,There are fifteen boxes,All the magic soldiers are placed in the box,Did not show his true face。

The priest said with a smile:“Weapons in this room,All are superb warriors,Any one can complete the fusion of gods and soldiers。but,You can’t just open the box and watch,But to use our own perception,Choose the weapon that suits you。Only way,To get the favor of the bright dragon god,Bless your luck,Choose the weapon that suits you best。”
“When you only have one hour,Can start now!”After speaking,The priest left the room。
In a huge room,Only Lu Menglin left,There are fifteen stone boxes。
Huang Shaotian obeyed the clergy,Start to concentrate and hold your breath,Watching these fifteen stone boxes carefully,Trying to find a suitable weapon。
But Tu Shanming is very carefree,Don’t care,Ha ha smiled:“These people are sneaky,I’m afraid it’s not going to fool us with fakes?What can’t be seen,Only by feeling,I want to open every box to have a look。”
Talk about it,Tu Shanming strode forward,Reach out to open the stone box。
“stop!Tu Shanming, don’t be foolish!”Liu Wenzhang quickly blocked the road。
Unfortunately a little late,Tu Shanming easily grabbed one of the stone boxes,It broke open all of a sudden。
Open the stone box,The time pattern blooms inside,So shaking people can’t open their eyes。
“I go!Really good stuff!”Tu Shanming took a breath,Surprised。
In the stone box,Lying still with a war knife,The blade is as bright as snow,The blade is as black as ink,This light and dark,Two colors are intertwined with light,Shining。
All those present are knowledgeable,Know at a glance,The war knife in the stone box,Definitely a magic weapon,And it’s a rare superb weapon,Because there are only the best soldiers,So it fits with the light energy,Exudes such a strong brilliance。