“Don’t drive!”

Everyone talked and laughed and arrived at Dongcheng Airport。Although the order is9Point the ticket,but8Just click around and everyone will arrive at the scene。
however,Qin Feng never expected,At the time of ticket check,The three girls are in,But when it was Qin Feng’s turn, he was stopped。
“Mr,It’s hard for us to do it like this。Don’t go back if you have any injuries?You also understand,We can’t match your passport after the plastic surgery,So sir, don’t think of other ways?”
Qin Feng forgot about such a thing。
And the passengers behind them started to urge,“Yes indeed,See a doctor if you are sick。What are you doing?Get out of the way, we are in a hurry。You can compensate us for the loss if you can’t catch the plane。”
“Just,You said it’s hard to board a plane if you go abroad for plastic surgery,Why are you going from home to abroad??I can’t have plastic surgery and want to do it again?”
“Mr,Please lean aside first。”
Qin Feng knows,I’m making everyone angry。of course,Can’t say the staff is bad,It can only be said that they act in accordance with the rules and regulations。Qin Feng also stood aside very wittily,And said to the three girls inside,“You go first。It’s okay, I think about a solution here,I’ll fly there by myself。”
Did not wait for the three girls to respond,Some passengers in the line can’t help but sneer。
“Ah,Fly over by yourself。Do you know how expensive the plane is?You think you can afford it?Pilots must have excellent eyesight。I don’t believe you look like a ghost now, you don’t wear contact lenses。”
“go away,do not bother me!”Qin Feng was in a bad mood because of being intercepted,Now suddenly there was a neurosis to tease myself,Of course he is angry。
“Qin Feng.”The third daughter is worried,But Qin Feng still told them:“rest assured,It’s a big deal!”
If it is domestic,Of course the helicopter is fine,But the problem is that they are going abroad,Although it’s a short flight to an island country,But ordinary helicopters seem to be really unable to drive this far。
“Yo,You actually told me to go?Do you know who you are talking to?”