The punch broke the bridge of the opponent’s nose,Nosebleeds dripped all over the place。

Followed by,Chen Jiannan relies on his height,Hold the eight-fingered head with both hands,Pull down,Raise the iron knee at the same time,Bang,Knocked his knees on the opponent’s face。
Eight fingers didn’t even say a word,Just fell to the ground,Blood flow,Fainted。
Those boys on the opposite side saw this scene,All dumbfounded。
“that person,So strong!”
“Damn it,Eight fingers so fierce,Falling into the hands of that person and can’t walk a round。”
“Who is that person?Too fierce!”
Big Fingers fell to the ground as soft as mud,Not awake。
The man who got him,Wearing a pirated black trench coat,With sunglasses on his face,Make people unable to see their faces。
Chen Jiannan waved in the direction of Lu Menglin,And raise the index finger,Made aOKGesture,Then strode around,Leave without any muddle。
Everyone across the road saw this scene,It’s like seeing the little Ma in the movie,I really admire。
And including Brother Xiong,Everyone saw the gesture of greeting Lu Menglin from the little Ma in the windbreaker,More eager eyes fell on Lu Menglin’s body。
“The one just now,It must be Mr. Lu’s successor,Amazing!”
“Xiao Lu finally missed everything,This is the real strategy,Decisive battle for thousands of miles!”
“No wonder brother Qizhi must follow him to make a fortune,This buddy’s mind is too powerful。”