The voice has not fallen,Two figures shot out from inside the wall of the Royal Palace of Yue,Floating in the air。

One of the figures coldly said:“Zhao Liehui,Do you want to die?”
Snorted coldly in the wind,Look up:“You can try!”
The other person who lifted into the sky in the Yuewang Mansion stared at the wind flow,Full of fear,Shouted in a deep voice:“Wind flow,What are you three crazy about??I really thought that within the city of God,No one can punish you?”
The two who are talking are the strong guards of the Royal Palace,Belongs to the high-end combat power of God City,The three of them are on the same level,Are all powerful characters above level 42。
They are the guards of the palace,Of course you have to go forward at this time。
The corners of the mouth are crooked in the wind,Dry smile:“Black Blood Guardian Seed Wuhao,Come to challenge the Royal Palace seed Huang Shaotian,The three of us are here to fight for him,What’s the problem?”
“Wuhao?”The two strong guards in midair were puzzled,They never heard the name。
but,If it’s just a mutual challenge between seeds,Fights permitted by the laws of God City,Everyone heard that this is the case,I feel relieved immediately。
As long as it’s not the Black Blood Cavalry going crazy,Impact on the palace,That’s not a big deal!
It turned out to be just a challenge between seeds!Everyone can see it as a fun!
“Huang Shaotian,You are willing to accept the challenge?”One of the strong guards in midair shouted in a deep voice。
Huang Shaotian, standing on the steps of the mansion gate, hasn’t figured out who wants to challenge himself,He told the name Wu Hao,Also extremely strange,Stunned。
but,As a seed master,Naturally has her pride。
Huang Shaotian took a deep breath,Replied loudly:“I am the strong seed of Tianzun City,Only accept the challenge of this generation of strong seeds of the same level,As for other cats and dogs,If you bother me,I didn’t answer!”
Her voice is clear and nice,Resounding through the long street,Everyone can hear clearly。
Lu Menglin also heard Huang Shaotian’s voice,Just didn’t expect,The seed master of the Royal Palace of Yue,Would actually be a woman!
Huang Shaotian’s meaning is very clear,She can accept the challenge,But only accept the challenge of the seed master,As for other cats and dogs, forget it,Ignore。
Her answer is very safe,This seed master in Tianzun God City,From the major forces in the city,Basically everyone knows something,Suddenly an inexplicable challenger emerged,Something abnormal is a demon,She won’t agree easily。