The large number of seemingly harmless black and white squares will randomly form puppet warriors。Random here,Is totally unpredictable。Some powerhouses were directly attacked by puppet warriors when they entered the ruins of Black and White City,Some strong people have been there for hundreds of millions of years but have never seen them。

“I hope I don’t encounter black and white puppet warriors。。。After all, any puppet warrior,All exist at the strongest level in the universe!”
Chapter Twenty Nine Black and white puppet
Welcome me so!”Looking at the black and white puppet in front of him,Li Ming has a sense of speechlessness。
He just entered the ruins of the Black and White City,I haven’t had time to search,I saw countless black and white squares floating in the air,And then formed a human-like form in front of him,But a giant puppet that is much thicker and wider!
Black and white puppet,The lowest strength is also the threshold level for the strongest in the universe。
The shape of the black and white puppet itself is uncertain,For example, the puppet in front of Li Ming is similar to a human figure。But its strength,But very easy to distinguish。
From a large number of white squares, a small black square,Is the threshold for the strongest in the universe,That is, the strength of the master level of the sixth-order universe。
The more black squares,The stronger。
If the proportion of small black squares exceeds 30%,Then there is the strength of the strongest person in the normal universe。
More than 60%,Strength is equivalent to stronger(Eighth order)The strength of the strongest in the universe。
Scale more than nine steps,The strength has changed enough to have the strength of the strongest peak。