“How are you?”I know I can’t ask for it,The blood demon is also a bachelor。

“tell me,What are you?How come into this world?”
“The old man is the demon of the gods and demons,Is the existence of the blood demon clan great demon king……”The blood demon clone snorted coldly,Quite arrogant talk,It has not yet found a host,Not fully developed,Don’t remember much,But the old devil’s arrogance and complacency have learned a lot.,If it is any living creature in this world,Must be shaking his head。
The flesh beard brags about how powerful the blood demon clan is in the world of gods and demons,As a demon, what kind of status is it respected?,What a feat,I can’t remember countless times,How awesome,But never talk about other things,For example, who sealed its body,How did you come to this mortal world?。
Li Tianzhen’s impatient listening,After a little understanding of the Gods and Demons Realm, the blood demon clone stopped,Let the little golden man enter the silver wire cage again,Instead of wasting time with this demon,It’s better to actively search for memory on his spiritual knowledge,Although this method consumes some mental energy,But it’s not difficult,There is a guide in the plaque of the town magic tower,Otherwise, the sun outside has already hit the sun。
When the little golden man probed his hand again and grabbed the meat strips,Blood demon yelling,Extremely frightened,But tightly bound by fine silver wires,Can’t break free,I have to let this little bit do。
A moment later,The little golden man loosened the meat strips,The results of the spiritual search are not ideal,Most of the memories of this demon clone have been sealed,The seal may be gradually lifted as the cultivation base grows,With Li Tianzhen’s current ability,It’s not impossible to forcibly break its seal,But this piece of meat may be annihilated on the spot。
Fortunately, I got a very important information,There is a spiritual connection between the Gorefiend and the clone,There are also mutual induction and connection between clones and clones,But limited to ability and cultivation,This induction is only effective at a certain distance,The blood demon’s cultivation is strong,But the body is sealed in the finger,It weakens its induction,Can be ignored for now。
And these new clones,Only one night has passed,I’m afraid I haven’t left yetSZCity range,I just don’t know when those hosts began to mutate and suck blood,At this time, there may have been a big disturbance。
Li Tianzhen once recalled the appearance of the hosts when the scene was restored,It’s a pity it’s very fuzzy,None is a little clearer,So I can only take the risk of taking the meat strips out of the town magic tower with me,Obviously there is no time to find other ways,Things drag on,The more innocent civilians will suffer,No delay。
“Take me to find them,I can release you temporarily。”
“That’s impossible,Never possible,Our blood demon clan are great creatures,Never harm the same kind。”The blood demon clone roar。
“similar?”Li Tianzhen sneered,The blood demon’s clone,Angan?The little golden man stomped,Started singing that obscure rhythm again,Countless fine silver wires begin to tighten again,*Unsurprisingly re-stretched,It’s about to be cut into countless pieces of meat by this fluffy thread,The blood demon clone can’t resist,Shout for mercy。
Li Tianzhen motioned to stop,But I was worried about finding something suitable to bring this piece of meat around,Must be very secure,Not afraid of hurting yourself,But I’m afraid it will run,This thing is too weird,The other clones have found the host,Only this thing,Actually exists in the form of meat strips,I don’t know if it will be reimbursed without drinking blood。
Four treasures around,All shocking,But I am still unfamiliar with tight,This town’s magic tower is in a Linglong box,Obviously isolated from the outside world,Can’t sense other clones,Every time you have to enter the magic tower in the form of gods,Grab this thing again,Sent back again,Too much trouble。
But unexpectedly,The little golden man took those silver threads,He pulled the silver wire cage and carried it on his shoulders,And waved to leave,Li Tianzhen was surprised,Ask the little golden man how to do it?What he saw in the plaque about the silver wire cage,These silver threads can’t lock the little golden man who exists in the form of divine consciousness,That’s why the little guy swaggered into the cage,But I didn’t expect this cage to become a substance?
The news of Xiaojinren’s feedback surprised Li Tianzhi.,There is a tool in the tower to tell the little golden man what to do,Then why don’t you show up while hiding??I’m the master of this room anyway?But Xiaojinren’s next answer immediately made Li Tianzhen feel frustrated and ashamed.,Qi Ling has been promoted to true immortal thousands of years ago,The real body is no longer in the tower,Leaving a ghost body clone is refining an old demon who travels through the sky on the seventh floor,Temporarily inconvenient to meet。
What’s the inconvenience of meeting,Obviously look down upon Li Tianzhen’s cultivation,I don’t want to recognize him as the master in this situation,The implication is to wait for you to reach the seventh floor,Let’s meet again and talk。
Depressed Go Depressed,Li Tianchou dare not waste time anymore,Exit the town magic tower,I received the Linglong Treasure Box,I realized that I actually had a small silver wire cage on hand,The palm size is very convenient to carry,The meat strips inside have also shrunk to a few inches of fat earthworms。