But due to various factors,They can’t do it rashly。

“You all worked hard,Leave the next battle to us,”Flying Wolf said in a deep voice。
See the dead around,Wounded wound,These are all members of their Iron Blade。
It’s been a long time since there was such a casualty,When going out,So many people,Now take a look around。
Maybe only 30% of the people are still here,Many second-rate teams and third-rate teams have been beaten。
Flying wolf red eyes,A bit moist。
“Do not,We have to go too,We want revenge,Revenge for our dead comrades。”
At this time more and more voices rang,They don’t want to stay here,And leave the arduous tasks to others。
“Row,We go together,”Flying wolf whispered。
“Have you found the position of this scientist??”
Flying Wolf continued to ask,Just figure out the location,They can set goals。
“found it,They are in a temporary underground base in the center of Brooke。”
“This underground base extends in all directions,Like a maze,The people we sent at the beginning,30 people in total,Only three people came back alive。”
“And these three people died of serious injuries after returning,Sacrificed。”
When it comes to here,Two lines of tears came out of this iron-blooded veteran。