“Miss not letting?Is it that she is unhappy in life?”

After Xia Jian asked these words,,I also think he asked something wrong,People living in it,In terms of happiness。If you are really happy,Where are you going??
Ali smiled and said:“Must be unhappy,Just don’t know why,Miss suddenly disappeared from us。Uncle Luo and I went twice in a row,She can’t hide”
“Is not,Uncle Luo told me this morning,Luo Yi reduced his sentence twice in a row,It should be out in a few years,Didn’t Uncle Luo tell the truth??”
Xia Jian is in a hurry,He asked excitedly。
Ali slowed down,Sighed and said:“What Uncle Luo said is true,Miss has two performances in it,It is indeed a continuous commutation,But I don’t know why,Suddenly she didn’t want to see us again”
“There must be some reason,I went this time and said I came to see her。If she can come out,I will ask,What the hell happened”
Xia Jian took a breath,He closed his eyes。He worried that Luo Yi might have encountered something unhappy in it,If this is the case,Then their cooperation will be in trouble。It seems that he is a bit happy too early。
Due to drinking,Xia Jian closed his eyes,Fell asleep involuntarily。When he wakes up,The car has stopped at the gate of Luo’s villa。
Xia Jiangang got off the car,Ali jumped out of the car,First opened the door for Xia Jian,She went to the underground parking garage by herself。
Xia Jian walked into this familiar door,Little flowers and grass in the yard,Even which rockery is so familiar。But the scenery is still,All characters。A grandma Luo,And Luo Yi went in again。The big villa looks extremely calm。
“You can stay here for a while,I’m afraid of the quiet at night here。Especially when Uncle Luo doesn’t come back at night,I live alone on the second floor,Sometimes feel scared。I don’t know what I am afraid of,But I can’t overcome the fear in my heart”
Ali parked the car and walked over,She whispered to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian turned around,Smiled at Ali and said:“You should not be afraid。Because Grandma Luo is the person you know most,What’s so scary。Moreover,This is basically the heart of the city,Surrounded by tall buildings。And the tall buildings are full of people,What are you afraid of?right?”
Xia Jian will really comfort people,He laughed。
Ali took a breath and said:“According to you,I really shouldn’t be afraid。All right,I take you in,Put the incense on Grandma Luo first。But let’s say it,you areGZOf these days,But all have to live here。If the hotel is registered,You better return”
“I came out on business this time,If you return the room and live with you,Uncle Luo is hard to say here!”
Xia Jian tried his best to find excuses。Anyway,This Ali is also a woman。Moreover,Luo Jun may not agree with this。
The two are talking,They walked into the living room。Ali found the scented candle table,Xia Jian respectfully burned a stick of incense in front of Grandma Luo’s portrait。
Xia Jian asked to visit the backyard,Ali readily agrees。After Xia Jianyi walked in,Can’t help but smile。