“I follow the rules,Rules,Naturally not suppressed。”Li Tianzhen takes it for granted。

Dayan is more angry,Just waiting to sneer,Worry-free tea is delivered,This tea has a very reliable effect on restoring flesh and blood and vitality,So no longer bickering,Gulping tea,The same is true for Li Tianzhi。
Wait for the vitality to fill up,Li Tianzhen released 36 battle puppets one after another,Formed a small defensive formation around the camp,Followed by‘Magic Box’Summon a bunch of gray bugs,Disperse after landing,Quickly ran clean。
Dayan looked surprised,Pointing to the black box road in Li Tianzhi’s hand,“I’ve heard of this old thing,It was originally Lingbao’s treasure,I didn’t expect to fall into your hands。”
Li Tianzhen smiled and didn’t explain,Put away the box,This thing doesn’t come from the right way,Who knows what Yuwen Qiaotong used to get it,It turned out to be Lingbao’s real person,Naturally from the fairy world,Look at the humble plaything,I didn’t expect it to be of practical value,Anyway, the more he uses it now, the easier it gets。
“If the blood race just attacked,Don’t we have any chance?”
Dayan thought about it seriously,“No,But we can embrace the vast void together。”
Both Li Tianchou and Zhong Sanpu understood these words,Especially Li Tianzhi,Suddenly respect Dayan,Unexpectedly, the other party’s determination to kill the blood race was so firm,Embracing the void together is a bit literary style,In fact, we are dead together,Sounds light and light,But full of decisiveness。
Dayan has always disagrees with Li Tianzhen’s views,The attitude towards aliens entering the mortal realm has always been vague,Run against the blood,In addition to the disgust of this race,I’m afraid it’s more to fulfill promises,But it doesn’t look like that now。
As the guardian of the Holy Mountain Temple,Their persistence seems to be passive,But the execution is extremely firm,The things stored in the temple are too scary,Li Tianzhen only saw the temple of the gods,But get a glimpse of the whole picture,The nine halls should be consistent,Stored god、magic、Cents、Buddha、demon、Shura、The core energy of the most powerful among the most powerful among the demon,Unparalleled energy,Enough to shake the underlying rules and order,The word horror is not enough to explain the horror and importance of this energy。
Li Tianzhi is very grateful to Dayan for his trust,Such an important temple is open to him,So his confidence in Dayan also comes from this,But he doesn’t know the attitude of the other seven guardians,It’s even harder to guess the purpose of the mighty man in Dayan’s mouth,But does the existence of kinship threaten the safety of the temple?But why only Dayan shot,And the other seven are indifferent?
Li Tianzhen can’t understand,Metaverse is actually a world that is difficult to explain clearly,As a member of the heavens,But outside the world,Even in the long history, I rarely made my own voice,apart from‘Son of Metaverse’A glimpse,It’s hard for Metaverse to exist,Maybe because they are at the bottom of the universe,Have a transcendent status。
Anyway,Dayan’s attitude once again greatly encouraged Li Tianzhi,It also stabilized his confidence in defeating and destroying the blood race。
“Kindred endure for a long time,Well prepared this time,Inevitable,What do you think?”
“Wasteland is the focus,But you can’t ignore the three space rifts。”Dayan said and stopped here to look at Xiang Zhong Sanpu。
Li Tianzhi understands Dayan’s meaning,Zhong Sanpu thought about it and he probably knew what he meant,Although it’s shameless,But his own strength is not satisfactory,Staying here won’t help,May become a burden,And obviously you can’t care about anything at this critical juncture,So seriously,“I will go back tomorrow morning,No matter how many colleagues you can find,Make sure that the three fissures are intact。”
“Do your best。”Dayan nodded。
“thank!”Li Tianzhi saluted cautiously。
Zhong Sanpu nodded and stopped talking,He was seriously injured today,After drinking worry-free tea, I suddenly felt very full of energy,The injured viscera also feels much more comfortable,Know the magic and preciousness of this tea,So I went to the other side of the campfire to meditate and heal,No longer participating in the conversation。