“Get up soon,Don’t be afraid,You didn’t listen to the fairy,Has the monster gone??”

Youhe listening to Jingpu,Crying louder,I was really wrong,Don’t play with me anymore,Really wrong!
Ling Jing stood by and hugged the white rabbit completely stunned,This……What the hell is going on??
I don’t understand at all?!
at the same time,Light and shadow appear on the horizon,These lights and shadows are extremely fast,Just a moment,Came to the sky above Jingpu three people。
No one else came,It is Ling Tiannan, Di Chen and others,In fact, the moment that thundercloud appeared,Ling Tiannan and Di Chen went straight to find Jingpu,I want to see what Jingpu means。
But when I heard the two people who were working in the yard saying,Senior Jingpu hasn’t left for five or six minutes,These two people guessed in an instant,Senior Jingpu may have a premonition。
Senior Jingpu is here,Ling Tiannan and Di Chen are no longer afraid,Bring someone right away。
only,This present picture……Ling Tiannan and others can’t understand it at all,This……What happened here??!
A monster at the peak of the god,Kneeling on the ground and unable to live,Crazy kowtow to Senior Jingpu,I still say something that I don’t understand。
Why don’t you play him,What’s the matter again?……
Senior Jingpu……To this peak monster,It’s impossible……Did something very strange?
But it’s not right,It only took ten minutes before and after,I don’t have enough time?