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Easily accept pores naturally more beautiful

Before we discuss the problem of pores, we must first responsibly announce a fact that sounds a bit cruel-that any method can only make the pores look smaller instead of completely disappearing the already enlarged pores, if someone promises to completely eliminate themYour pores are just a beautiful myth.


hzh {display: none; }  既然这样,是不是就要彻底绝望沮丧呢?That ‘s not necessary. The large pores are caused by nature and the environment, but they ca n’t be changed. We can change the train of thought and coexist with it peacefully from the point of acceptance, and understand the various elements related to it.Govern from the source.

Accepting the original self and becoming a better self is our rational choice of all beautiful things, as well as the most troublesome pores.

Let’s read these relationships one by one.

  Pores and oil pore troubles are of course the easiest to find for oily skin. The function of the pores is like skin oil channels. When excessive oil is secreted from the skin and large-capacity channels are required to clear them, the pores will rise and grow.
And when the skin secretes too much oil without completely removing it, the oil and keratin in the pores are fused together, which can cause annoying acne.

Acne in the pores doves occupy the nest, and over time the pores become larger.

Therefore, this is why people with oily skin have large pores and love acne.

  Pores and Dryness Don’t think that dry skin will not have pore troubles. Because the air quality is now reduced, which causes the skin’s immunity to be low, dry skin may also encounter pore blockages, not to mention some oily dryness, which is even worse.

Large dry pores mainly appear in the two dry areas on the top, with obvious and not full openings, and they appear dry. This can be regarded as the initial reaction of skin aging.

  As we get older, our sebaceous gland secretion will gradually decrease. Second, healthy young epidermal cells can do their job within a 28-day cycle of keratin metabolism, and then create it in the subsequent “keratinization” process.Natural moisturizing factors, intercellular lipids and other ingredients, these ingredients work together with sebum to keep the skin surface in a moist and soft state, and dry pores indicate that the skin’s own function has begun to slowly declineAlready.

  Pores and aging Don’t think that the relaxation caused by aging only stays on the sagging facial muscles. This will also happen on the pores. The elastic tissue of the surrounding skin shrinks and loses tension, so that the pores gradually grow upward and become thinner.The formation of tear-shaped or Y-shaped pores, especially near the decree lines on the cheeks, is particularly obvious.

In addition to the decrease in the amount of sebum in the superficial layer and the insufficient secretion of natural moisturizing factors and intercellular lipids, the deeper reasons are the loss of collagen and the loosening of cells and breakage of elastic fibers between the dermis and epidermis.

  Imagine that your pores are almost a straw that is inserted into the skin, and the skin is like a flexible jelly.

When the jelly’s elasticity and tightness become worse, the straw cannot stand upright and expands the size of the inserted hole.

At present, the maintenance of the elderly’s skin is mainly focused on the anti-wrinkle area, and it has not attracted attention. Because of the pores caused by aging, people with large pores should be more committed to stimulate collagen regeneration and firmness.skin.

  Everyone knows about pores and sunlight. Ultraviolet rays in the sun are the number one enemy of the skin, especially the sunlight that is becoming more and more powerful now.

Why is enlarged pores worse in summer?

This is inextricably linked to ultraviolet radiation.

Ultraviolet-induced skin sunburn and tanning will cause sebum oxidation on the surface of the skin, reduce skin immunity, damage the basement membrane, and replace cell DNA to cause damage. It is an important factor in collagen loss, so even you feel that the skinOils and sunscreens can’t be lax. You can look for those products that are oil-free and do a good job of removing makeup, so that your pores will not be blocked.

  Is there a relationship between pores and habituation and sleep?

Maybe I didn’t feel it during puberty, but at a certain age, I stayed up a little late and the condition of pores appeared the next day.

In addition, computer screen radiation, tobacco and alcohol will also affect pores, so it is necessary to wash your face after using the computer or watching TV.

Daily maintenance habits are also important. Many people are used to squeezing acne skin with their fingers, which ruptures the surface layer of the skin. After the dermis is injured, it is difficult to produce new tender cells, resulting in noticeable and enlarged pores.It will also make the situation worse.

  Three countermeasures to improve relationships.

hzh {display: none; }  一、科学畅通毛孔   来自美国,深受好莱坞巨星推崇的柏瑞特医师的临床经验显示,“畅通毛孔”是有效改善油性肤质的不二法门。He especially respected the use of salicylic acid in the treatment of pores. Compared with A acid and glycolic acid, he could easily penetrate into the hair follicles in the sebum, and exfoliate and remove multiple objects directly from the hair follicles.

  Long-term use of a substance can effectively reduce the pH of the skin and adjust the skin’s condition to the natural health of the human body: PH value 5.

When the body’s acid-base balance is adjusted, the human skin’s self-defense function system is more complete, so it is more able to fight against the possibility of invasion of hair follicles caused by bacterial pox and cause inflammation.

  Second, anti-aging and moisturizing pores with anti-aging factors are selected at the same time, and some skin care products containing Pro-XylaneTM are selected. It can promote the synthesis of essential substances such as collagen in the dermis and can effectively improve cells.The environment promotes the formation of new cells, which improves skin sagging.

Combined with rich green tea amino acids, it softens the skin surface and makes pores no longer visible.

The hydroxyproline, which is a highly effective cosmetic ingredient, is the main raw material for the skin to synthesize collagen, so that the two leathers can regain elasticity, and the pores are restored to be smooth and delicate.

  Third, the use of skin care products containing EGF ingredients EGF is the result of the Nobel Prize in 1986.

It has been used in the medical field before, and has only been incorporated into skin care products in recent years.

It can promote collagen synthesis, significantly enhance the elasticity of the skin, activate skin cells and make the cells younger, so it can significantly shrink pores.   Because EGF has high activity and is prone to failure, it is recommended to choose EGF skin care products that use EGF activity retention technology. You can also consider using EGF-based facial masks, so that the dual effects of hydrating, moisturizing and firming your skin can be achieved.

EGF’s role in shrinking pores is not immediate. It takes talent to work, so be patient.

Unlike the mechanism of some pore-shrinking products with temporary effects, usually a large amount of alcohol. After the alcohol is volatilized, the gums form a tight film on the skin surface, and the pores will appear smaller, but the skin will recover after washing off.As it is.