Therefore, they strongly hope that I can protect them as much as the king of Yanqi.

After receiving the filial gifts from the two kings, I still said that the facts need further investigation, but I will definitely give a satisfactory answer to the countries in the western regions.
After getting my ambiguous statement, the two kings were not satisfied with continuing to incite me to teach a Kikuchi country for another reason. They also said that they wanted me to make up my mind. They would levy all soldiers from the country to fight against the people and enemies together, and they would unite with several small countries in Kikuchi to form an eastwest attack.
On the 14th day of Julythis is my birthdayI haven’t thought about refusing them, so Liu Renliang Cong returned to Nanhecheng.
They came back much faster than I expected.
I didn’t disclose my birthday to my family, so they didn’t come specially for my birthday … so I immediately concluded that … they met with obstacles.
Travelstained Lu Ren strode into the hall to salute me with his fist, Master!
His face was very ugly, which confirmed my guess.
Liang Cong, who followed closely behind him, stumbled in See Daduhu.
What’s the situation? I only knocked on the front case a few heavy asked
It was blocked by Qiuci troops in Wulei City and could not go any further. Liu Ren gritted his teeth and replied.
Wulei City? I took the map from Pang Gan. Wulei City is located in Nanhe City, Yanqi Capital, and Qiuci Capital, which is less than 500 miles away from the center of Yancheng City.
I put the map and moved my eyes to the two people in the hall. You didn’t negotiate with each other?
Of course, Liang Cong bowed their heads and replied, It’s a good thing to report to the master’s official position according to the rules, but the other party said … The big fellow in the western regions is separated from Wan Li and it’s better not to intervene in various countries …
I couldn’t help smiling at Liu Ren. Is that what they said?
Liu Ren zheng quickly nodded yes! It is a translation report!
Well, I stood up with the case. Then it’s no wonder that I am!
Most of them? The king of Yanqi, Ban Xiong, and other kings of the two countries followed me and stared at my every move nervously.
I clenched my fist and waved to the three of them. I want to teach Qiuci a lesson!

Six days later, on July 20, I led the fivenation allied forces to kill Qiuci.
喝茶约茶The composition of this joint force is roughly like
Most of the Dahan troops in the western regions protect our commander’s twelve thousand cavalry;
Yanqi army Yanqi Wang Banxiong coach 1,000 cavalry and 2,000 soldiers;
The dangerous army is in danger, and Wang Hebiyou is the commander of the hundred cavalry;
Mountain army mountain king Moki commander in chief 500 cavalry;
Wei Lijun, Wei Li Wang Besant, commander in chief, 500 cavalry, 1,000 soldiers.
A total of 17,000 people, including 14,000 cavalry and 3,000 foot soldiers.
Due to the emergency, I specially ordered the two countries, which are located in the east, to dispatch all cavalrywhile the other two countries have 3,000 soldiers … who are specialized in transporting grain.
Of course, the fivenation Coalition forces have followed my lead and never talked about it.
But I didn’t expect it to be … On the first day, my marching plan met with great obstacles.
The 2,000 light cavalry in Yanqi, Dangerous Xu, Shanguo and Weili seriously delayed the March of large troops.
This makes me extremely confused. It is reasonable to say that this group of people in the western regions are all nomads. Why do they complain after riding for 30 or 50 miles?
I remembered Lu Zhi’s bloody measures to consider whether to be serious about military discipline.
However, the idea was finally rejected after discussion by the experts.
After I personally interviewed several kings, they all said … they really can’t keep up with the speed of 200 a day, even if it’s 150 miles.
I decided to transfer their department to the trench troops as companions and Liu Zheng and other weak men.
So the first day’s March ended hastily after advancing 120 miles to the west.
The next day, after abandoning the burden, the big army reached 200 miles.
On the third day, after a hundred miles, I ordered the troops to stop twenty miles east of Wulei City.
Twelve thousand cavalry troops camped outside Wulei to rest.
I want my brothers to keep up their spirits and crush this small city of Wulei into pieces early in the morning!

I got up with a yawn in the early morning of July 24th.
It seems that I had a good dream, but I can’t remember what I dreamed.
Uncovering the curtain of the tent, Pang Gan was out of the tent with a dignified face, while four battalion commanders were listed in two rows one by one.
Something wrong? I felt sleepy at once.
Pang Gan nodded. The defenders of Wulei City … abandoned the city and fled!
I played water attack in the western regions.
I couldn’t help but give a wry smile when I looked at the deserted streets in front of Wulei City in the gate hole.
Run fast! Qin array disdain to sneer at a way
Wu Lei is a small town. It is wise for the defenders to return to the capital instead of sticking to it. Chuyan sighed.
I deeply agree with you.
It is easier for us to disperse the enemy than to gather the enemy in our early 10 thousand troops
Daduhu Taishi Ci drove his horse from a distance. From the specifications of the military camp, there are no more than 3,000 defenders here.
Three thousand people … I nodded slowly. For these countries, it is already a force to be reckoned with.
Tuoba Ye, who came from the same direction, added that there are about five or six hundred horses.
It’s a pity … I said with great regret.

Three days later, the army approached Yancheng 30 miles away.
There was no resistance along the way, which always reassured mebecause I am a famous ambush fighter myself.