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What are you fucking telling me now? ! Bunch of idiots! Whether we make this shit basin or not, we will fucking buckle our heads in the end! Tophro got up and waved his arms and scolded him.

We can hold a press conference, we can tell them the truth … Another assistant, Pixiteli, also said.
Toflo turned to look at him, and his eyes made Pitry feel very uncomfortable. He couldn’t help but touch his neck as if to make sure his head was still on his neck …
You his mama is also a fool! A press conference? Don’t you fucking know how the media treats us? ! If you look for them, what the fuck did we do at the beginning?
In anger, Toflo slammed the glasses in his front hand onto the table, and the legs of the glasses were bent …
Toflo doesn’t care about his glasses. Actually, if breaking a pair of eyes at this time can turn back the clock, he won’t mind breaking tens of thousands of glasses and then rushing to Genoa airport to stop this from happening …
And I’m sure it’s our fucking doing! This is our fucking style! These bastards! Do things on impulse! What can they do except be impulsive? ! Do you have any thoughts in your head? ! What the fuck time is this to go out and play this game with others? You China people will be afraid of this? ! What can I do to make you endure? Let you endure? Before the Florence competition, you had to burn slogans and flags in front of those media. What can I do to stop you? Think about it, idiots!
He pointed to his temple.
He also kept scold those fools who have done more harm than good.
He can be heard outside the door to stop the grassroots managers from parking outside their boss, and everyone looks at each other with a mouthful of idiot and a mouthful of idiot
桑拿They seem to smell something bad from it …
Some people are not so conscious and ask, Didn’t they just attack that yellowskinned pig? Why is the general so angry?
The people around him also looked blank and didn’t know why their general would be so angry.
Isn’t it just attacking a yellowskinned pig?
We didn’t stab people with knives before the uncivilized faction, so we shouldn’t be so angry.
When something goes wrong, isn’t it all settled in the end?
It’s no wonder that they can be grassroots management …
What a bunch of idiots! I knew I should have known … that China man said yes, you are all fucking idiots!
After scolding this sentence, Tophro finally came out of hysteria.
He sat down in despair.
I should have known … He muttered.
Congressman Alberto has always been the strong backing of the incorrigible, because they can get so much political funds.
But now that he has abandoned them, you can imagine how serious this matter is.
The war is over, guys … He continued in a low hoarse voice. It’s over …
The next day, the police in Rome, Italy, raided the headquarters office of the nonindoctrinated faction near the Osen Racing on the outskirts of Rome.
Toflo, the incorrigible style, was taken away, and several boxes of various documents were taken away.
He was taken away with two assistants, several middle managers in the office at that time.
At the same time, Lazio’s away game against Sampdoria began.
Chapter one hundred and ninetyfive Affected
A lot happened before the Sampdoria game.
Each of these things is sensational news when it is taken out alone.
As a result, winning always happens one after another.
Generally speaking, issuing death threats does not mean that you really want to die.
It’s just a means of intimidation
The parties will take precautions, but they also think that this kind of precaution is a deterrent, which may not really be possible.
However, these hidden rules are as ineffective as the routine.
I cann’t believe a gangster really attacked him!
This has shaken the whole European football!
It’s really rare for a football hooligan to attack the head coach …
Although the whole European football has condemned and criticized this barbaric criminal March,
But this can’t change what has happened.
Changsheng was almost stabbed, and in front of other players.
The impact on other players is enormous.

I shrugged. I guess so … Uncle invited him in.

A few seconds later, Chen arrived and walked into the hall with the messenger.
The messenger is only in his early thirties, and his height is normal. Although he has characteristics, he has some knowledge, temperament and an indescribable wisdom when he looks closely.
He didn’t salute me according to the rules, but he said, Can you come to the table when you are in a weak state?
Please sit down, sir. I motioned for him to sit in Du Ji’s hand according to the trace of unhappiness in my heart.
I’m not stupid. Li Min, the satrap of Yingchuan, should not be stupid. He sent messengers, and should not be stupid. He must have his own intentions in adopting such an obviously unpleasant attitude.
Thank you, General Ma. The messenger shook his robe and sat down with a big smile.
I wonder what your name is, sir? Wang Lie should ask a way
yingchuan bacteria messenger grinned and replied.
23 sycophant from Yingchuan
Of course, no one usually has that name.
But I can’t think of anyone who sounds like a surname at the moment.
Then I vaguely felt from the expressions of Cheng Yu and Jia Xu that they had never heard of this name.
Of course, you adults have never heard of it in just a rural village. The name is Bacterial Messenger, and he laughed.
I have been away from home for many years and rarely returned to the Central Plains, so I am ignorant and disrespectful. I bowed my hand at him. What are the first and last names?
He raised his hand and gave me a gift of teasing Jun Jun
Play surname … this is really a rare surname Wang Lie gathered a moment.
Yes, it’s a small surname …
Rao is my vast knowledge and strong memory, and I can find two or three famous people with the surname of drama.
In addition to ….. talent.
Cao Cao, the earliest counselor of Yingchuan in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, was recommended by Xun Yu. Cao Cao’s contribution was not remembered. After his untimely death, Xun Yu recommended Guo Jia to succeed him.
However, in this world, Xun Yu, the northern state of Cao Cao, is still in the Han Dynasty, and Guo Jia lacks the effectiveness of intermediary law Cao Cao.
I’m sure that this pretentious guy in front of me is an actor … or his relative.
Cao Cao was the earliest counselor … I dug him up, didn’t I?
I wonder what Mr. Xi is doing in Yingchuan? Jia Xu asked.
Jun Xi laughed. You are a white man. Occasionally Li Jun has contacts, which is barely enough to say. Only this time did he dare to send me to see you.
Mr. Ha ha is Li Fujun. Jia Xu smiled slightly.
Don’t say no The drama gentleman waved his hand again and again, and both of them smiled brightly.
While they were still talking in vain, I rubbed the bar and simply conceived a plan.
喝茶约茶  title=Mr. Xi personally came here and didn’t know that he had brought Li Fujun’s kind of entrustment? Always like direct freeze finally impatiently.
Ha ha, this must be Cheng Zhongde? Play jun still said with a smile
The old man is Cheng Yu.
Can’t you guess what you’re trying to do? The goods actually turned against the guest and asked.
Cheng Yu snorted softly, Oldtimer, you are probably Li Min who joined the master.
What Mr. Wang expected was not bad, said Mr. Xi, clapping his hands. Li Jun asked me for advice as soon as he received the message from General Ma, and I suggested that he surrender to General Ma at the first time.
Oh? I raised an eyebrow. Does this guy seem to have a general moral integrity?
But Li Jun boasted that the official of the Han Dynasty, Shandong Prefecture, had just begged the general to hesitate for a long time before being persuaded.
I don’t know if Mr. Zhicai advised? I deliberately said the word ambition
The opposite drama gentleman really showed a little surprise, but immediately concealed it. After persuading Li Jun that the general Nanma, who is facing the river in Yingchuan, will be able to step down the Shandong county in a sharp day, although the situation is fierce, can one person ask Dong Lianjun with the help of you?
General Ma did not want to stimulate Shandong counties to cause strong resistance; The second is to worry about Yuan Shao and Cao Cao in Hebei; Third, the general pities the foot soldiers and doesn’t want to lose too much in the siege. If Li Jun can join the general at this moment, it will definitely help the general to save his wealth.
I nodded and asked, What did you advise Li Min to do … Do you think I can win this protracted war?
Things are always there, and I can’t guarantee that I won’t be deluded. Xi Jun laughed. But I think the current situation is the most potential.
Tell me why you judge so? I especially like listening to others analyze our advantages, otherwise I always feel insecuremaybe this is a kind of selfconfidence?
The first general can fight and have military talent. The drama gentleman raised his right index finger. I have heard many people talk about how many battles the general has fought, most of which are less wins and more losses, and few people can compare with the general’s art of war.
I waved my hand. I’m still far from talking about the art of war! It’s absolutely true. The more I’ve fought, the more I feel that I have a single strategy. I’m really lucky to win every battle …
He raised his middle finger. Most of the second generals are brave, but the tiger and leopard fighters are even more invincible, and now they are the first elite troops in the world to defeat the fierce soldier Lu Bu in World War I.
The Third General attaches great importance to talents regardless of their origins. He put up his name. To be offensive, I also suggested that Li Junpa send someone to investigate the intelligence of the generals … but these agents were deported a few days ago.
I glanced at Han Ji and Du Ji with a smile.
Wang Yanfang and Mr. Liu Zhongli have long been respected by the general as a great scholar in Dongzhou. He bowed his head to Wang Liewei to show his respect. But the rest of the officers are not ordinary brothers, and … the general probably has three battalion commanders who all seem to be rebellious.
Are you talking about Gan Ning, Yang Feng and Chu Yan?
This is not true, I retorted. I still have suspection.i parents here.
Huangfugu was a famous star of the Han Dynasty in the past three generations. How can it be considered as a contemporary celebrity?
Don’t care about one or two exceptions. The play king shrugged his shoulders and stretched out his little finger. The Fourth General sympathized with the soldiers, both civil and military. I heard that the army sergeant system has been specially reformed recently, and the treatment of generals and soldiers has been greatly improved. It is necessary to insist that whether the scribes or soldiers will join the generals in an endless stream, while the theory of relativity, Zhongyuan Prefecture and Hebei Yuan Shao, attach great importance to family names. Even if they have something to do, they will still look up to me.
Come to me when I receive Yingchuan. I immediately hit the snake with a stick. Ma Chao is a schemer and needs the help of a visionary counselor like Mr.
Ha ha play jun evenly dozen ha ha will be the five fingers of the right hand the fifth general has reached such a high potential at the age of twenty, which is far better than those who are in the middle age. The general can devote his energy to the hegemony for ten years, and it must be enough to persuade Li Jun to join the general as soon as possible.
I looked at his slender fingers and laughed. Mr. Chi Cai’s remarks are flattering me … but all of them are facts! Ma Chaode can let Mr So evaluation
Everything you said just now is heartfelt words, general. Don’t really take it as flattering words. Xi Jun gathered up his smile and leaned slightly towards me.

Shuiyunjin vaguely heard someone knocking at the door outside. She woke up with a start, but she exclaimed that the white jade board had a close contact. She thought and looked at when she slept on the soft bed again and almost fell to the ground.

After repeated thinking, she finally remembered how she slept on the soft bed. Later, meditation really calmed her down, but when she was lying still, she couldn’t sleep. There was nothing she could do. She could abandon the bed and sleep on the soft bed for one night, and she didn’t know when to fall asleep. Anyway, it would make her head groggy.
"Miss, are you awake?" There was another sound outside.
"Come in." Shuiyunjin was hoarse and didn’t wake up. Even she got a fright.
The door should be opened. Zi Xia came in and saw Shuiyunjin lying on the soft couch. His eyes were also one leng, but he didn’t ask much, "Miss Huang invited you into the palace."
Shuiyunjin is confused again. "Isn’t the mother princess going to the Xuanguan Temple today? The emperor pushed me there first and I’ll go later."
"The princess said that she wouldn’t go today if she was injured," Zi Xia replied.
按摩"It’s just an arm that doesn’t hurt. Go and tell the mother princess to go today." Shuiyun Park was already awake at this moment.
"Miss, if Liar still stays in the house, she will even follow, and wouldn’t it be better if she didn’t go according to her kindness?" Zi Xia was not white
"Today, this bureau is for her and ZhuangGuiFei to set me up. If I don’t jump in, they may not think of any way to deal with me. It’s better to go and keep her in Lanwangfu for one more day." ShuiYunXi is to let them succeed.
"Handmaiden white handmaiden accompany miss go" Zi Xia before help ShuiYunXi.
After dressing, grooming and breakfast, Shuiyunjin led Zi Xia to the front yard.
"Yunjin won’t go today according to the mother princess’s meaning, and it’s not too late to go again when you’re healed." Princess Lan was a little distressed and tunnel.
"If no one sprinkles some hot soup again, what’s the matter?" Shuiyun Park smiled.
"It turned out that my wife was still angry with Palmers, but I really didn’t know that my wife was hurt and spilled hot soup. It was all palmers’ fault. Please don’t be angry. Besides, my cousin was so angry last night. It doesn’t mean that Palmers didn’t want to let people go out and were thrown out. This would also hurt the face of Lan Wangfu. Palmers begged her aunt to give it to Palmers in a few days and then she went back in a few days." Palmers was very sad to tunnel.
"Yunjin palmers have been wrong, and last night, no one thought that the mother princess couldn’t bear to blame palmers again, and she will go back in a few days." Princess Lan had some difficulty in opening the original suspection.i da had let Li Palmers go out of the house, but she couldn’t open her mouth to catch people, so it was difficult to catch Shuiyunjin.
"Go back to which ZhuangGuiFei there" ShuiYunXi looked at palmers eyebrow she didn’t think palmers would just go.
"The imperial concubine’s aunt meant that, but Palmers had no face to stay." Li Palmers’ sad appearance made people feel unbearable.
Shuiyunjin sneered, saying that she didn’t want to go. "Sometimes it’s not easy to leave completely when she comes completely."
Li palmers face a tight "wife what does this mean?"
"It doesn’t mean anything, just listen to it." Shuiyunjin picked his eyebrows at random.
Li palmers look dignified. She’s not sure what Shuiyunjin means.
Princess Lan looked at the two men and blinked. "It’s getting late. Let’s go early and return early."
The three men took the carriage and went to the general’s office to meet Gu Chenxi before they left the gate.
Four people sit in the carriage, and the water clouds and hibiscus look pale, so people can’t see what she is thinking. Princess Lan took the maid and handed it to me to cook tea and said nothing carefully.
Li Yaer always looks soft and quiet in front of people, but it will be very proud.
Gu Chenxi saw a circle and felt that the atmosphere was very depressed. She sat beside Shuiyun Park and they got very close.
"Why do you have to go out today and you are not afraid to touch your arm again?" Gu Chenxi was injured and didn’t stay at home.
"It’s better to come out for a walk when the house is idle." Shuiyun Park smiled.
Gu Chenxi suddenly said, "You and Arda haven’t made up."
"Your child is awkward and reconciled." Shuiyun Park is funny.
"What’s the matter with you, Yunxi? How can you not be at ease at all? Isn’t it your hope that you can coax them to make up again?" Gu Chenxi said with a serious eyebrow.
Shuiyunjin looked at Gu Chenxi so solemnly, and she nodded, "I know, I will coax."
Gu Chenxi this just nodded and told 1?
The carriage stopped and four people got into it in turn.
Xuanguan Temple is indeed an outstanding place. As soon as we got into the carriage, we saw a sea of people and incense flourishing, and everyone prayed devoutly.
A little novice monk said a few words to Princess Lan and led four people in.
The people in the hall are busy but not noisy.
Princess Lan bowed down to the statue of gold with the flow of people, saying something, and Gu Chenxi prayed properly.
"Why don’t my wives go to worship? I heard that all the rich families in the capital came here to beg their wives to marry into the Lanwang Palace for so long, but there is no good news. Anyway, I’m not embarrassed to be here today." From the time I arrived at the main hall, Li Yaer has been guarding Shuiyunjin for fear that she would run away.
Shuiyunjin raised an eyebrow and glanced at her. "I heard that isn’t this news that you went out? Today, the mother princess didn’t come here to bewitch your ear."
Li Yaer was slightly surprised and then smiled brightly like a flower. "His wife joked. If Palmers can compare their wives, there is no such thing as turning things around. It’s just something that can’t be done on the table."
"Finally, you don’t want to continue to play without me." Shuiyun Park raised her eyebrows slightly.
"Since you all know what’s coming after last night, I’m still afraid to come out in the pavilion." Li Yaer gloated that her face was more suitable for her than her usual reserved appearance.
"I just know that you will think so, and I can’t let you underestimate it." Shuiyunjin light way.
"Palmers really admire his wife’s heart and courage. It’s really unusual for an ordinary woman to have a real heart. Palmers really want to see more and learn more with her wife. Unfortunately, the imperial concubine’s aunt is really impatient, and I can feel wronged when I look at all the people holding my wife’s hands all day long." Li Palmers spread her shoulders as if she were very kooky.
"It’s really hard for you to keep your eyes hurt day by day, but what tricks do you really want to play today?" Shuiyunjin looked up and swept the hall.
"Don’t worry, my wife, it will let you know that Palmers is a woman in a boudoir who is not good at swords and doesn’t know how to calculate like the Duke of Water. Today, it’s just for everyone to watch a good show." Palmers looked at the corner of the hall.
"Then I’ll wipe my eyes." Shuiyun Park is faint.
Just as they were talking, Princess Lan and Gu Chenxi had already found a master to untie Princess Lan. Naturally, they asked if it was a family house and heir. At the moment, she saw that her face was tight and showed a little worried. It seems that the master who can escape to Qingyun had said something to her.
"Sister-in-law, let’s go and see my aunt, too. It seems that she is very angry." Li Yaer smiled at Shuiyun Park.
Shuiyunjin’s eyes narrowed for a moment before she lifted her feet.
Just a few days ago, I heard Princess Lan reprimand Master Qingyun in front of me. He is young and very clean. He sits in a proper manner except for his eyes constantly dodging when he speaks. He is really like a Taoist monk.
And Princess Lan has always been gentle and has never seen her angry and reprimanded. Today, this is her bottom line.
"Mother princess, what’s going on?" Shuiyun Park asked.
Princess Lan looked back at Shuiyunjin and swallowed back. "Let’s go back and don’t be cheated."
He said that he was going to leave with Shuiyun Park.
"Please stay here, this noble man." Master Qingyun came behind him.
Shuiyunjin knew that this was a shout and she knew that this was the drama arranged by Li Yaer today.
"Since you’re here, you will leave in a hurry. If you really leave today, I’m afraid you’ll regret it for life in the future." The sound behind you sounded again and attracted everyone in the hall to look at Shuiyunjin.
Shuiyunjin listened to the whispers in the hall, and she stretched out her hand and took hold of Princess Lan’s feet.
"Yunjin, don’t listen to his rumors and confuse people. Let’s go." Gu Chenxi looked worried.
"Is it a myth to mislead people and listen to what he said? If he dares to talk nonsense, I will make him regret it for life." Shuiyunjin slowly turned around and looked directly at Master Qingyun.
At this time, the crowded hall has made a way for everyone to look back and forth with a curious look at Shuiyunjin and Qingyun Master.
Shuiyunjin ignored Princess Lan and Gu Chenxi’s concern about Li Yaer’s success and the curious look of everyone in the hall. She slowly walked forward "What did the master just want to say?"
Master Qingyun looked at her eyes calmly, and the momentum overflowed from her. Suddenly, he felt a sense of oppression. His heart trembled and his Adam’s apple moved, so he was calm. "The donor looks extraordinary and hits wealth. It must be a daughter’s body."
"This master is really accurate. My wife is really a valuable person," echoed Li Yaer.
"What is it?" Shui Yunjin didn’t look at Li Palmers and stared straight at Master Qingyun.
"From the donor’s face, because of the strange life, although it is destined to be destiny takes a hand," Master Qingyun shook his head and sighed tunnel.

It was a long time before he poked his head out and his romantic eyes flowed with faint pity.

The old village head immediately said, "Don’t be sad, OK? If your parents don’t love you and grandpa loves you, if you are unhappy here, then you can go to grandpa’s place and grandpa will fry you meat, okay? "
Gao Ze looked at him.
Nod gently. "I’m not sad. Go home. I don’t want to give you meat. Grandpa, I want to be quiet."
"But you have been hungry for a long time, even if you want to be quiet, you have to eat something first." The village chief took the old servant’s cup and handed him the water. "Drink some water. Grandpa told someone to make you some vegetables and go home to get some eggs."
Jing-jing han at this time in the corner to hear his grandfather said such a sentence should be a quickly ran home to get eggs.
Han Jingjing, a child from a poor family, has been cooking since he was very young. His parents rarely come back. They live in the city with their younger brothers and sisters. Han Jingjing takes care of his grandpa in the village. Although he is the village head, he is also the kind of person who has no oil and water to be greedy. Maybe his family will share a bigger piece of pork on holidays, but other than that, there is nothing special.
Han Jingjing ran home and picked out a few fresh eggs from a basket, and then ran back with the meat brought by the villagers and got into the kitchen to fry meat for Gao Ze.
Chapter 226 Han Jingjing vs Gao Ze
Jing-Jing Han fried the meat, but she was too greedy to eat it. She swallowed her saliva and walked into the hut with rice and meat.
The first time I ate meat was the Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s almost half a year since now. She eats potatoes and cabbage every day and is as thin as a bamboo pole.
As soon as Han Jingjing entered the room, the smell of meat was overflowing. A dozen villagers moved their eyes, but they were very restrained. But at a glance, they turned their eyes away and advised Gao Ze to eat quickly.
The boy has not eaten for almost a day and a night.
品茶论坛Han Jingjing put rice and fried meat in front of Gao Ze’s eyes. There are no ingredients but some salt, some peppers and some meat, but this is the best food.
"Eat," she said softly to the boy in front of her.
Gao Ze frowned and looked at the pig food. The head was slightly tilted, and the expression was difficult. "I don’t eat it."
"This can’t be done, kid. You haven’t eaten for a day." Grandpa Han, the village head, held his hand and just pulled him up. Han Jingjing wondered how Grandpa pulled up a big man at this age.
Takazawa’s kindness is hard to refuse.
Chopsticks and rice were stirred and finally said with a bitter face, "Then I’ll eat the meat and I don’t want to look disgusting."
A dozen villagers looked at each other and thought, what good meat is this? Can’t you eat it on holidays? What did he say about disgusting? The simple villagers don’t know or know how the high young master leads a luxurious life in Beijing. He must have ten dishes, two soups, two desserts, nutritious juice and vegetable juice for every meal. He chooses and the dishes are all delicious and delicious. Looking at such simple fried meat, he really has no appetite and barely swallowed the rice. His expression is slightly disgusting.
The village chief saw that he was so tall, but he ate very little. He was afraid that he would be hungry and kept urging him to eat more. "The meat hasn’t been touched yet, son. Don’t wave. Eat more."
"Don’t eat no" Gao Ze lay back in the quilt and refused to touch the bowl of meat. In the next two months, Gao Ze will constantly recall what he didn’t eat at that time. What precious meat!
The bowl of meat was finally returned to the villager Han Jingjing, who sent the meat. It was a pity that the meat was taken away by the uncle and blinked.
Five days later.
Gao Ze adapted to the simple life in the countryside. He got up early and walked around the yard. It is said that it takes six hours to walk to the county. Gao Ze has no money and no motivation. His father doesn’t want him now. He is exiled here. His dignity supports him. Don’t bow his head and go home. Where can he go? Go to the county to get some money? But he is still a minor. What can he do when he goes to the city? Child labor is illegal, and it’s still six hours’ walk to believe that he will collapse and die before he is halfway, right?
He doesn’t want to die now. Even if the sadness is over, it’s too sad to get over it for the first time, and it’s hopeless for the second time. How can people live smoothly? Don’t find something to do? What is he doing here?
The old servant went to farm early. Gao Ze didn’t want to do it because it was too dirty and tired. He would rather walk around the yard to kill time.
Until noon, the old servant didn’t come back. Gao Ze couldn’t sit still. He was very hungry. He had been eating steamed potatoes for the past two days, and he was so constipated that he didn’t want to eat potatoes. However, he was so hungry that he could change his shoes and comb his hair casually and go to Han Jingjing’s house next door to eat.
At this time, the old village head was taking a nap in Han Jingjing’s courtyard to write about the winter vacation. Gao Ze got into the wooden door and smiled at Han Jingjing, a thin village girl, with a "grandpa’s house?"
In his eyes, Grandpa Han is his benefactor, and Han Jingjing is almost as dumb and quiet as a beggar. If it weren’t for Grandpa Han, he wouldn’t call her to her face. What if this local girl likes herself? It’s still a big trouble.
"Grandpa is asleep" Han Jingjing raised her head and answered questions.
"Oh …" Gao Ze light should touch the shriveled belly and want to take a step back. He stepped out again and went into the dilapidated cold house and said to Han Jingjing, "I’ll call grandpa up in my room."
"hey!" Han Jingjing got up and stopped him. "Grandpa has high blood pressure and must take a nap. Don’t disturb him."
Gao Ze’s steps are twisted. Looking back at ordinary times, how can this little girl be so clever at pressing keys like a mute? He looked at Han Jingjing for a long time and lowered his eyebrows. "Hey, do you have cabbage at home?"
He has eaten potatoes for two days and six times. I can’t stand it. He would rather eat cabbage than potatoes.
Han Jingjing didn’t speak.
Section 371
A moment later, Gao Ze ran into the kitchen and followed her in to see her. She cut out half a cabbage on a black chopping board. Gao Ze frowned and said, "Can’t you peel some for me when it’s so dirty?"
Han Jingjing stopped and looked at the cabbage that had been cut in half. She said, "But I have cut it and the cabbage needs washing before eating."
"All right, all right, whatever." Gao Ze waved his hand and caught a glimpse of the eggs in the wooden cabinet out of the corner of his eye. His eyes lit up and he went over to Han Jingjing behind him and said, "Hey, local girl, can I have two eggs?"
"That egg is for sale." Only when she sells the money can she learn to learn.
Gao Ze looked disdainful. "How much does an egg cost?"
"It depends on the situation. If it’s good, it’s three hairs, but if it’s bad, it’s two hairs."
"…" Gao Ze looked contemptuous. "Just two or three cents. Give me a few like this. How about I send the money back to you when I get home?"
Jing-Jing Han shook her head and looked honest. "No, this egg is for five aunts. She will come and get it at noon and can’t give it to you."
"Shit," Gao Ze gave a discontented cold face. "Can’t you tell her that you sold me two?"
Jing-Jing Han still shook his head.
Gao Ze frowned deeply. "Ah, I can’t tell you clearly with your head."
Han Jingjing ignored his words and handed him the cabbage in her hand. "Then this is the cabbage you want."
"Will you just bring it to me?" Gao Ze looks at her like a monster. How can he eat it if he gives it to him like this? Eat it raw?
Han Jingjing looked puzzled.

It was such a trivial matter when a woman spoke. The colder Jiang Jun scoffed at a "no", the more she hung up, and then put it in a mute state, regardless of whether she played or not. He just ignored a puppy and lost it.

"Jiang Qing Qing … Jiang Qing Qing …" Lan Jingyi shouted desperately but there was already a dead end.
Lan Jingyi called again, but no matter how she called, she didn’t answer there.
Angry as soon as she threw it, she rushed into the bedroom in her little bear pajamas and lay sprawled in the only bed in this small apartment. She wanted to call Luo, but she didn’t have the macho number to go out. The woman outside the door made her unable to get out.
Lying thinking about whether I didn’t sleep well last night or took a shower, my body was too easy to relax and make people sleepy. Lan Jingyi fell asleep when she was lying down.
Half an hour later, Jiang LaCrosse appeared at the door of the small apartment. He Ling was annoyed to play against the wall. Recently, she was addicted to lianliankan. When she heard the footsteps, she raised her head and looked at the handsome son there. "Wait for me for half a minute. I’ll talk it over with the two of us." Then she bowed her head and began to liankan.
Jiang Junyue glanced at the stupid game step by step and snatched it from He Ling’s hand. "Mom, go home. Dad will know that you are playing games here, or he will break your life."
"I’m not afraid he’ll break it. I have a son anyway."
"Go back" Jiang Junyue grabbed He Ling’s arm and went to the ladder. He didn’t want He Ling to see Lan Jingyi. He never wanted He Ling to see her before he decided how to deal with the woman.
"Son heard that a woman into this small apartment? Is that woman back? " He Ling struggled. She’s too difficult to tame. Mom can be rough.
"Yes" Jiang Junyue didn’t even think about it. She should come here directly. Naturally, she knew that a woman had come in, otherwise she wouldn’t have come to see him in this small apartment.
"Is smelly little that woman after all?" He Ling was a little nervous, and her voice trembled. It must be something for a woman to bring Jiang Junyue to this small apartment. He hasn’t been here for a long time, and she hasn’t come either. But in recent years, she has been sending someone to guard this small apartment. There is a slight trouble, and that person will immediately report to her. She didn’t believe it when she heard the words early in the morning, but now she has personally admitted that it is true.
"No, mom, you go back first." Holding He Ling’s arm with one hand and pressing the ladder button with the other, why didn’t it take so long for the ladder to arrive? Jiang Junyue really wanted to smash the ladder here.
Seeing her make a determined effort to let her go, He Ling didn’t want to. She just bowed her head and bit her shoulder. "Ah …" Jiang Junyue was livid. "Mom, when did you change to a dog?"
He Ling just loosened her teeth. "Smelly little boy, your father has an affair every day and tortured me. Now I just want to be worried about my future daughter-in-law."
"Mom didn’t write a word. What daughter-in-law doesn’t daughter-in-law go back?"
"I can’t. I want to see life, people die and bodies."
What’s all this about? "Mom, it’s just a woman who takes part in accidental amusement."
"I don’t care what woman she is, I’m going to meet her tonight anyway." He Ling made a fool of herself and never left until she saw the woman in the small apartment.
"Take a look?" Jiang Junyue frowned. What’s mom’s temper? Others don’t know that he is quite clear. He will never stop until he reaches the goal. Today, if he can’t see the sky, he will definitely try his best to meet Lan Jingyi.
"Well, a glance" She Ling came to her senses and her eyes were shining.
"Ok, I’ll take you there as soon as you promise."
"It’s best to be good." Listen, the son promised He Ling and jumped up happily. Then he got excited and kissed Jiang Junyue on the face and even printed saliva.
Jiang Junyue stretched out his hand and put on a "Mom, I’m not three years old, I’m almost thirty years old."
"All right, mom, I know. Let’s go and take me to have a look."
So Jiang Junyue opened the door and put his lips on his mother’s ear. "She’s asleep."
With my mother, I crept in the direction of the bedroom. The smelly girl was obedient. The room was really quiet. It was really white. I went to bed. I just don’t know if I fell asleep. I’d better lie down for him and get him out of trouble.
But as soon as the door of the living room rang, Lan Jingyi jumped up in the bedroom. Although she was asleep, her nerves had been strained because the woman outside the door heard a shallow sleep. She immediately woke up and jumped out of bed in her pajamas, and she was scared and stung to the door.
Is the door handle moving by that woman or by a small tilt?
Lan Jingyi felt that her heart was in her throat, and when she moved her bare feet, she flashed to the side of the door. No, she can’t be found by that woman. If she is slightly inclined, the female gold owner knows that she gave her fruit island foam. She has no money and no potential. She must fight that woman.
The door opened.
He Ling went in like a loach. "Mom …" Jiang Junyue rushed to hold He Ling with a step. At this moment, Lan Jingyi rushed out of the bedroom behind them, rushed through the living room, opened the door and went out in pajamas.
"Son ran away" When two people reacted, Lan Jingyi rushed to the front of the ladder just like flying, and Lan Jingyi panicked in her pajamas and quickly ran out of the apartment building.
It was late at night outside the building, and the wind blew her all over the street lamp, only to find that she had no money to go in her pajamas and bare feet.
After chasing the door, I can’t see the blue scene. Yi Jiang LaCrosse stopped. Two women, one is mom and the other is Lan Jingyi, have to solve it one by one. "Mom has seen it for several times and people have been scared away by you. Now you should go?" Leaning against the lintel "Actually, she’s just looking for a fertility tool. College students are beautiful and suitable for generations. Haven’t you always wanted to have grandchildren? I’ll let her give birth to one for you to play with. Anyway, you don’t want to force me to get married. "Jiang Junyue didn’t good the spirit said that being forced to get married every day forced him to hide from his mother as far as he can now.
"Is it fun?"
"Well, otherwise, I would have brought it back to my mother fair and square. I can’t see the countertop. The woman’s mother won’t like the bed warming tool when she sees it." I said that this was a tall figure. "Mom doesn’t want to go? Why don’t you sleep well with your son tonight? "
"Who wants to sleep with you? It’s no big deal." He Ling poked her. No matter what he said or did, she looked pleasing to the eye. Sure enough, it was her own good.
"If you don’t go, it’s a bed. Naturally, it’s mom. You want to sleep with me."
"Roll" gave Heling a hard push before turning around. "Come on, I won’t bother you. If you really give me a grandson or a mother to make you a cow or a horse …" The rambling sound finally drifted away. Jiang Junyue breathed a sigh of relief and turned back to the restaurant table with four dishes and one soup. It was not particularly rich, but it was very warm to watch him walk over there. Suddenly, he felt a sense of home in his heart. Only then did he realize that the woman had been out for a while and grabbed it and walked out. She ran away.
In her pajamas, she was still barefoot, and the blue scene, Yi Nai, flashed to the green belt of the community after a bush. Although it was already dark at this time, there were not many wandering people in the community, but she didn’t have the habit of running around in her pajamas. Her eyes were fixed on the entrance of the building, but her head was extremely impure. The scene of the lady kissing a little tilt made her feel a little sick.
I was imagining that the woman came out.
Section 12
Lan Jingyi opened his eyes wide. This is too fast. It’s hard to last.
No, how could she think that? He hit Mi Chun by mistake that night, but he was very fierce to himself.
Thinking back, her face suddenly swelled and burned. What’s wrong with her? She looks like a lovesick dissatisfied housewife.
He’s not her either.
Hurriedly take back your thoughts, but the hot feeling is sad to the soles of your feet, but it hurts a bit, which means that Lan Jingyi quickly turned her body and pointed her bare feet at the street lamp not far away. When she bowed her head and looked at her feet, Jiang Junyue at the entrance of the building quickly flashed out and walked along the residential road, but she couldn’t see the stupid woman while walking around.
品茶论坛Chapter 33 Hate to tooth itch
Stupid and stupid, he only knows how to get him into trouble.
Let’s kick her out before it’s too late. Why should he take her in? Why should I care if she lives or dies?
But when I want to return to my legs, I can’t help moving forward, and my eyes can’t help looking for the figure of that woman everywhere. He is possessed by her.
Lan Jingyi’s foot was pricked by broken glass, which is the consequence of walking barefoot. She swore that even if something big happened, she wouldn’t run out barefoot.
It really hurts
The man left whether she was alive or dead, and he didn’t come out to look for her.
She sighed sadly-she might as well go if he didn’t come. She has all her belongings and is wearing pajamas. She has no choice but to go back.
Jumping on one foot like a rabbit, she jumped into the lobby of the building. She took out a bigger piece of glass from her foot. It should still be a small place. At this moment, the pain will continue, but I don’t know how it feels when I see the wound. Somehow, the pain is particularly painful.
Press the ladder to go in and jump, and soon I got to the door. Looking at the tight door, I thought that the man hated himself regardless of her.
Bend over to touch the key. She doesn’t want to see him when she opens the door. She wishes she would never see him again in her life.

Chang Huan Yan is smiling while covering her mouth. The little girl added, "It’s a good thing my aunt called Ma Ma, otherwise he wouldn’t even know that today is your birthday."

Chang Huanyan "…"
If eyes can kill people, she has been chopped by Jing Muchen by now.
Yu Yu is silently glanced at his wife’s mature face and vaguely nai.
The night before, I often called Su Re secretly and asked her to call Jing Anyue to tell my little girl that her bodyguard brother’s birthday was coming.
However, unlike Jing Muchen, he turned a blind eye to Chang Huanyan’s argument that "the daughter-in-law should start from the doll"
After all … The child is still young.
After blowing out the candles and eating the birthday cake happily, several children immediately got together to play, while Gao Xiaobai found a corner to watch alone.
Xiao Mo Mo suggested, "Shall we play house?"
"Good!" Yu Sheng Xiao readily agreed.
Yu Jin Shen just wanted to pull Yu Mo to play with the robot, but he was stopped by Xiao Mo Mo, who arranged a director’s posture. "I am the bride’s brother Mo, the groom’s official, and Jin Shen’s brother is the best man …"
Before Xiao Mo Mo finished his words, Jing Anyue stamped his feet and protested, "No, no, brother Mo is me. He can be my groom!"
Yu Mo "…"
Just passing by with a cup of tea, Yu Yu almost dropped the cup with a shake.
Jingmuchen is also twitching at the corner of his mouth, but he was just about to get up when Su Re pulled his arm and his eyes signaled him not to make a move.
A few small bags over there are still chattering. Every time Xiao Mo Mo says Jing Anyue, he retorts that although he is only two or three years old, he has a glib tongue. It’s not just that he has been watching a few small bags for a room full of adults, but also watching one leng one leng.
Finally, the boss Yu Mo came out and said, "Will you two take turns to be brides?"
Small ink ink sip sip mouth darling promised to "good".
Who knows that Jing Anyue said without thinking, "Bad brother, I can be my groom!"
Section 754
Yu Mo "…"
Little Mo Mo raised the minibus in anger and used the killer weapon. "Hum, my brother Mo, sister Sheng Xiao and brother Jin Shen go to kindergarten together every day. We have classes, eat together, sleep together and play with you … you are a …"
Xiao Momo thought for a long time and finally squeezed out a sentence she saw, "You are a female bandit!"
All "…"
JingAnyue blink "wow" a was more than I could bear "Deng Deng Deng" ran to jump into JingMuchen arms.
"What’s the matter?" Jingmuchen hurriedly hugged her baby daughter. Although my little girl cried, there were no tears, but … Listening to that cry also made me feel distressed.
"Pull out my sister, she bullied me 55555 …"
The female bandit met a female bandit who was more horizontal than herself, and especially took advantage of the home court advantage of "being in the right place at the right time". Jing Anyue couldn’t adopt the method of "tattling on adults"
Sure enough, Jing Muchen immediately hugged her softly and coaxed so Jing Anyue took the opportunity to say, "Pull out Yue Yue and go to kindergarten. He wants to go to kindergarten with Mo brother."
After returning home, Su Re discussed it with Jing Muchen later.
Actually, I have been to kindergarten once before the two children, but on the first day of school, Jing Anyue, together with Jing Yicheng, gave the class bully a fat beating and told the teacher that she and Jing Muchen were also called to the school for training.
(For details, please refer to the small theater brocade 1 in the chapter "My wife hurts you before marriage")
That incident caused so much shadow that my little girl never dared to learn anything again. I didn’t expect to take the initiative to learn now …
Su Re thinks this is a good thing at night. Anyway, the children will learn a few children of similar age sooner or later, and they will learn together, with a companion and protection.
桑拿网Especially Yu Mo, who is only three years old, is already a "big brother". Yu Jin Shen and Xiao Mo Mo listen to him …
So even if Jing Muchen was still reluctant, Jing Yicheng and Jing Anyue were sent to St. John’s kindergarten after the National Day and became a pair of students who gave up halfway and came back to class.
After introducing herself on the first day of school, Jing Anyue ran to the Yumo table with calf excitement. "Brother Mo, I want to sit with you."
Yumo didn’t speak and frowned.
So Jing Anyue immediately looked at Yu Mo’s deskmate Yu Jin and said, "You go and sit with my brother!"
"…" Yu Jin wanted to struggle deeply, but when he saw Jing Anyue clenching his fist and saying, "Good men don’t fight with women," he jumped up and sat down with Jing Yicheng.
From then on, the last six small bags played together when they were in kindergarten every day.
Yu Mo is naturally the eldest brother, and he also remembers that his father taught him not to fight and make trouble with his five brothers and sisters every day.
Fortunately, although Jing Anyue is naughty, if you want Yu Mo to say "No", my girl will be very obedient, which is even more than Jing Muchen’s words.
The same is true of Xiao Mo Mo and Yu Jin Shen.
Yu Yu was born to be a very good child, while Jing Yicheng never seemed to sleepwalk. His favorite thing to do was to meditate alone …
After a few parents, they will be completely at ease.

"There is now estimated to be asleep" Meixi pointed to the big bed in the dark and said.

Gu Xiaomi followed suit and walked to Wei Xi’s bedside. Through the curtains, he saw Wei Xizheng falling asleep and his hand was injected with intravenous drip. Gu Xiaomi looked up at the infusion tube.
"This is a nutrient solution. Xi hasn’t eaten for several days. We were afraid that he would be hungry, so he injected him with nutritional medicine." Meixi walked beside Gu Xiaomi and said.
"You two stay for a while. I’ll wait outside." Said Meixi and walked out of the room.
Meixi sat beside Liu Yiwen silently.
"Why don’t you answer my words?" Liu Yiwen asked visually ahead.
"I don’t know how to face you" Meixi bowed her head and said.
"What’s to accept this marriage that is wrong?" Although Liu Yiwen lowered his voice, he could still hear the anger in his voice.
Mei Xi mo bu
"I understand what I said that day, but now it seems that although you understand it, you are still unwilling to accept it, right?" Liu Yiwen said, staring at Meixi with dribbling eyes.
"Don’t push me, I have my difficulties." Meixi don’t let Liu Yiwen see the tears in her eyes.
"Well, I won’t force you. I hope you don’t regret making your own decision." Liu Yiwen said with frustration.
"I don’t know if hee woke up. I really hope they can meet." Meixi said silently.
Gu Xiaomi gently stroked Wei Xi’s face on his chest and gently shouted, "Xi, wake up, I am Xiaomi."
See Wei Xi didn’t respond from millet and pulled up Wei Xi hand.
"Hee, please wake up quickly. We are out of time." Gu Xiaomi was in tears.
Looking at it or not, Wei Xigu Xiaomi is a little desperate. Can’t we really see the last side?
Thought of this, Gu Xiaomi was heartbroken and cried at the bedside.
"Xiaomi, is that you?" Wei Xi said with a faint voice touching Gu Xiaomi’s hair.
"It’s my city. It’s great that you’re awake." Gu Xiaomi hurriedly wiped his face with tears and laughed.
"It’s really me, Xiaomi. I didn’t dream, did I? Xiaomi, let me touch your face." Wei Xili stretched out his arm.
Gu Xiaomi took Wei Xi’s hand and gently put his cheek.
"I miss you so much, Xiaomi," Wei Xi said softly with his chapped lips open.
"I miss you, too." Gu Xiaomi held Wei Xi in one hand and stroked his forehead in the other.
"Don’t hurt yourself after Xi promised me, okay?" Gu Xiaomi looked at Wei Xi with gauze tied to her wrist and said lovingly.
"I’m fine." Wei Xi hid his injured wrist in the quilt.
"Why don’t we give up?" Looking at Wei Xixian, Gu Xiaomi really doesn’t want him to suffer any more.
"What do you mean, what are you going to give up? Are you going to give up on me?" Wei Xi was excited to get out of bed, but he didn’t eat for several days. How could he have the strength to fall back into bed as soon as he got up?
"Xi you don’t get excited" Gu Xiaomi hurriedly hugged Wei Xi.
"How can I give up on you? Please teach me." Wei Xili shouted.
品茶"I can’t forget you unless you rip my heart out and pick my head." Wei Xi stared at Gu Xiaomi with red eyes.
"hee, but we have no other way now. I can’t watch you suffer here." Gu Xiaomi loves to shed tears.
"I’m telling you, I’m fine. I’ll fight to the end. Unless they promise, they’ll get my body," Wei Xi said decisively
"I’m afraid you’ll give up. Although we can’t be together, it’s enough for us to love each other in our hearts."
"No, I not only have you in my heart, but also have you." Wei Xili clenched Gu Xiaomi’s hand.
"Xi" gu Xiaomi cried and shouted.
"Xiaomi, I have a necklace here to help me pick it." Wei Xi pointed to his neck.
Gu Xiaomi gently picked the necklace and put it in Wei Xi’s hand.
Wei Xi picked up the necklace and brought the stud ring to wear the finger of Gu Xiaomi.
Chapter 15 You)
"Xi this" Gu Xiaomi looked at the finger diamond ring with tears in her eyes.
"This is the first time I bought it at the airport when I left the sea. I thought at that time that I would definitely wear it on your hand. Do you think it is worn?" Wei Xi held Gu Xiaomi’s hand and smiled happily.
"But Xi"
"Don’t say anything. If you have faith, anything can be achieved. You are my only bride." Wei Xi raised her body and gently kissed Gu Xiaomi’s eyebrows
"hee, I’m afraid I’ll never see you again." gu Xiaomi was relieved to cry these days.
"Lovely, I know I must have scared you this time. Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m still alive. We can be together. Do you believe me?" Wei Xi held out his broad palm and wiped tears from Xiaomi’s face.
"Well" Gu Xiaomi nodded hard.