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Teammates have done their best!

This is a tough season. Arsenal is not as prosperous as other giants. The main partners come and go throughout the season. Those people, who are bound by their fate, have overcome all difficulties and achieved the hegemony of the Premier League!
Now head for the first Champions League title in the club’s history!
Thank you, teammates!
It’s our turn!
In fact, Henry’s physical fitness has already passed the critical point. In the absence of one player and the lack of teammates in the frontcourt, he keeps running and attacking, which is more difficult and costly than usual.
Although the game has not yet reached minutes, his physical energy consumption is almost the same as after playing a game.
But when such an opportunity appears in front of him, strong belief and firm will support him to fight hard!
Smart and refined Henry is at the peak. Henry is like a chorus, incarnating as a shady assassin, rushing to Barcelona halfcourt with a football like a sharp sword.
Barcelona has five players left in the backcourt.
Belletti Marcos Puyol Van Blonhorst and goalkeeper Valdes.
Their front formation is to support the middle and front court. Top teams rarely make lowlevel mistakes of threeline disconnection, so it will be easy for their opponents to punch through layer by layer.
Belletti retreated immediately after the previous assists, but he was active near the midfield. At this time, he greeted Henry for the first time. He was not confident that he could stop Henry, but he was going to foul!
Half of the season has been counterattacking and fast attacking Arsenal. Henry naturally knows the essence of counterattacking.
The speed must be fast, the fastest and the fastest!
The first thing for the opponent’s defense is to delay the opponent’s fast break.
Tactical foul is a common choice.
At this time, when Belletti rushed in, Henrigan didn’t give Belletti a chance to foul. When there were still two meters apart, he crossed the ball into the middle and ran forward firmly, bypassing Belletti.
Deco gritted his teeth and chased after Qin Xiong, but his speed was really not special. The farther away he was, the more obvious he was thrown by Qin Xiong.
Qin Xiong continued to push forward the offensive after catching Henry’s ball in the middle.
Van Bronhorst rushed to the front of Puyol to form a triangular defensive position as a back waist.
Qin Xiong didn’t hesitate to cross the ball around Henry after coming to him.
After the ball, Qin Xiong leans to the back of the penalty area. Van Bronhorst immediately follows and he can’t run parallel with Qin Xiong.
The reason is simple: if he doesn’t stop Qin Xiong from running forward, then Henry will hang the ball into the restricted area and point it next to Qin Xiong or behind him. Can he suddenly get in front of Qin Xiong to complete the interception?
But just as Qin Xiong ran to the restricted area line, he suddenly braked and ran sideways to the front area of Puyol.
Henry still didn’t challenge Marcos. He crossed the ball in front of Marcos.
The two played the most tacit cooperation on the peak stage with the most basic skills!
Qin Xiong stopped the ball with his right foot and took a step towards his horizontal running direction. Then he swung his left foot slightly in front of Puyol and shot!
Puyol immediately blocked it, and he was already scared!
Even if Qin Xiong is not used to his feet, who can guarantee that he will not break the door with a sharp foot!
But just as he took a step to intercept the front of the football, Qin Xiong looked calm, but his left foot gently tilted the ball.
The football rolled over Puyol’s legs, and Qin Xiong also passed Puyol!
Wear crotch!
Qin Xiong has entered the restricted area!
Van Bronhorst Marcos must come to intercept the interference caused by van Bronhorst’s poor defensive position to Qin Xiong’s shot.
Valdes also abandoned the door and he was worried that Qin Xiong would shoot directly with his right foot!
When the encirclement on three sides was about to take shape, Qin Xiong had an insight into the present situation and felt relieved.
Silently said Thierry Henry, you climb the high altar first and then wait for me there!
On his ambition, he can change the world’s position and cognition of him. This Champions League final can be said to have made him know himself again.
Before the game, the media bombardment has shown the world attitude. This is the King Henry War of Ronaldinho!
All the other stars are supporting roles.
Eto’ o Qin Xiongde Kopire Puyol Campbell, they can all be supporting roles.
This will not hurt Qin Xiong, but will change his mind. He and Henry are different times after all.
Just after he was twenty, Henry was about to turn thirty. How could he be a man of the times?
Henry, there’s no point in fighting.
And he was willing to send Henry to the altar when the opportunity came!
The football was slightly tilted to the arch by him in the right position of the penalty area.
Neither Marcos nor Valdez can touch football.
And the rolling direction of football will definitely not roll into the goal, but Henry will definitely not give up after being watched.
He will rush to Barcelona goal like an arrow!
Destroy your opponent!
All the spectators in the stands of the French Stadium stared at the football in Barcelona’s restricted area, and Arsenal fans were already cheering!
Although Belletti Puyol is rushing to football, he is faster and ahead of them, wearing an Arsenal shirt.
His name is Thierry Henry!
Arsenal waited for more than a hundred years to wait for someone. He led the team forward with the glory of the gunners. Now he rushed into the small restricted area of Barcelona and swept into the goal facing the goalkeeper’s arch.
He didn’t dare to exert himself for fear of missing the opportunity, so he took the safest way.
But the effect presented to the audience was that Arsenal relied on Qin Xiong and Henry to score the goal in Barcelona!
After Henry broke the goal, he trotted to the corner area and made his classic slidekneeling celebration. Then at the end of the slidekneeling, he turned his head and looked at the court. He ran towards him and Qin Xiong showed a proud smile.
Qin Xiong ran to him and bowed his head and hugged his face and kissed him on the head.
Then Henry patted his thigh on one knee and let Qin Xiong put his right foot on his leg. Then Qin Xiong made a shoeshining celebration! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become the tactical victory of Feng 561 before it is drawn]
The French Stadium was caught in an atmosphere of ice and fire.
桑拿论坛  title=Barcelona fans are extremely pessimistic after being shocked, while Arsenal fans are in a state of ecstasy after being shocked.
They, Henry Qin Xiong, cheered and cheered, and they also jumped at the sight of Henry Qin Xiong’s shoeshine celebration.
This will definitely be the most classic scene in the Champions League.
Wenger excitedly rushed out of the bench like a child Fabregas and other substitute players. They ran to Henry and Qin Xiong, surrounded by them, and everyone hugged and celebrated.
Barcelona players’ scalp seems to be numb and they don’t know what to do.

Last but not least, we must thank the heroes who saved the whole Masked Island. Although they don’t particularly mind their real names being mentioned by you, I still want to say that blade master Yonero, the twoheaded dragon Jesse Luo, the poisonous warlock Lissel, and the last and most mysterious singlehandedly great care teacher Zhao Yi! Everyone cheers!

Last but not least, we must thank the heroes who saved the whole Masked Island. Although they don’t particularly mind their real names being mentioned by you, I still want to say that blade master Yonero, the twoheaded dragon Jesse Luo, the poisonous warlock Lissel, and the last and most mysterious singlehandedly great care teacher Zhao Yi! Everyone cheers!
Oh oh oh! ! ! !” Zhao Yi was shocked by this sound, and some people wondered if Rania had colluded long ago … And Zhao Yi felt quite conscious when she saw Eugenie’s bewildered expression. It was so beautiful to be thanked and revered for doing good!
Well, the banquet is also at the request of the heroes. Let’s continue to eat and play! Rania sat down with that, and the whole scene became more and more lively, which made Zhao Yi feel that this island is actually a paradise for real people. If it is possible, there is no problem to settle here.
But soon Zhao Yi was too busy to find the north.
Because a lot of women kept harassing Zhao Yi, some of them were bold enough to gather around Zhao Yi, and the girls disappeared somehow … Zhao Yi took a closer look at the original Liselle Jesse Lo and Eunie Ruo, who were also surrounded by all kinds of people …
You Nie Ruo seems to be surrounded by her former training partner and some friends when she was a child. There are many men around Liselle who seem to like Jessie Lo. It seems that there are many men and women there because Jessie Lo is so cute …! Don’t come near me, weirdo. Jesilo!
Zhao Yi was suddenly upset, but obviously he was surrounded by all kinds of younger sisters. He couldn’t leave and wouldn’t let him leave, but fortunately, the strange corn in Jesse Luo seemed to be squeezed.
Zhao Yi is a little abrupt, but what are your skills?
The great wizard is good in character and handsome!
Hello, can I sit on your leg? Before Zhao Yi promised him, he found his thigh occupied.
Don’t steal away!
Zhao Yi be my boyfriend!
Me too!
No, don’t rob me!
There is nothing wrong with the harem!
The one hundred and fiftyfourth sprout has been red and blue since ancient times.
When updated, 215415 145524 words 3544
You don’t mind, but I do mind …
Zhao Yi thought about it, and if a quarrel happened accidentally, it would be just to die and die … The official palace of Slak was rejected by Zhao Yiyi … Nie Sha, Zhao Yi felt quite troublesome and naturally wouldn’t die … But gradually Zhao Yi’s idea changed from the most singleminded to some moral integrity now … But it seems that there is no way to do things. If they don’t mind, Zhao Yi herself is trying to make the daughters happier.
Of course, Zhao Yi, who refused the inexplicable harem, found that the anger of the daughters was quite terrible, so he fainted. Even if he didn’t drink, he felt … His head was chattering like a sparrow, and his sisters reached a dizzy level … Zhao Yi always didn’t know how he came back … It seemed that Eugenie or Liselle helped him come back? I can’t remember. Chief Zhao Yi decided never to appear in public again … otherwise, she would be harassed to death …
how about it? Did you feel good last night?
Not good at all! Are you all so crazy on the island of hiding your face? My head is about to explode. Zhao Yi thought of last night, and she was scared. It was even more frenzied than a magic spell.
No, it’s not. If you shook your head, you probably harassed Zhao Yi’s younger sisters. It’s true that they are old and have high eyes. That kind of people will haunt Zhao Yi. After all, their identity and strength are not bad. On the contrary, women who are curious about Jesse Luo and Liselle are more cute and extroverted children … It’s also Zhao Yi’s own problem to be dizzy …
Alas, Zhao Yi sighed, but it was not bad to have a good sleep after really getting dizzy last night. Today, I came out early in the morning to train Yonejo. Although Zhao Yi had a joke and never died of unarmed skill bonus, he had a certain mastery of sword skills, but compared with blade master, Zhao Yi wanted to train with Yonejo for a while.
Rania gave him this lux sword in her hand.
The general situation is that … Zhao Yi said that she would train with You Nie Re? Rania immediately gave Zhao Yi the sword, and even Zhao Yi herself didn’t understand what was going on. Rania’s smile always made Zhao Yi feel a little strange … But Zhao Yi was still very bright and clear, so now she is going to the training ground alone with You Nie Re …
On the other hand … how did you learn your skills, Eugenio?
skills? After hearing Zhao Yi’s words, you Nie tried to recall the process of constantly wielding the sword by himself, but he trained much more than the average person. Then he was very happy to show Rania the results after learning the sword dance, but Rania let herself train more … At that time, you Nie still didn’t understand why Rania was so cruel. It was no joke to have a thousand sword dance crits … But now it is true that you Nie’s hard work and selfconfidence bring strength.
I don’t know very well. My own skills are probably just practicing … You Nie Re said with an understatement, but the actual training day is not so boring, and it is not so easy to persist. You Nie Re is now white.
Zhao Yi always gave up. After all, blade master was destined to be a hero. If you really care about her, it is estimated that you will grieve others. After all, there are many people who insist on this matter, but there are only a few people who actually gain strength.
Then again, can you sword? Aren’t you a mage?
Yes, a little. Actually, even Zhao Yi herself is not sure how much the passive skill bonus is, but it’s probably white to compete with Eugene. Eugene! Let’s have a try!
ha? Don’t tease look at you if you are joking. Zhao Yi wants to have a competition with her. After all, Zhao Yi can’t stand being looked down upon for such a thing.
So the two men confronted each other with a blue sword and a threeeyed mask. Compared with Zhao Yi, who was wearing a black robe and holding a red sword, it was obvious that Yu Ruo was more domineering and Zhao Yi had a passive skill bonus, but it was just a skill left by ordinary people …
I didn’t think much of Zhao Yi’s rushing to hold the red sword with one hand, so that I could change my swordholding posture in the process of advancing and attack the method judgment.
If you see Zhao Yi playing really naturally, it’s also natural to hold a sword in both hands and straighten up. Facing Zhao Yi’s attitude, it’s a temporary method to judge the attack, which makes her have some ways of attacking Bai Zhao Yi.
Zhao Yi grinned and turned directly through the side of Eugenie’s body, holding a sword in his hand and cutting it sideways to her body. However, if Eugenie himself is a horizontal sword, this simple offensive has been resolved and Zhao Yi’s sword has also been strongly shocked. I’m afraid that compared with years of training, Eugenie’s Zhao Yi is still a lot worse.
Come again! Zhao Yi pulled the distance between them and looked for the opportunity to rush again. So they compared the sword skills, and the red and blue swords seemed to be dancing and dancing, and all kinds of gorgeous or simple skills were also brought out by the two men to crack each other’s moves …
Two swords, red and blue, were inserted on the floor in front of the two men. You Nie Ruo and Zhao Yi also sat there and looked a little tired. However, the result of the two men’s battle naturally didn’t say that You Nie Ruo won three battles. This is also a normal phenomenon. If you can’t compete with Zhao Yi than you can with the sword, Zhao Yi can simply be a swordsman …
Alas, you are still a strong swordsman … give me a sword dance from time to time. I can’t carry it. Zhao Yi handed the drinks in the ring to You Nie Ruo. These drinks were subsidiary products developed by Lissel when she was studying herbal medicines. It is said that they have physical strengthenhancing effects, and the taste is quite good. So Lissel made some and left them in Zhao Yi’s ring. After all, there is no time in it. This concept can be guaranteed for a long time.
After all, there is a probability trigger … I can’t control this. It’s an occasional flash of light and I’m already jumping up. It’s a flash.
Your skills are quite strong.
喝茶约茶There is some curiosity in Youneiro’s eyes. What did you say before that Doom’s shadow magic ability is also quite strong?

This may be another plot of his.

Finally, my eldest sister-in-law told me one thing: "Actually, Miss Li came to the hospital a few days ago and clamored to see you, but Ayuan had her stopped and Ayuan got up now."
I leng leng.
Ye Xiangyuan actually caught Li Yuyan?
Does he want Li Yu-yan to threaten Li Qi?
But he told me that Li jiaqi didn’t attach importance to this eldest daughter …
I can’t guess what he means after thinking about it for a long time.
However, these disputes in the imperial city will soon have nothing to do with me, and I will not be distracted to pay attention.
After the Lantern Festival, my sister-in-law and Xiaojin went home after seeing me. My parents and I talked and teased the baby, but I didn’t expect South and South to come.
I’m a little surprised that she should be at home on such a holiday.
After my parents took the door, she took off her coat and sat by the bed, holding my hand and saying, "I already know about the video."
I am one Leng
I didn’t tell anyone about it except Ye Xiangyuan and them, not even my parents.
She whispered, "Sister-in-law told me and she asked me to stay with you."
I suddenly became speechless.
I’m not surprised that eldest sister-in-law can know about the video. She has never been a simple woman.
But I didn’t expect her to be so kind, and I deliberately asked Nan Nan to accompany me.
I was deeply moved.
喝茶约茶South-South looked at me tenderly and said, "I also guessed that you were going to … I didn’t know if there was a chance to meet again after spending more time with you …"
Tears glistened under her eyes.
I also got red eyes and mumbled my mouth, but I couldn’t speak.
In this way, it was quiet for a moment, and South-South whispered, "Do you really decide to leave Ye Ershao?"
She knows how much I love Ye Xiangyuan.
I nodded.
How could I rather die than leave him unless I had to?
South-South didn’t persuade me, but asked me in a low voice, "What can I do for you?"
I watched her suddenly come for nothing.
She came running as soon as she got the news, hoping to help me.
And sister-in-law, although she didn’t help me, she already showed her attitude by calling Nan Nan.
I didn’t polite to South-South either. "My parents may need your help …"
I didn’t want to involve South-South in the past, but now I find that I can’t find anyone else to turn to except trouble.
Although my parents contacted some of their friends, I still don’t feel at ease.
Although the South-South family can’t compare with the Imperial City family, there are still some ways.
She immediately said that there was no problem and paused and asked me, "What about you and the child?"
I was silent and said, "He can’t really push me to the wall and escape is the policy …"
Nannan clenched my hand.
I whispered, "It is of course best for him to let us go … if we don’t let him go, we will want to sneak away."
Nannan, um, "I don’t ask much, but if you have something, you must tell me."
I replied with red eyes.
She said, "I’ll think of some way to deal with uncle and aunt, and I’ll come to see you again in a couple of days."
After that, we chatted for a while. The school has started and South and South are going to be busy.
And I told her implicitly that she might leave in a few days, because my body has recovered and some babies are still healthy.
Finally, I looked at her and couldn’t help saying a few more words, "Even if you know about the video, don’t … don’t think about Lu Xun’s eldest brother …"
She is good, sensible and gentle, but she is stubborn.
I am most worried that she will not come out.
She really stopped talking.
I sighed, "he and Gu Changyu fetters are too deep to end easily … You see Ye Xiangyuan and Gu Changyu are not the same, even if Gu Changyu still feels that Ye Xiangyuan is her, and so is she to Lu Xun … South-South, you promise me to let him go, ok? You see, I know that getting involved with them may not have a good result … "
The main thing is that we can’t beat Gu Changyu.
Not as beautiful as she is, not as beautiful as she can pretend to be, nor did she grow up with Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun …
South-South silence for a long time said "I am white"
I was afraid that talking too much would make her feel uncomfortable, so I changed the subject.
The nurse carried the baby to the room, and Nannan teased him with me.
Later, Nannan asked me, "Has the baby been named?"

With a little uneasy, Yang Long stepped into the cave.

The cave is about 300 square meters in size, and the ground is paved with bluish white jade. Although the top around it has not been corrected, it also exudes a faint magical energy. After looking at it, it is not strong and composed of tree roots.
There is a night elf in the cave.
To be precise, there is a female night elf who is halfburied and halfnaked in a cave, her arms and back are connected with roots, and she is going into a coma with her eyes closed. There is a fistsized flesh floating above her head.
桑拿会所This female night elf is the painful person of the moon angel.
Looking at my former brother’s appearance in such a bleak way, Yang Long didn’t know what to do at the moment. wait for a while gave birth to a little fear in his heart more than ten meters away.
And seems to feel someone enter the moon angel suddenly opened his eyes.
Yang Long!’ Come or go. When I saw the incarnation of the old butcher, my eyes immediately bloomed with brilliance, and my delicate and beautiful face also showed a heartfelt smile.
NO633 yongjue
Angel of Luna’s pain or blood rose in previous lives, Angel Wallace’s light language was like a sledgehammer slamming Yang Longtou, which made him feel groggy and remembered the memory buried in his heart.
Took a deep breath and Yang Long strode past.
I didn’t look carefully when I entered the cave just now. When I came to the front, Yang Long found that the roots of her brother had penetrated every inch of her flesh and blood and were extracting her energy all the time.
And one of the roots connected to her neck is conveying natural forces to her.
This two forces, one in and one out, turned the painful body of the moon angel into a concentrated transit, which constantly tortured her spirit and brought her great pain that ordinary people could not bear.
Apparently, the night elves deliberately put her through this pain.
After exploring more than ten tentacles, Yang Long’s face became very bad. Those roots were not only torture, but also connected to a huge magic circle of feathermoon fortress as a whole.
If it is damaged, it will cause a fierce reaction
What makes Yang Long even more headache is that when he entered the huge magic circle of feathermoon fortress, he already started the original energy flow and lost balance. The magic circle consciously accelerated the speed of extracting energy from his younger brother.
That is to say, it won’t be long before the messenger of the Moon God Pain will die.
Is hesitated for a moment, Yang Long made a decision to stretch out his hand and draw the moon angel pain bust, and all the roots were cut off, and emerald liquid energy was sprayed in large quantities
Heh heh heh
In just a few seconds, the natural force flowing in the whole fortress came from the inside towards the cave, and the energy penetrated and compressed the gas here, which brought up a kind of disturbance before the explosion.
Controlling the tentacles, Yang Long pulled his brother out of the soil.
The harsh white light flashed, and the whole feathermoon fortress, together with the surrounding area of more than 100 kilometers, was shrouded in fierce generate’s natural forces, and the original mountain on the west side of Fielas rose up and scattered in the sky.
The angel pain of Luna was caught in a few tentacles, and I was slightly surprised to see the ferocious terror in front of me. The ancient god turned white in a moment. This is the true beauty of Yang Long’s face, and a ray of sadness emerged.
Recondense the incarnation Yang Long came to the front of his brother
At this time, the pain of the messenger of Luna is like a dense root of a big tree from the waist. After losing the natural force, it slowly shrinks and dries up, and the naked eye can see that it falls off a lot.
Combined with the pain of the moon angel, the whole person became weak.
If you let her go, she will definitely die. The only way is to implant Yang Long’s own ancient god core like Feili to replace the painful body of the moon angel from the root and turn her into a part of Yang Long.
However, when Yang Longgang made a decision, the pain of the messenger of Luna was perceived.
Wait! The messenger of Luna showed a little fatigue in her painful mental state. You can let me resume my activities temporarily, right? It’s not like this human being that I can control my body.
This human refers to Fei Li, who is looking humiliated but obedient to stay aside.
Looking at his brother’s smiling eyes, it is better than the resolute face. Yang Long hesitated for a moment sullenly before he separated the core of the ancient gods and reintegrated into the body. He controlled a few tentacles and broke his body.
In less than three seconds, the angel of the moon pained the stonelike body and was free to move.
Although this is also you, I still prefer the way it used to be. The messenger of Luna Pain looked at the huge and towering ancient gods floating to the incarnation of Yang Long and put his hand around his neck. Shall we go out?
This time, Yang Long came to the outside world without hesitation.
Luna angel pain hangs on Yang Longshen, although he lost his bust, but because of the height difference between the two, he still appears in Fielas like a lover.
Slowly, they came to the top of a high mountain and found a place with a wide view and sat down.
I never saw you again. I didn’t expect that the sky still gave me this opportunity. It’s a pity that I was not brave enough to be with you at the beginning. It’s a pity to think of it now!
As soon as he came to the outside world, the moon angel pain fell on Yang Long’s chest and whispered something.
I don’t know what will become the messenger of the moon god, and I don’t know why it took you so long to come, but I know very well that you are with me in every dream during this long time.

I smiled at her.

Ye Xiangze is her son who was pitted by Ye Xiangyuan. She doesn’t hate it.
The more she hates, the more she proves that she and Li can, and I naturally won’t rest assured.
Chapter 97 gossip
Sister-in-law and Xiao Jin are still watching video in the hall, which is a little loud. They should not have heard anything in the kitchen.
I immediately rest assured.
Xiaojin is too young. I don’t want him to be exposed to these conflicts.
I walked up to Xiao Jin and picked him up. He smiled and asked, "Is the animation good?"
Xiao Jin hugged my neck intimately. "Hmm!"
My sister-in-law and I looked at each other tacitly and turned our eyes away.
She has been pretending to be a mentally ill person, but Ye Xiangyuan said that she would find a chance to pretend to be a mentally ill person, and when she got better, she would take Xiaojin with her to help me cope with Ye’s family, which would also reduce my burden.
I sat for a while and asked my sister-in-law, "I want to take Xiaojin out for a walk. Does sister-in-law want to come with me?"
There are two female guards behind the eldest sister-in-law. This is what Ye Li asked to take care of her. It must also mean surveillance.
I’m not shy about asking directly.
Sister-in-law doesn’t seem to understand my words, her eyes are straight and she ignores me at all
I knew that she was acting, so I patiently explained, "Xiaojin’s kindergarten I want to go to the community and let him study here if it is suitable."
Sister-in-law suddenly snatched Xiao Jin from my arms as if she had been stimulated. "My son!"
I was so frightened that I was even more afraid that Xiaojin would be frightened and went to see him at once.
Good little Jin is a good boy holding his mother’s arm and comforting me in turn. "It’s okay, aunt and mother. She often does this …"
I looked at my sister-in-law naively.
Although I know she won’t hurt Xiaojin, I still feel a little shocked by this scene just now.
spa会所I quickly took Xiaojin back and sighed, "Sister-in-law, don’t scare the children."
Sister-in-law seems to be angry and twisted into a ball and grinned at me.
I "…"
The female guards behind her are eyeing up. They must be worried that I will stimulate the eldest sister-in-law.
As far as I was concerned, Li Qingqing came along when I was thinking about how to let them relax their vigilance.
Section 91
She smiled contemptuously. "Reasoning with madness, I think you are not far from madness."
I sneered, "You know very well who drove my eldest sister-in-law crazy, so I’m curious. Are you so evil that you are not afraid of retribution?"
Li Qingqing cold face eyes narrowed slightly cling to me.
I smiled and laughed. "If you do too much, you will not only knock at the door in the middle of the night, but also be in the tenth floor of hell after death …"
She suddenly smashed her hand into my face. "Shut up! Bitch, don’t you dare to be presumptuous in front of me when you marry Ye Xiangyuan! "
Fortunately, I dodged when I was away, but tea splashed on me and Xiaojin.
I kissed Xiao Jin’s face judo. "Don’t be afraid that mom and aunt will protect you. After she is a bad person, Xiao Jin has to avoid seeing her, remember?"
Xiaojin nodded and his face was particularly serious.
Actually, I don’t want to have a conflict with Li Qingqing in front of Xiao Jin. I’m afraid he will be affected.
However, Ye Xiangyuan’s cultivation of Xiaojin as an heir seems to be intended to let Xiaojin know about a generation of grievances.
I can’t help sighing when I think of Ye Xiangyuan’s blood feud when I was very young.
Maybe Xiao Jin will be less dangerous after early contact.
In case something happens to Ye Xiangyuan, revenge will definitely be transferred to Xiao Jin, who must grow up and become strong.
I love Xiao Jin, but I have to let him face it alone.
Besides, I can secretly pray that Ye Xiangyuan can win the final victory, so that all love and hate will end, and this generation will not let Xiaojin suffer those hardships.
Li Qingqing’s ferocious face seems to be going to eat me.
But this time she chastened and didn’t rush over to start work on me. After all, Ye Li is still at home and it’s not good to make trouble.
She stared at me darkly for a long time and then left.
I watched her downstairs and then looked at the two female guards behind my sister-in-law and asked her again, "Do you want to go out with us?"
Sister-in-law cocked her head at me.
I hold Xiao Jin and go out.
She followed.
The two female guards behind him followed suit.
I went back to see my sister-in-law
Her eyes are not too white. What am I going to do? Follow us consciously.
I smiled and let her follow me.
Just walked to the yard Pan Dong ushered in with two young people.
He first looked at Lv Nian and respectfully called "Sister-in-law"
Sister-in-law doesn’t seem to have heard her head bowed and studied her own fingers.

ChuYan leave her tone mocking light way "go after work now"

Said and gave her a look, "Miss Bai, be busy slowly, I’ll go first." Say and pass her directly without giving Bai Jing a chance to speak.
"You" Bai Jing at ChuYan this attitude fire emit three zhangs not to suddenly think of what eyes suddenly flashed a few silk disdain her cold way "I see you how crazy in a few days"
Chu Yan went outside the company and saw a blue Lamborghini. She knew it was Mo Chengkun’s car at a glance.
She is used to Mo Chengkun changing a luxury car at two ends every three days.
Go to the back seat of the car and open the door. Mo Chengkun was inside.
Mo Chengkun has been waiting for some impatience. Seeing ChuYan glance at her, she looks bad. "How come?"
Chuyan knew with a sigh in his heart.
Face faint "just met someone and talked for a while"
Mo Chengkun turned his head and didn’t answer directly "car"
Chuyan hesitated for a moment or gritted her teeth.
She is always awake in her heart. Now you are pretending to be Mo Chengkun, a psycho girlfriend.
It’s much more relaxing to think like this.
Mo Chengkun told the driver to drive as soon as he left the car, as if he were going to fly.
Chuyan’s face turned white, and his hands clutched the cushion tightly and said, "Can you slow down?" This is an urban area, but is he racing at such a speed?
Mo Chengkun glanced at her "rare and strange"
Some people don’t know that Bai Chuyan is a daughter of a rich family. How can she sometimes be like a small family lady?
Of course he doesn’t. These things are not places.
Which girl is not afraid of racing?
桑拿会所Chuyan is used to it slowly, and she also knows that sports cars like this are generally faster, which is not bad.
Quiet, there is some silence in the car.
The driver took a sneak look at Mo Chengkun while driving silently.
See his hand on the forehead brow is slightly wrinkled a bad mood.
After thinking for a while, she couldn’t help but ask, "Where are we going?"
Mo Chengkun did not answer.
ChuYan sobbed corners of the mouth knew it would be like this.
"A ball"
But after a while, there was a sound beside me.
Chuyan slightly stunned to see him, and she was too lazy to dispute with him when she saw that he was still indifferent.
Chuyan is casually dressed, so it is impossible to go to the dance.
Mo Chengkun took Chu Yan to a world-class famous store and chose a purple-blue long skirt for her. It was very demure and the color matched Chu Yan’s temperament.
This water blue dress is a tube top style. Chu Yan’s long waist hair hangs freely, her shoulders are soft and her waist is unbearable. It is good to hold her figure in proportion. She is more tall and noble.
Mo Chengkun’s eyes flashed a strange emotion when he looked at her, but soon sank into his eyes.
He nodded a faint well.
ChuYan this just look at him, he would have changed a straight suit.


"That silly big would be so easy to send this thing to you? You lied to me! Damn guy, although you’re the first time I’ve seen a human player, don’t bully me. How can it be so easy to finish that guy’s village? There are countless mouse roots. Moreover, that stingy guy can’t give you this shield even if you finish it. Impossible! "
"This ….." After listening to a lot of ants with heads talking to themselves, I root cutting didn’t say a word. Originally, I wanted to [send the array] to escape, but [send the array] at least needed a second. Looking at his sharp feet while singing was enough for him to kill me, and [teleport] this narrow hole didn’t care where I moved, but I was still caught and looked back for a night. "Huh?" It’s gone. I didn’t expect her to run quite fast, but she escaped. After all, it’s better to die one than two.
"Man, I have something to ask you. Come with me."
Before I promised him, I spit out a mass of black stuff and wrapped me up, dragging me directly to the first hole.
I didn’t expect that I would still have prey one day, but I also wonder that this monster doesn’t seem to be quite like ordinary monsters, and it seems to have a human head and an ant body, and it seems to be quite intelligent. I was going to die, but now I’m interested in seeing what’s going on.
After hitting my head on the ground a hundred times, I finally returned to the second hole, and then I knew why the bed was stuck to the wall by that black stuff, and the ant with the head put his foot against the hole, put a plug pillow’ concave’ and fell asleep.
But his sleep was really short. Ten seconds later, he got up and stretched himself. "Wake up! Shu! "
I suddenly found that I seem to have seen too many things today, from that beautiful NPC guide payon, who forgot to drool, to reappear the strange monsters blowing snow, and the changes of Jasmine playing the magic dream, Crowe and Ji Fen are even more in this’ Acura Secret Cave’. Think about it today. It’s really rich.
"Hey man, let me ask you, have you ever seen a man with a blood-red sword?"
Blood red sword? Why do you seem to have seen it before? But I don’t seem to remember very well, so I replied, "Not really?"
I think that I was caught anyway and I went out and tried to ask, "Can I ask you what you are?"
"You are the thing! I am a famous genius in the animal world-‘handsome’! "
"What? Say your name again! "
"Well handsome!"
"Ha … oh, er …" As soon as I laughed at the first word, I saw the handsome face and immediately swallowed the remaining smile.
Chapter 20 Sacred bracelet
Chapter 20 Sacred bracelet
Handsome head ant suddenly sighed and said, "Do you know the ant hole?"
"I know!" How could such a famous training place not know that it took Chris to practice at the beginning?
"Have you ever met a queen ant?"
"if I touch this, I’m dead!"
"For her, she should be the top BOSS in the game now. It’s been more than three months since the game started. My companion and I have been banned here."
"Your companion? Then what are you? "
The ant on the head looked at me and suddenly asked a question, "Who are you? Why do I feel that you actually smell’ he’? "
桑拿  title="…" I have no idea what he said, but do this "he" and moonlit cat say that "he" exist? Why are there so many problems today? It seems that the system has changed so much that I am not used to it.
"Forget it, it’s impossible. He’s eternal. Let you know what I am when you’re the first player." The head ant sighed with a sad expression on his face like an economist and said, "We are a group abandoned by the system."
"’delusion’?" What is delusion? What’s the delusion? What does delusion mean? These questions automatically come to mind as soon as they come.
"We are all people who failed to control the magic, but lived out of the sun because of his pity."
"The game should have such a gens? Will you die at the sight of the sun like vampires? "
"If you are right, it will disappear at first sight!"
Poor people, poor people didn’t expect such a thing to happen in the game, but it doesn’t seem to be my business, and I can’t care about it
"What are you doing here? Does anyone need to come in? Otherwise, you can’t have passed those two guards at the door. "
I told handsome what I needed to do, but handsome laughed for a long time before saying, "So this is it. Let me see where it is."
Four boxes were burned by fire, and the surface was dark, and the four small locks were also burnt by fire. If I hadn’t seen them with my own eyes, I would never have thought of how these four boxes were opened.
See the head of ants from the other side of the box to open the box and the lock side turned out to be fake and used for decoration, which made me cry and laugh. I searched the four boxes randomly and finally handed me an integrated translucent bracelet. When I saw it, I knew that this bracelet was not an ordinary thing. When I took a look at it, I saw that the attribute was extremely good.+1 This thing is comparable to the The Hunger ring.+1 is equivalent to adding 6 basis points. Suddenly, I was confused. How could it be so badly decorated? But I haven’t changed my job and I can’t control it.
"Do you know the story of this bracelet?"
When I say handsome, I think of that painting. Is it different from that painting? So he asked, "What story?"
I got this bracelet three years ago when the game was not promoted. At that time, one of my companions, I don’t know the lark, even the player who came in to test had feelings. Because of this system, I couldn’t punish the player, but it was certainly no problem to punish the lark. Therefore, this’ sacred bracelet’ was made, and the player was very happy about what excellent equipment he began to get. When he wore it, I immediately personified a white bird. And the level is decreasing, the player suddenly panicked and wanted to take off the bracelet, but no matter how hard he took it off, the’ unknown lark’ finally became a game in which an ordinary bird lost its high-level monster and became a bird with consciousness, and the’ sacred bracelet’ was also out of the player’s hand at this time, and the player quit the game without testing. "
I didn’t expect that there was such a story before the official start of the game, that is to say, when the game was made, the characters in the game originally had emotions and could think independently. This discovery shocked me. I still had Chris or the top BOSS to have some special emotional settings, but now it seems that this is not the case. These are all monsters who think independently, but there is no such thing as an organization. That is to say, Chris said that he likes me, but it is not a unified arrangement. Does Chris really like me as a player? Doesn’t she know it’s impossible?
At the thought of this, I suddenly felt a little lost and excited, and I didn’t know what to do myself. At this time, I felt that Chris would like me and stick to me in a unified arrangement, but I didn’t expect that everything was not like this. She really liked me according to her own will. Alas, does this call me so good?
When my mind was extremely confused, handsome interrupted my thinking and said, "Go ahead, if you see the queen ant, give her this ring as a little confession." Then handsome gave me another ring, and I took it and looked at the’ peace ring’ to introduce the peace certificate and limit the resurrection!
After reading it, I don’t know what it means to express my thoughts. That is to say, even if you die, you don’t have to leave the dead place and wait for someone else to resurrect you, so you can’t be degraded. Two pieces of four-level equipment in a row make me almost want to kill the handsome ants in front of me and see what else is good in those four boxes, but of course it’s impossible. I am extremely skeptical that this so-called "delusional" abandoned person is still the top BOSS outside.
I have been out of Acura’s Secret Cave in my consciousness. Looking at this strange place outside, I really don’t quite believe what I see inside, but I finally got the sacred bracelet. Think about it. The sacred bracelet and the The Hunger ring are almost the same level and four levels of equipment. I really doubt that reincarnation is really so difficult to do.
I found me as soon as I came out of jathyapple, and I don’t blame her for running away when she got cold feet, and I told her to run away.
I sent a private chat to’ It’s too hard to really love you’ and told him that I got it. As soon as I sent it, I received his reply. Everyone made an appointment to meet the’ Friendship Statue’ at the north gate of the capital.
One time [seeing off], jathyapple and I went to the capital statue and waited for’ It’s too hard to really love you’. I remembered the strange performance in jathyapple cave and asked, "jathyapple, you …"
"What’s the matter with elegant brother?" Jathyapple’s two big eyes looked at me so clearly that I couldn’t ask at first sight.
"Nothing didn’t scare you just now, did it?"
"well! Nothing! "
I touched her head for the second time as if I were used to it. It felt really comfortable. It felt as smooth as touching a cat’s head. It felt great, but it provoked jathyapple to stare.
-(End of volume)-
The fourth part of the entrepreneurial world
In the first chapter? Encounter?
In the first chapter? Encounter?
It’s too hard to really love you’ soon arrived. He was a relatively indifferent person and didn’t say much to me. After exchanging things, he said, "Thank you! Have a chance to close again "and left.
I see that there is a handshake place in the half-moon silver-white ring weapon ring of The Hunger ring in my hand, and the blade can be folded and disassembled to form a circular ring, and the The Hunger ring is a pair, not a pair. By combining the two parts and rotating the ring together, a The Hunger bow forms a bow with the same attack power as the The Hunger ring. This is even higher than the attack power of my woven angel bow.
The original curved sharp edge of a pair of The Hunger rings connected head to tail to start the deformation button will become a straight long stick, and the original handshake place will be combined together, and then a shield will be removed to install the long stick The Hunger halberd.
Although it’s complicated to assemble, it’s all a trinity weapon. Put away the The Hunger ring for the time being because I can’t make it five attributes at present, but fortunately, I have always recognized that there is no attribute base that has not been added or the base value is 5, so I have to increase it by three or five levels before I can install it.
I’ve been in the game for more than a day when I calculate, but it seems as if it’s been years since I touched too many things at one time, and my head still can’t digest it, so I said goodbye to jathyapple. Of course, I touched jathyapple’s hair for the third time before I left, and I sent three private messages to Disease Method, Dark Fire and Chris.

Grandpa came straight to the point and told me about Chu. "After Fei Peng’s death, the post of general manager of Chu’s ship was held. I hope you can take this position."

I couldn’t help being stuck.
I never thought grandpa’s first sentence was this …
But can I win?
That’s the general manager of Chu’s ship, who has to bear the livelihood and future of thousands of employees.
Although I followed up the lawsuit some time ago and had a certain understanding of Chu’s ship, I did the main thing or Ye Wen did it.
There is a qualitative difference between the two.
The general manager needs to create profit and value, to steer the whole company, and to bear many responsibilities …
Grandpa looked at me and said, "I know it’s better to let you rest now that children are getting older and older … but I can’t find anyone …" He sighed, "When I started this matter with Ayuan, Ayuan was against him. I hope you can have a good rest at home and take care of yourself and your children."
I think that Ye Xiangyuan did express such a meaning when he was video-chatting with him last night, and my heart was a little warm and moved.
Grandpa wry smile way "he rarely and I stubborn once, I really know it’s too difficult for you … but I thought for a night and decided to talk to you … I don’t want you to promise, I hope you can think about it."
Seeing grandpa talking to me in such a tone, I couldn’t wait to promise him at once.
I have always been in good health, and the baby is getting healthier and healthier. This is not a problem.
The main reason is that I have no experience. I’m afraid I can’t afford my grandpa’s letter …
Grandpa seemed to see my doubts, "Without anyone to help you, I will borrow a little news from Ayuan. My main consideration is that it is reasonable for you to hold a 10% stake in Chu’s Shipping Company as the general manager, and I am not afraid that everyone will not believe it."
I see
It is true that when Ye Xiangyuan signed an agreement, he wrote to me that 10% of Chu’s Huaxia branch is all branches, including Chu’s ship.
I suddenly realized how much Ye Xiangyuan had given me.
Chushi Huaxia Industry is not just a shipping company. How much is a ten percent stake …
Although I gave it to Ye Xiangyuan for help, I didn’t go to see the dividend, but now there must be a lot of money.
I was shocked and sighed in my heart
Ye Xiangyuan gave me far more than I expected.
I’m more willing to help grandpa when I think that Chu’s boat is also my industry
Besides, grandpa is in poor health. After Chu Feipeng died, grandpa couldn’t find the right person to pick him up, and he would definitely array himself … During this period, I often saw him handling documents in his room …
But I still have concerns.
I know for myself that if I were to teach children, I would, but employees are not students …
So I didn’t immediately agree, but said, "Grandpa, can I think about it?"
Grandpa didn’t force me
He said warmly, "There is no burden. You can talk to me if you have any concerns. I will continue to talk about him … in his heart, you can win this position. If you are not pregnant, I think he should agree."
Does Ye Xiangyuan recognize my ability like this?
I can’t help wondering.
Grandpa smiled and said, "You are far better than you want, otherwise I won’t give you the company. You know that the company is not playing with tickets, and it has to be handed over to the right people."
The more I stare blankly, the more I’m an ordinary girl, and I’m not born too high, and I don’t have that broad knowledge and experience …
Grandpa said, "You are very kind and good-tempered, but you are not a weak character. Yesterday, your performance surprised me. You are very calm and fearless … ordinary people can’t be as good as you … You are very suitable for management."
Listen, grandpa praised me like this, and I couldn’t help blushing
This exaggerates my physical advantages, but I am still very happy to get grandpa’s approval, which makes me feel that I may not be so bad, at least I have more qualifications to be around Ye Xiangyuan.
I hesitate to ask again and decide to ask Ye Xiangyuan’s opinion.
I video with him again in the evening to analyze my thoughts to him.
After listening, he was silent for a long time before judo. "If you want to try, try it and I will support you."
My eyes swelled inexplicably for a long time before I choked, "I won’t try to be brave. Don’t worry, I know that children are the most important."
He smiled gently "good"
I have tears in my eyes, but I think I should be laughing happily.
Of course, I am not confident with him. If I can prove myself more qualified to stand by him through this incident, I am very willing.
Section 233
It was the next day before I told my grandfather that I had decided to find Chen Shu.
At the end of the first trial, Chen Shu said that he wanted to talk to me.
I also wanted to see him, but I was too busy to remember Chu Feipeng afterwards.
I didn’t expect him to find it.
On the contrary, it made me wary. According to reason, it was the winner. He didn’t pay any attention to me, but even worse, he took the initiative to come.
Chapter 255 One day I will divorce Ye Er Shao.
I thought about it and asked him to come in.
Then I asked the servant if he had seen Miss Gu.
I didn’t see her when I came out of the room. I thought I wanted to see Chen Shu now, and I was afraid that she would think more and tell her easily.
The servant said that she went back to her room to rest, while Gu Changning took people out.
I can’t help smiling bitterly.
I was concerned about being accused by their brothers and sisters before, and I was conscious of them.
See Chen Shu in my room
As soon as he came in, he smiled and said, "I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, but you haven’t contacted me so that I can find the door myself."
spa会所Yang Fei and bodyguards are behind me, but I’m not afraid of his tricks.
But I didn’t expect him to say such ambiguous words as soon as he opened his mouth, which made me feel uncomfortable.
I frowned and said bluntly, "Mr. Chen, please sit down. I don’t know what you want to see me about?"
Chen Shu smiled and looked at me naturally. "I just want to meet you."
I sneer at "if Chen doesn’t respect me, I don’t think we need to talk about it." I turn to Yang Fei to "see Fujian."
Chen Shu smiled naively with a wave. "Okay, let me get down to business. I’m here today to tell you that I can let Chu go, but I have one condition."
I paused and immediately motioned for Yang Fei to stop.
Sure enough, finding a door must be something big.
Even after winning the first trial, he was willing to make a deal with me and didn’t know what he really wanted.
He wanted to trade Ye Sanye for Ye Sanye, but Ye Sanye died.

I looked out the window and stepped back. The street lamp kept thinking about Mrs. Li’s words.

She asked me to ask my dad, but how can I ask?
Besides, I don’t want to hurt my mother …
Thinking of this, I feel that Mrs. Li is really vicious. Is she trying to destroy my parents?
Then what should I do?
My parents have always had a good relationship, and they don’t look like a couple who are separated from each other. I don’t believe my father will cheat.
But … Li Yuyan and I are really similar …
My head is about to explode, and I didn’t speak by the glass window
I don’t know how long it took before the car stopped
The car door was opened by Ye Wen, and the cold wind blew in from the outside, so I couldn’t help shivering.
Ye Wen smiled and said, "Ding Jie, get in there and someone is waiting for you."
I took it for granted that he said it was his sister-in-law and grandfather who couldn’t help laughing and asked him, "Aren’t you going in?"
He is half a leaf, and his family usually stays here.
Ye Wen shook his head in a good mood. "No, I’ll come back early in the morning."
I don’t know why he was so happy, but his happiness infected me, so I smiled and said goodbye to him.
Grandpa and sister-in-law entered the hall, and they all
Xiaojin jumped at me happily. Of course, he didn’t dare to jump on me and stop when he was a step away from me. Instead, he took my hand and called me "Aunt, you can come back. We have been waiting for you for a long time ~"
I quickly apologized to him.
I have spoken to my eldest sister-in-law about meeting Mrs. Li, asking them not to wait for me to come back for dinner, or they will be hungry.
Grandpa smiled and said, "Ignore him. He wants you to play outside with him when he sees the snow."
Sister-in-law also said, "It’s cold outside. Don’t go out. I’ve cooked soup for you. Have a drink and go to rest."
Xiaojin didn’t get angry when grandpa and sister-in-law said this. She took my hand and told me that kindergarten was going to have a holiday.
Grandpa and sister-in-law listened with a smile.
I don’t know if it’s my illusion, but I can feel that they are in a good mood and laugh all the time.
Is it because of the first snow?
品茶论坛However, this warm scene has made my mood better, and I am warm when I drink hot soup.
Sister-in-law urged me to have a rest after drinking soup.
I’m really tired, too. I said good night to them and went back to my room.
Pushing open the door, I froze when I turned on the light and turned around.
There is a man sitting on the sofa opposite.
Someone I miss so much.
I was so stunned that I forgot to walk at the door.
Ye Xiangyuan’s lip angle slightly tilted and waved at me.
I walked towards him involuntarily.
He held my hand gently, and with a little force, I was pulled by him and sat by his side.
I stared at him quietly.
He looks a little darker to make his original handsome facial features more lines and elegance.
Maybe I was so fascinated that I didn’t recover until he called me.
The radian of his lips widened and he smiled slightly. "Baby doesn’t know me?"
Hoarse and gentle voice is a familiar and fascinate sound to me.
I mumbled something, but my mind wandered and I forgot how to answer him.
This really surprised me.
I didn’t expect him to suddenly appear beside me.
He came back!
Chapter 26 Can you go to Whitehead?
No wonder Ye Wen smiles.
Grandpa and sister-in-law are also very happy.
Even Xiao Jin is cheerful.
Are they trying to surprise me by keeping it from me?
I held my head up and silently looked at this worried man.
He has been apart for more than two months, because I have been suppressing my thoughts about him, which is normal, and I still don’t think so.
Now that I see him, I know how much I miss him.

Meixi hesitated. Can she really bet on her happiness for the rest of her life? Can she really afford to gamble?

"Meixi, we are all adults now. We should be responsible for our own lives. Marriage is not a child’s play. You must think about it. Once you get married, some things will not change you." Liu Yiwen put his hand on Meixi’s hand and said.
Meixi retracted her hand like a blow.
"Let me think about it." Meixi nervously picked up her bag and walked out of the cafe.
Liu Yiwen looked at Meixi’s distant back and lost in thought. He hoped that his words would make Meixi love more than one lover and Wei Xi more than one.
Meixi touched her hot cheek with one hand and opened the car door with the other. She kept the tone to a minimum. She felt that it was time to let herself get hot and calm down. What did Liu Yiwen just do represent? This made Meixi puzzled, but one thing was that after talking with Wei Xi just now, Meixi felt that she really should consider it carefully and could not compromise at will.
Chapter 10 Fight to the end ()
"Liu Dage bad" Liu Yiwen just ready to leave Wei Haochen from the urgent words.
"What’s the matter?" Liu Yiwen hurriedly asked.
"My mom, they are moving too fast. I found out that they have already started planning the details of the wedding. What should I do?" Wei Haochen said anxiously.
"How did this happen?" Liu Yiwen, who has always been calm, also panicked at this time
"The two companies want to jointly develop a gasoline field, which involves a lot of money. They want to marry to show their sincerity," Wei Haochen said with some disdain
"I just talked to Meixi, and she seems to have been told by me. I will be able to finish talking about her when I want to give me some more."
"There is no time. I just saw that Lao Wang has asked someone to design an invitation. If the invitation is sent out, even Mei Xi’s opposition will be gone." Wei Haochen shouted in a hurry
"Don’t worry, we need to be calm now." Liu Yiwen’s brain is running rapidly.
"There’s no way out." Wei Haochen said with some frustration.
"We have to stop the invitation from coming, just like you said that if the invitation is sent, there is no room for change," Liu Yiwen said with a frown.
"Well, I hope Sister Meixi can come to their senses." Wei Haochen prayed.
Meixi walked into the house in a trance, and as soon as she entered the door, she saw the mountain sitting on the sofa and didn’t know what to look at.
"Dad, I’m home."
"Yo, my baby girl’s back. Come sit here with dad." The mountain waved happily.
桑拿"Dad, I have something to tell you," said Meixi with courage.
"You come and have a look at this first." Shan handed the invitation in his hand to Meixi.
"Dad, this is" Meixi looked at the invitation and asked him to take a photo with Wei Xi.
"Ah, this is urgent when synthesizing. The design company will synthesize a wedding photo first, and sometimes you and Hee will make up the photo after the invitation is sent out in a few days."
Meixi rubbed her hand at the photo, and the two of them were close and full of tenderness.
"If only this were true."
Meixi was puzzled by this composite photo, but Liu Yiwen’s words kept ringing in her ears in the afternoon.
"Dad, I"
"So a look at you two is really a perfect match." Shan interrupted Meixi and took the invitation and studied it carefully.
"It’s a double happiness in our family now. Your marriage is settled. It’s natural for us to cooperate with Tianhe Science. With the support of Heaven Science, our development project can finally be carried out." Shan said happily.
"Congratulations to the chairman," Liu Mi came in from outside with a stack of papers in his hand.
"There you are." The mountain looked up.
"This time, you can rest assured that you are running around with money. This time, with the support of Haotian, our company will surely turn the corner."
"Dad, what happened to our company?" Meixi asked in a hurry.
"It’s all right now. It’s all over," said Shan with a wave.
"How can you keep such a big thing from me?" Mei Xi’s nose was sour, and he always felt sad about Wei Xi’s things. He didn’t care about the mountain now. Look carefully for a few days, but the mountain has aged a lot. Mei Xi realized that the mountain, which has always been strong, has reached the age of being unable to help things.

I’m afraid she didn’t expect me to say this, and suddenly she was even more angry, panting.

I don’t have so much sympathy. "I haven’t forgotten what your precious gold-encrusted son did to me, Mrs. Fool, and a few days ago, he threatened to expose my photo if I didn’t help him get a balanced contract. But after three years of domestic violence, he always beat me and scolded me for doing so much hard. Is this still the case? Why do I have to defend you as a scum after what I’ve done? Am I sick? Or are you living a dream? "
"Ink gorgeous you this …"
Section 61
"Bitch woman?" I grabbed her words and sneered. "Yes, I was a bitch and I was tortured by you for three years."
I’m a bitch and I’ve been cheated by their partnership for so long.
No1 I’m proud that I can’t give you Chapter 33 Subtle care
I have always felt that I am a sentimental and soft-hearted person. I didn’t expect that in the face of Qingyang, I was able to harden my heart and not respond at all, even thinking about how to fall into the trap.
After all, being at home is in Qingyang and being at enmity with me. I think that my current state of mind and practice is not in line with a virgin bitch of Mary Su, and I am very pleased at the moment.
It’s as ugly as the sound keeps coming into your ears.
I just muted my phone and threw it away. She couldn’t hear me and I couldn’t hear her.
Quite good!
I turned my head only to see that Wei Qingkui was looking at me with his back against the door and his hands in his trouser pockets.
His eyes are not strange at all, full of fire and passion.
I thought about how much he listened to when I talked to Qi Linxi just now. A little red at the moment
He smiled and walked up to me, stretched out his hand and put his arm around my waist gently. I just looked up in front of him and enlarged my face, and gently printed my lips.
A dragonfly kisses a little water to calm the heart, but the lake is in chaos
I panicked and hurriedly bowed my head to look at his eyes.
I am secretly wary that every time I get along with him alone, he will come to do such intimate and provocative things to me, which makes me feel worse.
按摩  title=I leaned against his chest and asked, "Is the meeting over?"
There were some people on my head. He was silent for a while and replied, "Well, just after the meeting, Zhang Xiaomeng said you came to see me."
He released me and dragged me to sit on the sofa.
This time, he didn’t hold them at a distance, and I finally felt better.
I don’t want to come to him either. They are tied together and he helped Qingyang.
Although I promised to be with him, I still rejected him from beginning to end after thinking about myself for so long, and I felt a little sorry in my heart.
I feel more and more sorry at the thought of looking at his handsome and cold face.
"You will find a reason to divorce him every day, and he will definitely not want to."
"If we know that …" I’m a little remained.
Wei Qing said with one hand on his forehead, "This is a quotation."
Lead a divorce!
Who will be drawn out? Mo Shuhua or Liu Yue?
Isn’t it certain that both of them have been spread out?
Although I am confused, I also know these things. I think there is nothing more.
I didn’t know this from him because he didn’t hide it.
It turns out that he has been sending people to monitor Qingyang, and they have also found a detective agency to investigate and find Qingyang, which is all the mistakes of the Yu regiment.
From his mouth, I also know that I know that after Yu Qingyang and Mo Shuhua, Mo Shuhua moved into the rain view villa.
I don’t have anywhere to live in that rain view villa. I know. After all, I saw it with my own eyes when I went back that day.
Wei Qingkui said that I really said nothing new before me.
In the long run, there are some weak and weary through illness. The Yushi group will even turn over the water for this matter because of the explosion outside.
It’s not unusual for me to be sleepy, but it’s even more embarrassing to push open a door in his office before I realized there was a lounge inside.
The lounge is spacious, and a soft big bed with beige sheets makes me more sleepy.
The lying guard gently tucked me in the quilt corner, then opened the ventilation window, which was very intimate, and then pulled the black curtain. Suddenly, the room was dark and suitable for sleeping.
Before he went out, he said, "I’ll call you before dinner."
I was in a trance after a while.
In a daze, my heart seems to have caught something, but I can’t catch it. I always feel that my heart is not practical.

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.