What are you fucking telling me now? ! Bunch of idiots! Whether we make this shit basin or not, we will fucking buckle our heads in the end! Tophro got up and waved his arms and scolded him.

We can hold a press conference, we can tell them the truth … Another assistant, Pixiteli, also said.
Toflo turned to look at him, and his eyes made Pitry feel very uncomfortable. He couldn’t help but touch his neck as if to make sure his head was still on his neck …
You his mama is also a fool! A press conference? Don’t you fucking know how the media treats us? ! If you look for them, what the fuck did we do at the beginning?
In anger, Toflo slammed the glasses in his front hand onto the table, and the legs of the glasses were bent …
Toflo doesn’t care about his glasses. Actually, if breaking a pair of eyes at this time can turn back the clock, he won’t mind breaking tens of thousands of glasses and then rushing to Genoa airport to stop this from happening …
And I’m sure it’s our fucking doing! This is our fucking style! These bastards! Do things on impulse! What can they do except be impulsive? ! Do you have any thoughts in your head? ! What the fuck time is this to go out and play this game with others? You China people will be afraid of this? ! What can I do to make you endure? Let you endure? Before the Florence competition, you had to burn slogans and flags in front of those media. What can I do to stop you? Think about it, idiots!
He pointed to his temple.
He also kept scold those fools who have done more harm than good.
He can be heard outside the door to stop the grassroots managers from parking outside their boss, and everyone looks at each other with a mouthful of idiot and a mouthful of idiot
桑拿They seem to smell something bad from it …
Some people are not so conscious and ask, Didn’t they just attack that yellowskinned pig? Why is the general so angry?
The people around him also looked blank and didn’t know why their general would be so angry.
Isn’t it just attacking a yellowskinned pig?
We didn’t stab people with knives before the uncivilized faction, so we shouldn’t be so angry.
When something goes wrong, isn’t it all settled in the end?
It’s no wonder that they can be grassroots management …
What a bunch of idiots! I knew I should have known … that China man said yes, you are all fucking idiots!
After scolding this sentence, Tophro finally came out of hysteria.
He sat down in despair.
I should have known … He muttered.
Congressman Alberto has always been the strong backing of the incorrigible, because they can get so much political funds.
But now that he has abandoned them, you can imagine how serious this matter is.
The war is over, guys … He continued in a low hoarse voice. It’s over …
The next day, the police in Rome, Italy, raided the headquarters office of the nonindoctrinated faction near the Osen Racing on the outskirts of Rome.
Toflo, the incorrigible style, was taken away, and several boxes of various documents were taken away.
He was taken away with two assistants, several middle managers in the office at that time.
At the same time, Lazio’s away game against Sampdoria began.
Chapter one hundred and ninetyfive Affected
A lot happened before the Sampdoria game.
Each of these things is sensational news when it is taken out alone.
As a result, winning always happens one after another.
Generally speaking, issuing death threats does not mean that you really want to die.
It’s just a means of intimidation
The parties will take precautions, but they also think that this kind of precaution is a deterrent, which may not really be possible.
However, these hidden rules are as ineffective as the routine.
I cann’t believe a gangster really attacked him!
This has shaken the whole European football!
It’s really rare for a football hooligan to attack the head coach …
Although the whole European football has condemned and criticized this barbaric criminal March,
But this can’t change what has happened.
Changsheng was almost stabbed, and in front of other players.
The impact on other players is enormous.