Can you excuse me? Although it is the first time to meet, there is someone I want you to meet, no, my sister to be exact.

Can you excuse me? Although it is the first time to meet, there is someone I want you to meet, no, my sister to be exact.
I refuse
He said he refused.
Heard a small talk, and then Natsume looked over Takamiya Shinji’s shoulder and saw the situation outside the game hall.
A group of deputy armed soldiers rushed towards the Ministry, holding a gun similar to a gun. They saw Natsume together, and then
That’s him!
Alas alas? ! ? !”
Natsume escaped after escaping from Takamiya Shinji.
After coming here for half a month, the strategy has failed in reality, but the threedimensional beautiful girl has collected one hundred, and besides, she has made great achievements.
I tried to fall in love with myself but failed completely. Therefore, in the face of unexpected situations, Natsume didn’t want to be caught as soon as possible.
I don’t know what they want, and I don’t know what they want. Since Takamiya Shinji is here, he certainly doesn’t need to seal any elves himself.
Howeveris this really the case?
Giving up thinking, accompanied by the girl screaming, Natsume broke into the woman to wash her hands and locked it away.
There are currently two high school students in this room. When they see Natsume, they are too scared to scream.
Pushing the only partition, she saw that she was playing with the hair record, and she had no intention of going to the toilet at all.
Flash people! Record
Take the recorder and walk to the women’s hand washing window. If you want to get out of here, you can escape through the back door.
When I came to Fang, I found that it was two meters away from the window.
Even if a woman washes her hands, she can still play from the department
record! Go to my shoulder and jump out of the window.
alas? That will be seen by teacher Natsume at the bottom of the big skirt!
Who was riding on my head to sleep last night!
Let the record hit the window, and Natsume jumped up and jumped out.
No suspicious people were seen around. After confirmation, Natsume pulled the record and ran to the two people’s temporary apartment.
[Found it! Code name’ Baimei Chop’]
Wow, did they say it was Natsume?
Waste, nonsense!
A group of people dressed as officers rushed over, and Natsume saw the car in front of him.
If you want to go.
[launch! 】
Have no ability, in the face of sudden attack, Natsume will record as a shield.
品茶论坛But this girl moved more quickly than Natsume, and when she was held by Natsume in her arms, her feet tied Natsume’s thighs and they fell to the ground together.