"Why stay?" When Lan Jingyi’s spaced out, her waist was already tight. Jiang Junyue hugged her and walked towards the small corner gate of the community. "Lan Jingyi, don’t you think it’s a little reserved for you to run to my place every day?"

Chapter 59 Overbearing proposal
Leave him, leave Jiang Junyue, and her heart hurts so much when she decides to leave him.
If she doesn’t want to leave again, she must leave. This is her destiny with him. If she can’t resist this fate, she can sail along with it. With the water, the waves will flow by, and no matter where they flow, there will be no room for turning around.
"Why stay?" When Lan Jingyi’s spaced out, her waist was already tight. Jiang Junyue hugged her and walked towards the small corner gate of the community. "Lan Jingyi, don’t you think it’s a little reserved for you to run to my place every day?"
"Huh?" Lan Jingyi’s brain finally began to luck, and Jiang Junyue’s words made her unconsciously start to blush, as if she would not be reserved after he went in.
"Why don’t we make it more accurate so that you can go in and out of my apartment generously?" Jiang Junyue said with narrowed eyes and generous obedience.
"Jiang Junyue, are you going to propose to me?" Her eyes welled up, and she suddenly felt ridiculous. When she decided to leave him, he actually proposed to her. It seemed that he had never wanted to marry her before, but all he wanted to be with her was to be his woman, she knew.
"Why don’t you want to?" He stopped to bully and grabbed her hand, and then magically conjured a delicate red box with his other hand. He opened it and took out the ring in the box and moved it to her finger sleeve. It was not gentle at all, on the contrary, it was a little rude, but his eyes were serious and focused.
The ring refers to the moment when her fingers quiver, her body quiver and her apex quiver.
The left-hand name means that no waves have been settled by Jiang Junyue, and an engagement ring is more than that she has not promised.
The eyes are more wet, and Lan Jingyi suddenly found out that at the moment when he put a ring on her, she was not disgusted at all, and she didn’t think of Jane’s separation at all.
The ring is the most beautiful little thing in every woman’s life journey. It represents extraordinary significance, which means that a heart has a place to belong and a place to rely on.
"All right, from now on, you can be generous enough to follow me in and out of my small apartment. Hey, hey, don’t be in a daze. Let’s go." Jiang Junyue pinched her little nose and boasted that she walked to the small apartment.
Lan Jingyi suddenly became stupid. Did he propose like this?
He is definitely the former ancients, and later generations are too overbearing.
From the beginning to the end, he played a solo, and she never promised him a word.
But when he took her hand and walked towards the small apartment, her lips moved and moved, but she couldn’t say a word of opposition.
My hands are wet, and I feel that the wind blows and blows, and a ripple in the lake in her heart slowly spreads for a long time without dispersion.
Is this love?
This is a completely different feeling that Jane has brought to her.
That kind of heart rate normal form
The deer in his heart kept bumping into her hand and holding it. His big hand suddenly said softly, "Tilt …"
"Huh?" He dragged her into the ladder and reached her forehead hoarsely.
"Do you really want to marry me?"
"…" He didn’t say anything, but she kept rubbing her forehead and rubbing it gently.
"Let me promise you, but I have one condition."
When the gas is thin, even Lan Jingyi feels a little suffocated.
Jiang Junyue took a thin lip and immediately smiled. "Go ahead, I’m listening."
"Give me back that key chain and I’ll promise you."
"Lost" Jiang Junyue face a heavy.
"If you don’t give it to me, I won’t promise." Lan Jingyi turned to one side with a pout and turned his gentle rubbing bar away.
"What do you want that for? Why are you still thinking about that Jane is not separated? "
"I’ll end it myself. What’s the matter with you?"
"I give it to you and you end it with him completely?"
Lan Jingyi blinked and didn’t say anything, but her heart ached and hurt. Jiang LaCrosse’s eyes flashed and the light was so bright that she was fascinated.
She found that she really loved him.
She will be upset by his every tiny expression and movement.
That’s Jane Fei-li, who has never given her a feeling.
"All right, come with me." A beautiful ring just opened the door of the staircase. He took her by the hand and walked out of the staircase and went straight to the door of the small apartment before pressing the password. Lan Jingyi immediately said, "I’ll come." This door may be the last time she opened it herself. Never again.
The purpose of opening the door is to be familiar with everything
As soon as Jiang Junyue entered the door, he went straight to the bedroom. "Hey, what are you doing?" Lan Jingyi is confused. This man always surprises her, which makes her feel moved every time.
However, when she ran after him, the man suddenly got an extra key chain as if by magic. Isn’t that the one Jane gave her?
Sure enough, the root is not lost.
桑拿网  title=Lan Jingyi stretched out his hand and grabbed the "bad guy, you lied to me", and his fist rained down on him. He didn’t hide from her, so they lay down on the big bed together …
His eyes and eyebrows are full of his beautiful face. In Lan Jingyi’s mind, he has known each other until now, and the scenes are like rewinding, which is beautiful and romantic.
If this is his last night, then …
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
"Dump …" Shu Yi gently called her to prefer to call him dump. That was her name when they first met. I really don’t know who gave him such a nickname, but she liked it very much.
"Well …" Jiang Junyue hum a very enjoy LanJingYi calls this time.
Section 29
Love him?
Seems to be true love
She likes that feeling so much that she can’t sleep well when she meets him, and she thinks of his handsome face from time to time.
"Pour … pour …" Whispering deeply, I want to impress him with everything, and he will never go away.
"Goblins …"
Maybe she wants to make everything as beautiful as possible.
That will be a most beautiful memory.
Suddenly, my eyes returned to this moment, and the wet tears flowed along the corner of my eyes to my cheeks, and then along my cheeks to the salty taste of my lips. Only then did she realize that she was distracted.
It seems that Jiang Junyue also felt the question "What’s the matter?" Smelling the faint salty taste of her lips, it was the smell of lacrimal glands. He knew that his heart could not help but stagnate.
Lan Jingyi didn’t want him to know everything or let him hate her generation after a day. Maybe he should have met her at first. If he hadn’t met her then, he wouldn’t have suffered at the moment. He was destined to be two people who didn’t belong to the same world.
Jiang Junyue really felt that it was his own fault and couldn’t help saying, "Don’t be afraid."
"Ah …" She smiled gently, but this night was like a beautiful epiphyllum, but it was gorgeous.
After the wind raised the window screen, she gently fell on her body. After this night, she still had to go back to loneliness. That was her fate, and she could not escape.
Who wrote love songs?
I think I love you.
But do you love me?
However, whether he loves her or not, whether she loves him or not is doomed that she will leave him.