"There is now estimated to be asleep" Meixi pointed to the big bed in the dark and said.

Gu Xiaomi followed suit and walked to Wei Xi’s bedside. Through the curtains, he saw Wei Xizheng falling asleep and his hand was injected with intravenous drip. Gu Xiaomi looked up at the infusion tube.
"This is a nutrient solution. Xi hasn’t eaten for several days. We were afraid that he would be hungry, so he injected him with nutritional medicine." Meixi walked beside Gu Xiaomi and said.
"You two stay for a while. I’ll wait outside." Said Meixi and walked out of the room.
Meixi sat beside Liu Yiwen silently.
"Why don’t you answer my words?" Liu Yiwen asked visually ahead.
"I don’t know how to face you" Meixi bowed her head and said.
"What’s to accept this marriage that is wrong?" Although Liu Yiwen lowered his voice, he could still hear the anger in his voice.
Mei Xi mo bu
"I understand what I said that day, but now it seems that although you understand it, you are still unwilling to accept it, right?" Liu Yiwen said, staring at Meixi with dribbling eyes.
"Don’t push me, I have my difficulties." Meixi don’t let Liu Yiwen see the tears in her eyes.
"Well, I won’t force you. I hope you don’t regret making your own decision." Liu Yiwen said with frustration.
"I don’t know if hee woke up. I really hope they can meet." Meixi said silently.
Gu Xiaomi gently stroked Wei Xi’s face on his chest and gently shouted, "Xi, wake up, I am Xiaomi."
See Wei Xi didn’t respond from millet and pulled up Wei Xi hand.
"Hee, please wake up quickly. We are out of time." Gu Xiaomi was in tears.
Looking at it or not, Wei Xigu Xiaomi is a little desperate. Can’t we really see the last side?
Thought of this, Gu Xiaomi was heartbroken and cried at the bedside.
"Xiaomi, is that you?" Wei Xi said with a faint voice touching Gu Xiaomi’s hair.
"It’s my city. It’s great that you’re awake." Gu Xiaomi hurriedly wiped his face with tears and laughed.
"It’s really me, Xiaomi. I didn’t dream, did I? Xiaomi, let me touch your face." Wei Xili stretched out his arm.
Gu Xiaomi took Wei Xi’s hand and gently put his cheek.
"I miss you so much, Xiaomi," Wei Xi said softly with his chapped lips open.
"I miss you, too." Gu Xiaomi held Wei Xi in one hand and stroked his forehead in the other.
"Don’t hurt yourself after Xi promised me, okay?" Gu Xiaomi looked at Wei Xi with gauze tied to her wrist and said lovingly.
"I’m fine." Wei Xi hid his injured wrist in the quilt.
"Why don’t we give up?" Looking at Wei Xixian, Gu Xiaomi really doesn’t want him to suffer any more.
"What do you mean, what are you going to give up? Are you going to give up on me?" Wei Xi was excited to get out of bed, but he didn’t eat for several days. How could he have the strength to fall back into bed as soon as he got up?
"Xi you don’t get excited" Gu Xiaomi hurriedly hugged Wei Xi.
"How can I give up on you? Please teach me." Wei Xili shouted.
品茶"I can’t forget you unless you rip my heart out and pick my head." Wei Xi stared at Gu Xiaomi with red eyes.
"hee, but we have no other way now. I can’t watch you suffer here." Gu Xiaomi loves to shed tears.
"I’m telling you, I’m fine. I’ll fight to the end. Unless they promise, they’ll get my body," Wei Xi said decisively
"I’m afraid you’ll give up. Although we can’t be together, it’s enough for us to love each other in our hearts."
"No, I not only have you in my heart, but also have you." Wei Xili clenched Gu Xiaomi’s hand.
"Xi" gu Xiaomi cried and shouted.
"Xiaomi, I have a necklace here to help me pick it." Wei Xi pointed to his neck.
Gu Xiaomi gently picked the necklace and put it in Wei Xi’s hand.
Wei Xi picked up the necklace and brought the stud ring to wear the finger of Gu Xiaomi.
Chapter 15 You)
"Xi this" Gu Xiaomi looked at the finger diamond ring with tears in her eyes.
"This is the first time I bought it at the airport when I left the sea. I thought at that time that I would definitely wear it on your hand. Do you think it is worn?" Wei Xi held Gu Xiaomi’s hand and smiled happily.
"But Xi"
"Don’t say anything. If you have faith, anything can be achieved. You are my only bride." Wei Xi raised her body and gently kissed Gu Xiaomi’s eyebrows
"hee, I’m afraid I’ll never see you again." gu Xiaomi was relieved to cry these days.
"Lovely, I know I must have scared you this time. Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m still alive. We can be together. Do you believe me?" Wei Xi held out his broad palm and wiped tears from Xiaomi’s face.
"Well" Gu Xiaomi nodded hard.