When we chatted, Xiao Jin just sat there and dismantled the model.

He is a boy, and I don’t want him to listen to these grievances.
However, when he was playing with the model, he was always so absorbed that he probably didn’t hear what we said, so I didn’t send him away.
After Xu Xin and I were silent for a while, Xu Xin suddenly asked me, "Is Ye Ershao good to you?"
I am slightly stunned.
Good or bad?
I smiled and nodded "fine"
Xu Xin stared at me and said nothing.
I was silent for a moment and whispered, "He is really good to me."
He gave it to me. He was raised by Chu’s son …
Although he has hurt me, it can’t be denied that he is good to me.
Those injuries are almost caused by objective reasons, and I can’t blame them if I want to.
Only one thing.
He doesn’t know whether he is himself or not.
Xu Xin looked at me for a long time and said, "I won’t advise you if you know that you are drinking water well." She scolded me, "Otherwise I will be troubled by Ye Er Shao."
I couldn’t help laughing.
Before, she should have tried to persuade me, but she was interrupted by Ye Xiangyuan. Then Ye Xiangyuan also threw bait and said that she would arrange Gu Changning to take charge of her parents’ case, and she was completely gone.
After I laughed, I comforted her and said, "You don’t worry about your family. He will look after you and take care of them anyway."
Xu heart also smiled well.
I found that she was much more calm than me.
Whether she left Gu Changning decisively in those days or just revealed Gu Changyu without flinching, or she was magnanimous to bear Gu Changning’s affection at this moment.
She is not shy at all, and she knows exactly what she wants.
I admire her very much
I was thinking that I suddenly felt something flying towards the pavilion.
My intuition is that the consciousness of dangerous things threw Xu Xin and Xiao Jin to the ground.
Then there was a loud noise and the corner of the stone table was cracked.
Small stones hit my back. It hurts a little to wear thick clothes, but I shouldn’t be hurt.
It turned out that a bullet flew in.
Did someone attack?
This hospital is surrounded by high walls and protection, and the latest warning equipment can’t be broken so easily.
I was wondering that a violent explosion suddenly sounded not far away.
It turned out that someone threw a bomb from outside the wall!
I don’t want to protect Xu Xin and Xiao Jin from death.
All kinds of debris splash in the sky.
I was hit by a piece of debris in my ankle, which seems to be bleeding.
But I didn’t care to check it out. I was worried that the bomb would blow up the high wall. Would an enemy come in?
Good side bodyguards immediately action Yuan Xi and Ye Wen also catch up.
The bodyguard picked us up and sent us back to the hall immediately.
Yuan Xi may see that I am worried about the low road, "Someone wants to break in, but it doesn’t matter. The fence is bulletproof and explosion-proof. Those people are blocked outside and can’t get in temporarily."
I was relieved to see the ankle injury.
A small crack is not serious, and there is not much blood flow.
桑拿网Section 339
I am relieved.
Xu Xin stared at my wound and mumbled something at the corners of her mouth. "Thank you …"
I smiled and shook my head.
It’s just consciousness. What’s worse, Xiao Jin, I’m sure I’ll protect him.
Xiaojin snuggled up to my arms and touched my hand anxiously. "Does aunt hurt?"
I pinched his face. "Aunt is fine."
The doctor came and bandaged me soon. The wound was really shallow and there was nothing in it. The doctor said that it was necessary to diminish inflammation and wait for the wound to heal.
I’m especially glad that the explosion place is not too close to us, otherwise the three of us may be running out of luck.
Yuan Xi has gone to deal with those sneak attackers.
But there is no noise outside, and we don’t know what the situation is.
At this time, Ye Xiangyuan and all of them don’t. I’m a little worried. I don’t know if Yuan Xi and Ye Wen can keep it.
Chapter 39 Or Changning Teaching
After thinking about it, I called Ye Wen over and asked, "Is there enough staff now?"
Ye Xiangyuan, they must have brought people when they went out, and they were afraid that there were not enough bodyguards in the villa. If they were attacked, they would be in trouble.