From the time she married Gu Liqing and Jiang Mengyi, she was not pleasing to the eye. At least there was a Gu Cheng who could protect her. Gu Master occasionally said a few words for her. Now Gu Cheng has gone in and Gu Master is ill in bed in case something bad happens again … Gao Zhenning can almost predict that his future life is simply gloomy.

Gu Liqing sneered, "Dad, the court wife is crying here now. Is this to curse him or to cry with joy?"
Jiang Mengyi "…"
Gao Zhenning looked at her injustice with tears on her face. "Li Qing, how can you say that about me? I feel uncomfortable in my heart …"
"If you feel uncomfortable, can you find a way to cry to solve the problem? Your daughter is so capable of leaning against the Han family now. Sometimes she cries here. Why can’t she ask for help? Is your face important or your father’s life important? " Gu liqing aggressive said
Gao Zhenning’s face faded and he dared not tell the truth. He was guilty and knew to cry.
"Yes, Zhenning, I’m going to settle down here this time," Jiang Mengyi also said. "Although you did something wrong five years ago, anyway, Ye Xiao is living a good life now. Would she have met Han Shu if it weren’t for you? Can you get married? Can you live with a wealthy family? What qualifications does she have to accuse you that you are her real mother, but now that so much has happened to you, is her daughter different and from ruin? "
"How to save? This matter is how Han Gan can rescue her! " Gao Zhenning could not help but say
"…" Jiang Mengyi and Gu Liqing looked at each other and then Jiang Mengyi slapped the table. "I said, who can put the case before the trial for such a big event … This Ye Xiao is really heartless and ungrateful. It’s not a thing!"
Gu Liqing hates tooth itch, too. I didn’t expect Han Shan to take Ye Xiao to such a big fight against her father. The case was closed five years ago. It took a lot of energy for him to find out the client’s conviction again, didn’t it?
Gao Zhenning wiped her tears and said, "Now you know why I don’t go looking for her."
Jiang Mengyi frowned and suddenly said, "There is an existing way. Since Ye Xiao refuses to help Zhenning, don’t leave any noodles for her. Just poke things in the newspaper and let the world see what kind of woman Mrs. Han is!" It’s a shame that you have raised her for more than 20 years, instead of repaying her kindness, you even sent her husband to the prison! To this matter was blown out of Korea’s home must also have no face. I see how D city can continue to enjoy the scenery after them. "
"…" Gao Zhenning zheng big eyes in surprise.
The next day, Gao Xiaoxiao’s class didn’t expect to meet Gu Liqing for a long time in the ladder.
She was dressed in a black tunic coat with a long curly hair and a delicate oval face and earlobe on her shoulders. She also wore a diamond earring, which looked gorgeous at first glance.
I was surprised to see Gao Xiaoxiao’s face and picked my eyebrows and said, "Do you work here?"
Gao Xiaoxiao ordered a head and they didn’t talk again.
But when the ladder reached the second floor, the two of them came out together.
Gu Liqing squinted in the corridor and didn’t move. Gao Xiaoxiao walked to the front desk to punch in, and then he walked into the company.
She took out her mobile phone from her bag and dialed Huang Bo’s words "Hello, I am at the door of your company"
In less than 1 minute, Huang Bo came out of the ladder and said with a smile, "How did Li Qing come so early? Go "
Gu Liqing followed him to the office. When he passed the office area, his beautiful eyes swept a circle and he saw Gao Xiaoxiao sitting in a position.
After entering the president’s office, she directly asked, "How long has Ye Xiao worked here?"
"Ye Xiao?" Huang Bo didn’t know Gao Xiaoxiao had such a name.
Gu Liqing said, "That position in the second row near the door."
"You say … Gao Xiaoxiao?" Huang Bo is a fine person. Since Gu met Gao Xiaoxiao in the north and even talked about a relationship, Gu Liqing is naturally the same person.
Gu Li counted and nodded and heard him say, "It hasn’t been long since I came here, and I haven’t passed the trial period. How do you know him?"
Section 26
"Of course I do, and I almost became my little aunt." Gu Liqing didn’t expect Ye Xiao to change her name and surname for something so important. Is this to make a clean break with their family? No wonder I couldn’t find out where she lives and where she works before. It turns out that …
She hooked her lips and had an idea.
I came today to see if there is any way for Huang Bo. Now it seems unnecessary.
She got up directly and said, "It suddenly occurred to me that there was a meeting in the company this afternoon, so I left first."
"…" Huang Bo frown also got up "Li Qing that your father things …"
"Don’t worry about this." Gu Liqing picked up her bag and left like a proud peacock.
喝茶约茶When she passed the corridor, her eyes seemed to have been fixed on Gao Xiaoxiao, but she quickly walked towards the door without saying anything.
"Xiaoxiao ‘er" often smiles when Gu Liqing leaves, slides his chair to Gao Xiaoxiao and whispers, "Did you see that Gu Liqing came and went to Huang Bo’s office just now?"
Gao Xiaoxiao sighed "see"
Somehow, every time I see Gu Liqing, I always feel … uneasy.
"This is not to fall in love with Huang Bo, is it?" Chang Huan Yan picked his eyebrows and asked
"I don’t know." Gao Xiaoxiao was making statistics and was going to do a line survey nearby at noon. After thinking about it, she asked, "Can you do it at Huanyanwu? If not, shall I find someone else to go with me? "
Chang Huanyan touched her belly. "I’ll go with you if it’s okay."
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao asked her weakly. "Did you tell Brother Yu about your pregnancy?"
"Shh" often smiles and raises her index finger to let her keep her voice down.
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
What are the three most loving words in the world?
Gao Xiao Bai Jing An Jiu
Han Wei’s wife
Gao Xiaoxiao, I love you.
Small one is wrong to vote for a monthly ticket!
Everyone …
(Remember to vote for the monthly ticket! )
☆, 215 call the security guard to get out.
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Think about it or not. "Huanyan, what are you going to do?" This is not really want to secretly go to the hospital to do … "
"Shh" is often anxious to be heard by others. "I haven’t decided yet. Let’s put it off like this."
Gao Xiaoxiao opened her mouth and just wanted to persuade her to say a few more words. A cell phone rang. "Just once. I’ll take you to see the wasteland. Laugh freely in the sunny days. Do you know …"
Chang Huan Yan was busy returning to his seat and picked up his mobile phone. It turned out to be Yu’s house.
Generally speaking, it’s usually very important to call Yu’s family. I often pick up "hello" with a happy face and trembling.
Yang Xi’s gentle voice came from the words "Happy face is me"
"Mom, what can I do for you?" Always smiling and nervous. No, she hasn’t shown any clues recently, has she? Yu Yu is so busy every day that she also pays attention to the domestic servants …
"Oh, that’s right. Isn’t it New Year’s Eve in two days? It just happens that the first day is grandma’s eleventh birthday. Remember to tell Yu that you will come home this Saturday and go to the hotel to celebrate grandma’s birthday on Sunday."
"Oh, okay, I know. I’ll tell him not to worry, Mom." Chang Huan Yan was relieved and sure enough, scaring himself was the most terrible thing.