"Call a doctor and a nurse" Lan Jingyi urged Jiang Han. Anyway, she didn’t want Yin Qing to be soft and get into something at this time. They had already taken care of her in their spare time.

"Don’t … don’t … I don’t want a doctor, I don’t want a nurse, I don’t want to see him, let him go away … go away …" Yin Qing’s soft eyes looked at Cheng Qingyang with horror.
Cheng Qingyang stood there with a calm expression. There was an extra cigarette in his hand. "Jiang Han took her out and gave it to Li Tianyan. Soon she will be fine."
"Don’t, I don’t want to see Li Tianyan. I want to wait here for you … you go out …" Yin Qing rushed to Cheng Qingyang with his hands scratching at him, but he dodged away with a flicker. "Crazy five-year life in a madhouse hasn’t cured you, have you? Take away "
So two plainclothes men came in and took away Yin Qing soft "Ah … Ah … I don’t want to leave … he wants to go …" Yin Qing soft incoherent nonsense.
"Is she really crazy?"
"I have lived in a mental hospital for five years." Cheng Qingyang leisurely said that he lit a cigarette and walked into the balcony. If he looked straight into the distance, he would never have that night, but everything happened
Lan Jingyi suddenly remembered the night market when Yin Qing was holding a knife and couldn’t stop killing the dress. The picture was even worse than when she was killing it. At that time, she felt that Yin Qing was wrong and sure enough, she was crazy.
Yin Qingrou was taken away and Lan Jingyi returned to the seaside villa. It was recently renovated, and everything was brand-new. At the sight of her mother coming back, the two little things were excited and ran towards her. Soon, one person hugged Lan Jingyi’s thigh. Behind the two little things, there was a little girl "woof-woof-woof-woof-woof-woof-woof-woof-woof-woof", which was another way for Lan Jingyi to say hello.
"What happened to the lacrosse?"
"Mom is fine." She wants to take a shower and change clothes, and then go back to the hospital to accompany him when she finishes what she should do. I hope he can get out of the intensive care unit soon so that she can be with him all the time.
"Bell … Rinrin …" The bell rang LanQing walked over and picked it up. "Hello … oh looking for Jingyi? Ok, I’ll let her answer the phone. "Lanqing moved the words away from her ear." Yi Yi wants to see you. "
Lan Jingyi picked up Xiao Qinqin as soon as he bent down, and then gave a small strong one to Lan Qing in her arms. This just took over the words "Hello, Sir"
"LaCrosse that child? Where the hell is he? Have you all lied to me? "
"Grandpa, he’s asleep."
"I don’t know when to wake up. Jiang will send someone to preside over the overall situation."
"Blue girl, you come here, you come here quickly." The master sounded anxious. Obviously, Lan Jingyi was very calm and described that the three words "asleep" were very sensitive and seemed to smell something.
"I’ll see you in the past in an hour." Lan Jingyi hung up and kissed her daughter in her arms. "Be good and play with my brother, and go to the mother to take a bath."
At this time, she didn’t want to be seen down and out. When she rushed into the bathroom, when warm water poured over her, her tears finally could not help flowing.
Or there is water to cover her, so she can be so worried and cry.
I don’t know if he will wake up, but the moment Jiang Junyue was pushed out of the operating room, she felt that the sky was falling, but she managed to hold back all her sadness until she couldn’t help it any more at this moment.
Close your eyes and open your eyes. It’s all that man.
God, if she could, she wished she could stop him that night, remembering that he looked handsome when he was wearing a fist, forcing people to look like he was in front of him, but when she opened her eyes, where was that person?
In his hospital
He’s in the intensive care unit
Pour me over, and you will walk through this difficulty with us.
He wiped his tears, wiped his body and changed his clothes. Jiang Han has been waiting outside the gate. He can’t see anything from Lan Jingyi’s face, but he knows that Lan Jingyi must be very sad. "Jiang will be fine." He started the car and whispered, "One time before, his injury was more serious than this one. When he was sent to the hospital, the doctor said that he died, but after the blow, he miraculously came back to life. Don’t worry, Jiang always has nine lives. Others can’t take his life if they want to."
"Before he also hurt? Where is the injury? " She’s seen him all over. I really don’t see any fatal scars on him.
Jiang Han a finger "here …"
Lan Jingyi couldn’t help shuddering. She had never seen his hair. No wonder she never knew "What was that?"
"The master gave three grandchildren a question, and whoever took that question was the president of Jiang."
"So he took it desperately and hurt his head?" A fool, if she is, she absolutely doesn’t want President Jiang Rush to sit there. What’s the point of letting others sit there? Wouldn’t it be more comfortable for him to enjoy his leisure and get dividends? She doesn’t want to risk her life for all that.
But men and women are always different creatures.
The pursuit is even different.
"Well, at that time, he saved Cheng Qingyang’s brother, and he always protected him." Perhaps he was afraid that Lan Jingyi misunderstood Cheng Qingyang’s Jiang Han to tell all this. This is not even clear to him.
"Brother Cheng likes to lean, doesn’t he?"
"Yeah, but Mr. Jiang doesn’t like him. Mrs. Jiang’s sexual orientation is the clearest."
Lan Jingyi blushed. Can Jiang Han not be so direct?
"At this time, it’s safer to hand over President Jiang to Cheng Qingyang."
Section 135
Lan Jingyi understands that Jiang Han is afraid that she will be young and unreasonable, and she will gently cough like Yin Qing’s softness. She whispered, "I will support the tilting." How can a weak woman compete with these men?
She will do anything to please him.
The car arrived at Jiang’s old house.
Everything is familiar to her. Lavender still blooms beautifully in the corner of the courtyard. One after another, the pale purple florets are gently walked over and picked a specialty. She smelled the fragrance of the flowers in her heart as if she smelled his breath, and her eyes became wet.
Chapter 229 People do things to see the sky.
"Girl, go in."
It was the gardener who looked up and smiled at him. It was the tears in her eyes that made her laugh. "He really likes this flower, doesn’t he?"
"Miss Lan is so clever. No wonder the young master likes you so much. That’s his blessing."
Her nose is sore, and the flower has been left here because of no one, but because of himself, just like that RV, and he likes to show it off and like it.
It makes no sense to like it.
He likes lavender.
"It must be more beautiful to plant this flower in this garden in Aber." Lavender needs large tracts to be beautiful, but a small piece can’t show its beauty. She has deeply realized it since she came to France for more than a year.
"Miss really understand this flower is the master he …"
"Don’t worry, one day he will personally come to you and tell you that he will plant lavender in this area." She believes that he will wake up and will come to help him with this lavender.
Turn around and go to the villa. When the talents arrive at the door, there will be servants to meet them in person. When she opened the door and swept in, the Jiang family seemed to have sent her and Jiang Junyue and Qin Qin Zhuang Zhuang.
There are a lot of people, but it’s surprisingly quiet. Everyone looks at her, especially Feng Meijuan’s eyes. I wish she would fall down at once.
桑拿会所Lan Jingyi tightened her hand and walked slowly to the crowd. There was no place except He Ling’s side, and that was only a small place. That was where Jiang Junyue would sit at every family meeting before, and now that he had an accident, there would naturally be no one to grab it, as if sitting there would be sticky.
Lan Jingyi straightened his back from sitting on his forehead. "Grandpa LaCrosse can’t come."
"I know. I went to the hospital to see him after the family meeting." The master’s voice was heavy and stuffy. Sun was unconscious or he loved and valued Sun the most. Can he not be sad?