I put the four-leaf clover on the bat’s head and immediately sounded a unified notice’ Congratulations to the player for catching the pet’ Cain’ and winning a small wooden boat’

Award a small wooden boat? What award is this? I opened the object column and saw a small wooden boat like a sculpture. I immediately took it out to see who knows, as soon as I took it out, it immediately "bam" turned into a two-meter-long boat-type wooden boat. Only two people sat on it, and the poor bat man just became my pet. The first gift was a small wooden boat, which was just pressed down to call for help.
Chris suddenly saw a small wooden boat and asked strangely, "Where did you get this wooden boat?" But when she saw the poor bat man, she couldn’t help but say, "Don’t put away the wooden boat."
I put away my wooden boat and replied, "Pet Award". I turned to the bat man who was already lying on the ground and said, "Your name is not Cain, is it?"
"Hey, master, how do you know?" As soon as I received the pet, I immediately changed my name. It seems that intelligent pets are really different from unintelligent pets.
"Cain is good. How can you follow me after the name is right? Can you become an egg?"
"Our pets can’t turn into eggs, but they can summon animals to another."
"Call the beast?" A few of us are curious. We have never heard of summoning beasts in fairyland. Is this something new after the unified upgrade? The more I play this game, the more fun I feel. There are endless new things.
"Well, it’s usually in the form of summoning animals to collect intelligent pets. If you receive a secondary BOSS (worse than the top), those are not called summoning animals but mimicry animals. That’s a humanoid intelligent pet."
"Boy, there is such a thing in the game. How can it be called?"
"Just call your pet by its name. It’s the same as receiving it, but can I have a request from the owner?"
"No problem. What are the requirements? You say it. "
"I don’t want to be put in a pet. I want to stay with you, okay?" Cain looked at me with dark eyes and said
"It’s not so good. You’re such a big man who follows me all day long." I really thought to myself, how can Chris and I still cram one in? Isn’t that the scenery of the big temple?
"This is no problem!" Say that finish Cain "bang" turned into a white, very cute little bat, not as big as a girl’s palm, flapped his wings and stopped my shoulder. Before I could speak, two screams rang out "so cute!"
As soon as Chris and the ice fox took Cain from my shoulder, I felt sorry for Cain, but he could transform into an excuse to take him in, and it was too unlikely that Chris and the ice fox would like to take him in.
In addition, it is unique to summon animals and pets, that is to say, it is impossible to admit that a master can be sold like angel Polly, which is only later known here.
I didn’t expect to catch such a clever pet when I came to the training team, and it’s hard to say how clever he will be after he looks like he is still developing. At least I knew just now that he is very good at organizing battles, avoiding the heavy and setting traps, etc. If we didn’t fly, he would probably block us at the door by counting the orcs’ rotting corpses.
The purpose of training has also been achieved, and we can probably understand that everyone is like a team, but this is all preliminary. Only in real combat can we learn. The challenge of coming to the next day began. I gave up the leapfrog challenge because I didn’t want to be famous too soon, but now I have reached LV1 level after training, and I can make The Hunger Ring ready to wait and try the effect. I won’t try that trick [The Hunger calls]. Who knows what will be recruited?
When we got back to Kecha, we saw jathyapple drinking the "Snow Queen" and the money was still in my account. She didn’t know where she was going to play and where she was as east as her pile of hills.
"jathyapple, why did you appear again? It’s strange that I always feel that you seem quite special and you won’t exchange business cards with you. "
Chapter 16 Ball Mask
Chapter 16 Ball Mask
"Elegant brother, as soon as you come, you will teach people to believe it or not. I will eat you until you become poor!" Jathyapple’s tail turned up and her face curled up, and she took two puffs of’ Snow Queen’ from the straw. Seeing her like this really made some sisters feel. Although I don’t know if IVF might have a sister, I heard the information and analyzed it. Maybe I can meet real brothers and sisters born together alone.
"Well, don’t say that my brother bullied you. How much can you eat today? Even if you eat until you support your brother, I am a rich man. Hahahaha!" I just made hundreds of millions of RO coins today. What is a rich man?
品茶论坛Disease method behind a kick up "to you hundreds of millions of RO coins is a big rich man that I this super rich man don’t have the opportunity to play aside to go to jathyapple today I ask you to like what? Hmm? Brother Fa bought it for you. "
"What a hoes before bros guy kicked me. I don’t know if you have grooves on your soles that will get muddy? I have a set of this dress. Where can I change it? "
"Boy, who doesn’t know that there is no dust and dirt in the game? You can’t see which cow it is when you blow on the cow’s ass."
I can’t pick up the disease. "You are really a college student with a good education. Haha, no matter what you eat or drink, go to today’s happy day. Cain, you can also drink this thing. It’s a good thing. I’m sure it’s your first time to drink it. Although you’re welcome, it’s a sucker’s treat today. Haha"
Blood-repelling and ice-repelling foxes look at me and play against the disease, and it seems that they have become much younger in their hearts. They are all middle-aged people, and it is rare to have such a relaxed opportunity. After all, the company still has to face the pressure of work, and finally I feel the loveliness of the game here.
"Sister Tianwu, wait, don’t walk so fast!"
A priest, MM, trotted after the knight in front and ran with a toucan, dancing in the sky, while dancing in the sky turned back and said, "If you don’t come with me to train, you can’t help there. You can’t go back to the guild to train."
"But you rarely talked to me after my sister’s trip to Tianjin. Did you ignore me?"
Seeing that pastor MM was about to cry, the dance stopped. I remembered that I went to Tianjin to save this novice named Muer. After MM, she was just like honey. It was unexpected that she looked like a Chihuahua (a doll is very cute). Everyone in the guild liked her very much, and she was clever enough to make her dance.
"Don’t cry, I’m afraid of you. Can I accompany you tonight? I’m in a hurry to train now. Don’t you know that the day is a challenge? I still have a little experience. Will you help my sister if I get LV9? "
"well! Sister Tianwu, remember, don’t forget, remember tonight, tonight … "
"Good …" Tianwu said as he ran away with a toucan belly between his legs. He didn’t take part in the challenge because he was too busy at the meeting. For competitive Tianwu, he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to show off.
Several of us spread out separately to prepare for the day’s battle. jathyapple took Chris and me mysteriously to the rock locust area outside the western suburbs of the capital. It is full of locusts who like to stick out their long tongues and wear black square glasses. It is also a place for newcomers to train.
"jathyapple, why did you bring us here?" I asked doubtfully.
"Just come with me. That’s it," jathyapple said, pointing to the dense forest ahead.