I looked out the window and stepped back. The street lamp kept thinking about Mrs. Li’s words.

She asked me to ask my dad, but how can I ask?
Besides, I don’t want to hurt my mother …
Thinking of this, I feel that Mrs. Li is really vicious. Is she trying to destroy my parents?
Then what should I do?
My parents have always had a good relationship, and they don’t look like a couple who are separated from each other. I don’t believe my father will cheat.
But … Li Yuyan and I are really similar …
My head is about to explode, and I didn’t speak by the glass window
I don’t know how long it took before the car stopped
The car door was opened by Ye Wen, and the cold wind blew in from the outside, so I couldn’t help shivering.
Ye Wen smiled and said, "Ding Jie, get in there and someone is waiting for you."
I took it for granted that he said it was his sister-in-law and grandfather who couldn’t help laughing and asked him, "Aren’t you going in?"
He is half a leaf, and his family usually stays here.
Ye Wen shook his head in a good mood. "No, I’ll come back early in the morning."
I don’t know why he was so happy, but his happiness infected me, so I smiled and said goodbye to him.
Grandpa and sister-in-law entered the hall, and they all
Xiaojin jumped at me happily. Of course, he didn’t dare to jump on me and stop when he was a step away from me. Instead, he took my hand and called me "Aunt, you can come back. We have been waiting for you for a long time ~"
I quickly apologized to him.
I have spoken to my eldest sister-in-law about meeting Mrs. Li, asking them not to wait for me to come back for dinner, or they will be hungry.
Grandpa smiled and said, "Ignore him. He wants you to play outside with him when he sees the snow."
Sister-in-law also said, "It’s cold outside. Don’t go out. I’ve cooked soup for you. Have a drink and go to rest."
Xiaojin didn’t get angry when grandpa and sister-in-law said this. She took my hand and told me that kindergarten was going to have a holiday.
Grandpa and sister-in-law listened with a smile.
I don’t know if it’s my illusion, but I can feel that they are in a good mood and laugh all the time.
Is it because of the first snow?
品茶论坛However, this warm scene has made my mood better, and I am warm when I drink hot soup.
Sister-in-law urged me to have a rest after drinking soup.
I’m really tired, too. I said good night to them and went back to my room.
Pushing open the door, I froze when I turned on the light and turned around.
There is a man sitting on the sofa opposite.
Someone I miss so much.
I was so stunned that I forgot to walk at the door.
Ye Xiangyuan’s lip angle slightly tilted and waved at me.
I walked towards him involuntarily.
He held my hand gently, and with a little force, I was pulled by him and sat by his side.
I stared at him quietly.
He looks a little darker to make his original handsome facial features more lines and elegance.
Maybe I was so fascinated that I didn’t recover until he called me.
The radian of his lips widened and he smiled slightly. "Baby doesn’t know me?"
Hoarse and gentle voice is a familiar and fascinate sound to me.
I mumbled something, but my mind wandered and I forgot how to answer him.
This really surprised me.
I didn’t expect him to suddenly appear beside me.
He came back!
Chapter 26 Can you go to Whitehead?
No wonder Ye Wen smiles.
Grandpa and sister-in-law are also very happy.
Even Xiao Jin is cheerful.
Are they trying to surprise me by keeping it from me?
I held my head up and silently looked at this worried man.
He has been apart for more than two months, because I have been suppressing my thoughts about him, which is normal, and I still don’t think so.
Now that I see him, I know how much I miss him.