But I touched the door again and again, and there was no key at the bottom

By the way, he will leave the key under the door in his room when he goes out.
Put your hands up and knock at the door. Even if she has no backbone, the soles of her feet hurt too much, and she doesn’t want to find a way to dig out the broken glass, she will give up her heart and take a breath. She raised her hands again and again before finally falling.
"Knocked …" Even knocked three fast and rapid.
She wanted to be able to hear if she wasn’t deaf, but she waited for half a minute, but the man didn’t come out except silence.
What about taking a shower?
Lan Jingyi continued to wait.
Maybe he wants to clean up the smell that the lady made together.
Lan Jingyi waited a little longer and then knocked at the door.
桑拿But the man didn’t open the door after knocking for five minutes.
She has nothing to say and can’t type.
My foot is hurt, and now it hurts to death, and I can’t walk a step.
I tried to knock on the door next door and tried to borrow it, but I didn’t respond. It was because people worked the night shift and haven’t come back yet.
Dead man, smelly man, you’d better go out and get hit by a car …
No, it’s a bit immoral. At least he took her in when she was most sad.
Well, then give him a little blessing. He was robbed as soon as he went out. Yeah, that’s it.
No matter what she scolded, the man didn’t open the door. Lan Jingyi was tired and sat in front of the door. His injured foot was sticking up and it hurt badly.
She sat there sleepy but couldn’t sleep. This is not a place to sleep. Her feet hurt too much.
I hung my head and wanted to give up. I had the stairs, and suddenly there was a rustle of footsteps. The pace was steady and powerful, but it was even more urgent.
Lan Jingyi narrowed her eyes like a cat. When the line of sight saw the man, her eyes suddenly lit up. "Where have you been? When are you going out? Psst ….. "She gasped, and the excitement made her feet move, which was killing me.
Jiang Junyue looked down at his watch with a black line on his face. He paced around the neighborhood and looked for her for a full hour. Later, he went to ask the community security guard that he didn’t see her go out, and then he was stung again. Unexpectedly, she came back early.
"Where did it go?" He growled and picked up all the things she had been looking for, and the moment broke out completely.
"Ah …" He was so strong that he was caught off guard and carried her foot. As Lan Jingyi’s body was soft, he fell down. Jiang LaCrosse’s arms went white and there was no anger. She was so painful that she couldn’t stand up to him to support the whole body.
Tall figure a curved hand a jilt for Jiang Junyue immediately will LanJingYi carried to the shoulder hand touch to the pants pocket, he touched the key while spirit not dozen 1 way "hey, what’s the matter with you? Lan Jingyi, you won’t be a paper paste, will you? I just picked you up and pretended to be dead? " She made him go out and look for her for more than an hour, and he hasn’t lost his temper yet.
His voice is really beautiful, magnetic and pleasing to the ear, but even Lan Jingyi won’t listen at this moment. He opened his eyes slightly and said, "My foot hurts … it hurts …"
"Which foot?" Consciously asked Jiang Junyue, he immediately stopped touching the key, then strode a few steps away and sat directly on the stairs.
Lan Jingyi was released from his thigh. At this moment, he finally got up softly and grabbed her feet. After reading and rereading, it was cold. "I have to go to the hospital." Then I went to the ladder without waiting for her reaction to carry her again.
"Hey, I don’t want to go to the hospital." It’s just broken glass. Go into the room, pick it out and dress it up, and nothing will happen. Going to the hospital will cost money. She has no money.
That’s how she thought of striding into the ladder with her. Jiang Junyue said coldly, "No, you pay, but you have to write me an iou later."
What can she say? She leaned her head against his shoulder and breathed his breath. Suddenly Lan Jingyi came back to life and leaned over his shoulder and whispered, "Jiang Junyue, are you so kind to women?" If it is, she will not thank him. If it is not for Jia Baoyu, she will be flattered.
The rapid descent of the ladder is the moment when almost no one wants to go in and out at night, and there is a blue breath of women floating in the air. At that moment, a beautiful face flashed in Jiang Junyue’s mind, and he was the only one who left that floor. They went in and out many times together.
"Ding …" The ladder stopped and Jiang Junyue withdrew her thoughts and walked out of the lobby a few steps to his car.
Seeing that he opened the car door, Lan Jingyi looked at the cool luxury car. "Hey, did that woman give you the car?"
"Yes" Jiang Junyue didn’t even hesitate. His life is that He Ling gave him a car.