Seeing that Alonso was about to take the ball, Lu Wenbin quickly ran to the defensive gear and shouted Alonso as he ran.

Alonso also unloaded the ball when there was no wave, but before the opposing player countered, he tilted the ball to the front of Lu Wenbin, who ran to the sidewalk.
Lu Wenbin rushed along the rolling direction of the ball and kicked it directly to the athletic goal of Bilbao with a big foot without stopping the ball.
At the scene and in front of the camera, the fans watched the ball jump across the center line and fly high over the top of the chasing goalkeeper Eliasos. After flying over half of the stadium, it landed in front of the athletic goal in Bilbao and then bounced the goal. The goalkeeper’s net pushed high.
Lu Wenbin scored an ultra-long goal that didn’t even cross the center line by more than 6 meters.
The middle circle of the referee’s finger indicates that the goal is valid
Ramos pushed the corner kick out of the forbidden area and the game was about to end. The commentators immediately got excited and shouted at the top of their lungs
"Big Four Happiness, Big Four Happiness, Lu Wenbin completed the big four happiness"
夜网论坛"Oh, my God, I scored more than 6 meters. Lu scored an ultra-long goal over 6 meters in the last second of the game."
Lu Wenbin is also quite excited to score so far, even more excited than just finishing the hat trick.
He refused to hug his teammates and rushed to the stands to celebrate, and hugged his girlfriend excitedly through the guardrail.
Complete a long-range goal of more than 6 meters at the last second to complete the big four happiness.
This is a bet surprise than a hat trick.
The whole Calderon Stadium has become a sea of joy.
When Lu Wenbin returned to the stadium to restart the game, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game just after the athletic player in Bilbao kicked off in the middle circle.
With Lu Wenbin’s fourth happiness, an assist and a planned attack, Real Madrid won the King’s Cup of Spain in 211212 with a 62-win victory over Athletic Bilbao.
Real Madrid, which won the league title and the Champions League before Canada, finally achieved the triple crown for the first time in history.
Real Madrid has thus become the first European triple crown team after Celtic, Ajax, Eindhoven, Manchester United, Barcelona, Hoffenheim and Inter Milan, reaching the most glorious peak in the club’s history.
There is no doubt that florentino received an excess return on his huge investment in Lu Wenbin in the summer of 2011.
Long-lost league titles, six defeats against Barcelona, unbeaten season, the tenth Champions League, the first triple crown in history and so on have all made Real Madrid the most important team in the world football this season, and its commercial value has risen immeasurably.
After Calderon Stadium won the King’s Cup trophy, Real Madrid went on a city tour and carnival overnight.
The whole city of Madrid has fallen into a sea of joy. The "triple crown" of Real Madrid fans has made Atletico Madrid fans hate their teeth, but there is nothing they can do.
Real Madrid won the championship and didn’t go home until midnight, but the fans celebrated for a whole night.
Real Madrid held a grand quadruple celebration ceremony at the Bernabeu Stadium, which showed that Real Madrid won the Spanish Super Cup, La Liga, Champions League and King’s Cup of Spain this season.
Then he showed off ten Champions League trophies in a row, which made his club envy and hate.
This is the most glorious season in the history of Real Madrid.
As for Lu Wenbin, who brought them such brilliant achievements, the news of his transfer outside has been heard constantly. Real Madrid fans naturally tried their best to keep Lu Wenbin in the Bernabeu stands one after another, but they never got Lu Wenbin’s response.
This makes Real Madrid feel very nervous. I wonder if Lu Wenbin will stay for a season like Inter Milan and leave after winning the triple crown.
Chapter 576 Free men
On the evening of the last dinner party before the holiday in Real Madrid, florentino made a renewal request to Lu Wenbin and Mendes, but Mendes refused.
Lu Wenbin came to tell florentino that he wouldn’t leave this summer and would stay for at least another season, but Mendes stopped Lu Wenbin from doing so. He wanted Li Wenbin to make a move and become famous.
Although he won’t leave, it is greatly beneficial for Lu Wenbin’s popularity to continue to be indifferent and speculative.
Lu Wenbin is now famous and worth a lot. Even if the season ends, there will be no shortage of news about him this summer, and it must be very close.
Mendes is ambitious to fire Lu Wenbin as the third king, and he is a super king with much more fame and commercial value than Diego Maradona and Bailey.
This requires not only Lu Wenbin’s competitive performance, but also continuous media exposure.
In this way, the management and fans of Real Madrid are scared. Anyway, Lu Wenbin doesn’t like this club and their fans, so he doesn’t care.
Mendes said that if speculation is beneficial, it will be wronged first, and Real Madrid club and fans will be scared for two months, so let everyone guess.