"That silly big would be so easy to send this thing to you? You lied to me! Damn guy, although you’re the first time I’ve seen a human player, don’t bully me. How can it be so easy to finish that guy’s village? There are countless mouse roots. Moreover, that stingy guy can’t give you this shield even if you finish it. Impossible! "
"This ….." After listening to a lot of ants with heads talking to themselves, I root cutting didn’t say a word. Originally, I wanted to [send the array] to escape, but [send the array] at least needed a second. Looking at his sharp feet while singing was enough for him to kill me, and [teleport] this narrow hole didn’t care where I moved, but I was still caught and looked back for a night. "Huh?" It’s gone. I didn’t expect her to run quite fast, but she escaped. After all, it’s better to die one than two.
"Man, I have something to ask you. Come with me."
Before I promised him, I spit out a mass of black stuff and wrapped me up, dragging me directly to the first hole.
I didn’t expect that I would still have prey one day, but I also wonder that this monster doesn’t seem to be quite like ordinary monsters, and it seems to have a human head and an ant body, and it seems to be quite intelligent. I was going to die, but now I’m interested in seeing what’s going on.
After hitting my head on the ground a hundred times, I finally returned to the second hole, and then I knew why the bed was stuck to the wall by that black stuff, and the ant with the head put his foot against the hole, put a plug pillow’ concave’ and fell asleep.
But his sleep was really short. Ten seconds later, he got up and stretched himself. "Wake up! Shu! "
I suddenly found that I seem to have seen too many things today, from that beautiful NPC guide payon, who forgot to drool, to reappear the strange monsters blowing snow, and the changes of Jasmine playing the magic dream, Crowe and Ji Fen are even more in this’ Acura Secret Cave’. Think about it today. It’s really rich.
"Hey man, let me ask you, have you ever seen a man with a blood-red sword?"
Blood red sword? Why do you seem to have seen it before? But I don’t seem to remember very well, so I replied, "Not really?"
I think that I was caught anyway and I went out and tried to ask, "Can I ask you what you are?"
"You are the thing! I am a famous genius in the animal world-‘handsome’! "
"What? Say your name again! "
"Well handsome!"
"Ha … oh, er …" As soon as I laughed at the first word, I saw the handsome face and immediately swallowed the remaining smile.
Chapter 20 Sacred bracelet
Chapter 20 Sacred bracelet
Handsome head ant suddenly sighed and said, "Do you know the ant hole?"
"I know!" How could such a famous training place not know that it took Chris to practice at the beginning?
"Have you ever met a queen ant?"
"if I touch this, I’m dead!"
"For her, she should be the top BOSS in the game now. It’s been more than three months since the game started. My companion and I have been banned here."
"Your companion? Then what are you? "
The ant on the head looked at me and suddenly asked a question, "Who are you? Why do I feel that you actually smell’ he’? "
桑拿  title="…" I have no idea what he said, but do this "he" and moonlit cat say that "he" exist? Why are there so many problems today? It seems that the system has changed so much that I am not used to it.
"Forget it, it’s impossible. He’s eternal. Let you know what I am when you’re the first player." The head ant sighed with a sad expression on his face like an economist and said, "We are a group abandoned by the system."
"’delusion’?" What is delusion? What’s the delusion? What does delusion mean? These questions automatically come to mind as soon as they come.
"We are all people who failed to control the magic, but lived out of the sun because of his pity."
"The game should have such a gens? Will you die at the sight of the sun like vampires? "
"If you are right, it will disappear at first sight!"
Poor people, poor people didn’t expect such a thing to happen in the game, but it doesn’t seem to be my business, and I can’t care about it
"What are you doing here? Does anyone need to come in? Otherwise, you can’t have passed those two guards at the door. "
I told handsome what I needed to do, but handsome laughed for a long time before saying, "So this is it. Let me see where it is."
Four boxes were burned by fire, and the surface was dark, and the four small locks were also burnt by fire. If I hadn’t seen them with my own eyes, I would never have thought of how these four boxes were opened.
See the head of ants from the other side of the box to open the box and the lock side turned out to be fake and used for decoration, which made me cry and laugh. I searched the four boxes randomly and finally handed me an integrated translucent bracelet. When I saw it, I knew that this bracelet was not an ordinary thing. When I took a look at it, I saw that the attribute was extremely good.+1 This thing is comparable to the The Hunger ring.+1 is equivalent to adding 6 basis points. Suddenly, I was confused. How could it be so badly decorated? But I haven’t changed my job and I can’t control it.
"Do you know the story of this bracelet?"
When I say handsome, I think of that painting. Is it different from that painting? So he asked, "What story?"
I got this bracelet three years ago when the game was not promoted. At that time, one of my companions, I don’t know the lark, even the player who came in to test had feelings. Because of this system, I couldn’t punish the player, but it was certainly no problem to punish the lark. Therefore, this’ sacred bracelet’ was made, and the player was very happy about what excellent equipment he began to get. When he wore it, I immediately personified a white bird. And the level is decreasing, the player suddenly panicked and wanted to take off the bracelet, but no matter how hard he took it off, the’ unknown lark’ finally became a game in which an ordinary bird lost its high-level monster and became a bird with consciousness, and the’ sacred bracelet’ was also out of the player’s hand at this time, and the player quit the game without testing. "
I didn’t expect that there was such a story before the official start of the game, that is to say, when the game was made, the characters in the game originally had emotions and could think independently. This discovery shocked me. I still had Chris or the top BOSS to have some special emotional settings, but now it seems that this is not the case. These are all monsters who think independently, but there is no such thing as an organization. That is to say, Chris said that he likes me, but it is not a unified arrangement. Does Chris really like me as a player? Doesn’t she know it’s impossible?
At the thought of this, I suddenly felt a little lost and excited, and I didn’t know what to do myself. At this time, I felt that Chris would like me and stick to me in a unified arrangement, but I didn’t expect that everything was not like this. She really liked me according to her own will. Alas, does this call me so good?
When my mind was extremely confused, handsome interrupted my thinking and said, "Go ahead, if you see the queen ant, give her this ring as a little confession." Then handsome gave me another ring, and I took it and looked at the’ peace ring’ to introduce the peace certificate and limit the resurrection!
After reading it, I don’t know what it means to express my thoughts. That is to say, even if you die, you don’t have to leave the dead place and wait for someone else to resurrect you, so you can’t be degraded. Two pieces of four-level equipment in a row make me almost want to kill the handsome ants in front of me and see what else is good in those four boxes, but of course it’s impossible. I am extremely skeptical that this so-called "delusional" abandoned person is still the top BOSS outside.
I have been out of Acura’s Secret Cave in my consciousness. Looking at this strange place outside, I really don’t quite believe what I see inside, but I finally got the sacred bracelet. Think about it. The sacred bracelet and the The Hunger ring are almost the same level and four levels of equipment. I really doubt that reincarnation is really so difficult to do.
I found me as soon as I came out of jathyapple, and I don’t blame her for running away when she got cold feet, and I told her to run away.
I sent a private chat to’ It’s too hard to really love you’ and told him that I got it. As soon as I sent it, I received his reply. Everyone made an appointment to meet the’ Friendship Statue’ at the north gate of the capital.
One time [seeing off], jathyapple and I went to the capital statue and waited for’ It’s too hard to really love you’. I remembered the strange performance in jathyapple cave and asked, "jathyapple, you …"
"What’s the matter with elegant brother?" Jathyapple’s two big eyes looked at me so clearly that I couldn’t ask at first sight.
"Nothing didn’t scare you just now, did it?"
"well! Nothing! "
I touched her head for the second time as if I were used to it. It felt really comfortable. It felt as smooth as touching a cat’s head. It felt great, but it provoked jathyapple to stare.
-(End of volume)-
The fourth part of the entrepreneurial world
In the first chapter? Encounter?
In the first chapter? Encounter?
It’s too hard to really love you’ soon arrived. He was a relatively indifferent person and didn’t say much to me. After exchanging things, he said, "Thank you! Have a chance to close again "and left.
I see that there is a handshake place in the half-moon silver-white ring weapon ring of The Hunger ring in my hand, and the blade can be folded and disassembled to form a circular ring, and the The Hunger ring is a pair, not a pair. By combining the two parts and rotating the ring together, a The Hunger bow forms a bow with the same attack power as the The Hunger ring. This is even higher than the attack power of my woven angel bow.
The original curved sharp edge of a pair of The Hunger rings connected head to tail to start the deformation button will become a straight long stick, and the original handshake place will be combined together, and then a shield will be removed to install the long stick The Hunger halberd.
Although it’s complicated to assemble, it’s all a trinity weapon. Put away the The Hunger ring for the time being because I can’t make it five attributes at present, but fortunately, I have always recognized that there is no attribute base that has not been added or the base value is 5, so I have to increase it by three or five levels before I can install it.
I’ve been in the game for more than a day when I calculate, but it seems as if it’s been years since I touched too many things at one time, and my head still can’t digest it, so I said goodbye to jathyapple. Of course, I touched jathyapple’s hair for the third time before I left, and I sent three private messages to Disease Method, Dark Fire and Chris.