Go to the corner of the stairs but meet Gu Changyu.

She probably heard Lou talking before she came.
South-South leng don’t open your eyes.
Gu Changyu eyes fell on her.
Ding Shiyi stepped forward to block South-South.
Gu Changyu corners of the mouth evoked a sarcastic smile, "Now you are ganging up to bully me"
Ding Shi didn’t intend to talk to her. She was gentle and didn’t want to argue with her.
Xu Xin held his chest in his hands and sneered, "Do you even want to attend your brother’s wedding and want to be sent away directly?"
Gu Changyu looked at her face with a gloomy.
Then she burst into tears, which not only attracted the servants, but also alarmed Xu Xin’s friends, even Lu Xun and Gu Changning left the room.
Everyone is surrounded by Gu Changyu.
Ding Shishi thinks that Gu Changning should find a psychological doctor to give her a good look.
Her mental state is not right.
Gu Changyu cried and suddenly shouted at South-South, "I am Mrs. Lu. Don’t you rob Asun with me!"
She’s still so beautiful, she’s still charming.
But her hysteria is terrible.
Lu Xun quickly came and took South-South shoulder.
He ignored Gu Changyu but said to Gu Changning, "I asked someone to invite an internationally famous psychologist to come to the imperial city in a few days. Remember to arrange for the doctor to meet the little fish when you then."
Gu Changning looks a little pale, but he didn’t say much.
Finally, Gu Changyu was forcibly sent back to her room.
Before she left, she kept complaining that South-South robbed Lu Xun.
Ding Shi secretly sighed.
It turns out that Gu Changyu is not only obsessed with Ye Xiangyuan, but also regards Lu Xun as a possession.
It was in the end that she got nothing.
But all this does not blame Ding Shishi or South-South.
They are not mistresses, and they didn’t rob anyone with Gu Changyu.
Blame Gu Changyu for looking at the bowl and thinking about the pot.
Lu Xun, in particular, once married Lu Xun seriously. Mrs. Lu gave up this position herself.
Although the reason for Lu Xun’s divorce from Gu Changyu is still unclear.
Section 377
Ye Xiangyuan once said that Gu Changyu did something wrong to make Lu Xun determined to divorce.
She believes that Ye Xiangyuan can’t blame Gu Changyu.
After Lu Xun hugged South-South comfort for a while, he helped Xu Xin to choose a wedding dress with Ding Shishi.
In this way, I have been busy until the evening when Ye Xiangyuan came to meet Ding Shi.
After dinner, they bid farewell to Gu Changning and Xu Xin.
Ding Shi felt a little tired and fell asleep in Ye Xiangyuan’s arms.
Ye Xiangyuan told the driver to slow down for half an hour and drove for an hour.
Tracing the cause sent Nan Nan home.
The southwest border of Lu Xun was seriously injured, and he promised to go back to the imperial city and give her the answer. As soon as he woke up, he confessed to the south.
Two people also therefore established.
Lu Xun took South-South by car and kissed her forehead "wronged today"
South-South gently shook his head.
She lay on his chest and buried her head in his arms and couldn’t see her face clearly.
Her white neck expose that bottom of his eyelids.
Lu Xun bowed his head and kissed her ear and thought, "I was the one who got divorced."
South-South looked up in some surprise.
She didn’t expect him to take the initiative to talk about it.
He seldom told her about Gu Changyu, and she was well-advised not to ask.
Maybe he met Gu Changyu today before he spoke.
Lu Xun held her to her leg and took her face. "Little fish really didn’t want to share a room with me after she married me, and I never forced her. It was Ayuan who told her to be my wife well. She felt uncomfortable and drank too much wine, so she had to sleep with me. I threatened to commit suicide if I didn’t promise her …"
The two became a real husband and wife.
After a while, Gu Changyu returned to calm and behaved very sticky with Lu Xun.
They have all forgotten Ye Xiangyuan.
Later, Ding Shishi appeared with Ye Xiangyuan’s child.
Gu Changyu also found herself pregnant.
Instead of telling Lu Xun, she secretly went to have an abortion.
Let Lu Xun know about it after all.
He pressed things even Gu Changning and Ye Xiangyuan kept it from him.
But it was his first child, and he couldn’t get past it.
It happened that Gu Changyu often said before growing up that she envied Ye Xiangyuan and Ding Shishi and wanted to have a child.
The boys teased him and asked him to work harder.
Lu Xun suddenly felt very tired.
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Chapter 433 Married life outside marriage 4
South-South is reluctant to evaluate what Gu Changyu has done, but she is particularly distressed by Lu Xun.
She hated herself for not meeting Lu Xun earlier and being around him earlier.
But then I thought that even if I met him earlier, he still married Gu Changyu, and she still had to wait until they divorced before she could be with him.