This may be another plot of his.

Finally, my eldest sister-in-law told me one thing: "Actually, Miss Li came to the hospital a few days ago and clamored to see you, but Ayuan had her stopped and Ayuan got up now."
I leng leng.
Ye Xiangyuan actually caught Li Yuyan?
Does he want Li Yu-yan to threaten Li Qi?
But he told me that Li jiaqi didn’t attach importance to this eldest daughter …
I can’t guess what he means after thinking about it for a long time.
However, these disputes in the imperial city will soon have nothing to do with me, and I will not be distracted to pay attention.
After the Lantern Festival, my sister-in-law and Xiaojin went home after seeing me. My parents and I talked and teased the baby, but I didn’t expect South and South to come.
I’m a little surprised that she should be at home on such a holiday.
After my parents took the door, she took off her coat and sat by the bed, holding my hand and saying, "I already know about the video."
I am one Leng
I didn’t tell anyone about it except Ye Xiangyuan and them, not even my parents.
She whispered, "Sister-in-law told me and she asked me to stay with you."
I suddenly became speechless.
I’m not surprised that eldest sister-in-law can know about the video. She has never been a simple woman.
But I didn’t expect her to be so kind, and I deliberately asked Nan Nan to accompany me.
I was deeply moved.
喝茶约茶South-South looked at me tenderly and said, "I also guessed that you were going to … I didn’t know if there was a chance to meet again after spending more time with you …"
Tears glistened under her eyes.
I also got red eyes and mumbled my mouth, but I couldn’t speak.
In this way, it was quiet for a moment, and South-South whispered, "Do you really decide to leave Ye Ershao?"
She knows how much I love Ye Xiangyuan.
I nodded.
How could I rather die than leave him unless I had to?
South-South didn’t persuade me, but asked me in a low voice, "What can I do for you?"
I watched her suddenly come for nothing.
She came running as soon as she got the news, hoping to help me.
And sister-in-law, although she didn’t help me, she already showed her attitude by calling Nan Nan.
I didn’t polite to South-South either. "My parents may need your help …"
I didn’t want to involve South-South in the past, but now I find that I can’t find anyone else to turn to except trouble.
Although my parents contacted some of their friends, I still don’t feel at ease.
Although the South-South family can’t compare with the Imperial City family, there are still some ways.
She immediately said that there was no problem and paused and asked me, "What about you and the child?"
I was silent and said, "He can’t really push me to the wall and escape is the policy …"
Nannan clenched my hand.
I whispered, "It is of course best for him to let us go … if we don’t let him go, we will want to sneak away."
Nannan, um, "I don’t ask much, but if you have something, you must tell me."
I replied with red eyes.
She said, "I’ll think of some way to deal with uncle and aunt, and I’ll come to see you again in a couple of days."
After that, we chatted for a while. The school has started and South and South are going to be busy.
And I told her implicitly that she might leave in a few days, because my body has recovered and some babies are still healthy.
Finally, I looked at her and couldn’t help saying a few more words, "Even if you know about the video, don’t … don’t think about Lu Xun’s eldest brother …"
She is good, sensible and gentle, but she is stubborn.
I am most worried that she will not come out.
She really stopped talking.
I sighed, "he and Gu Changyu fetters are too deep to end easily … You see Ye Xiangyuan and Gu Changyu are not the same, even if Gu Changyu still feels that Ye Xiangyuan is her, and so is she to Lu Xun … South-South, you promise me to let him go, ok? You see, I know that getting involved with them may not have a good result … "
The main thing is that we can’t beat Gu Changyu.
Not as beautiful as she is, not as beautiful as she can pretend to be, nor did she grow up with Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun …
South-South silence for a long time said "I am white"
I was afraid that talking too much would make her feel uncomfortable, so I changed the subject.
The nurse carried the baby to the room, and Nannan teased him with me.
Later, Nannan asked me, "Has the baby been named?"