I let go of my finger, as if … I have a beard?

By the way, Jia Xu said before he left, Recently, Yanzhou and Yuzhou in Hebei Province all applied to make the official warehouse grain take into account more military operations, and Gongda and I directly approved it, and also transferred a batch of Henan grain and grass to these three directions. Is there any problem?
Of course I have no problem with should. These three directions are expanding our territory at full capacity. Will I be reluctant to part with those grains of grain? !
There is not much food in Henan … He shrugged his shoulders.
I scratched my nose. It’s really impossible to buy a batch of Howie from Jingzhou through Nanyang. There should be some channels in Jingzhou for many years.
That’s it, master. Pay attention to rest. He motioned for you to get up and say goodbye to me.
Good I followed up and sent them out of the hall.
After watching Jia Xu and Xi Jun leave, I strolled to the periphery of the living area to visit Yue Er, who is still studying hard.
It’s a pity … I just walked to the door when I heard Xun Yu’s Qingyue voice Is there any problem here today?
Ma Yueyin immediately sounded Yes!
Xun Yuyin seems to have suddenly lost most of his strength. What’s the problem today?
Today’s question is relatively simple. Yue Er’s voice seems to be very serious. Yesterday … didn’t Cao Cao submit? Yue Er wants to know … what kind of person does Mr. Yue think he is?
约茶  title=I was slightly intrigued and immediately realized that even though his past life was in the Republic of China, Cao Cao’s deeds must never be strange.
Xun Yu didn’t think about it for long. I wasn’t invited to the banquet yesterday. Although I have heard about Cao Caoren, I still don’t know much about each other.
Then say it. It seems that he is really interested in Cao Cao.
Cao Cao’s grandfather, Cao Teng, served four emperors before and after the great autumn, and he was a eunuch, but he was able to recommend talented people without avoiding personal vendetta. His name was quite good at that time; Cao Cao’s father, Cao Song, used to bear the Han Dynasty’s Qiu by donating money. However, this person is gentle in temperament, although he doesn’t have much political views, but it’s not too bad except for his love for money. Xun Yu introduced Cao Caozu and his father and had a slightly delicious meal. I have been in contact with Cao Caoren several times and always feel that he is an extraordinary person.
I just listened to Xun Yu at the door and continued, I heard that Cao Song didn’t discipline women, which led to Cao Cao’s liking for the behavior of eagles and lackeys when he was young, but when he entered the official career, it seemed that there had been a great change. The government was not afraid of your loyalty, and it was even more difficult to abandon the official immediately because of the different political views of the rulers. If it were not for the present and your father, I am afraid that Cao Cao’s talents could really build a career.
Well … He son should be a gently.
Xun Yu quickly added, I have work and problems. Let’s talk again and again …
Then … goodbye, sir! Yue er Cui sheng Dao
Goodbye, sir! Another little girl’s voice rang immediatelyit was my halfsister, Yue’s classmate Ma Yi.
I took a step back slightly to avoid Xun Yu bumping into it.
As soon as the door creaked, Xun Yu looked at me with a little surprise. King?
I nodded at him. Long time no see, Mr. Wen Ruo.
Yes, he asked doubtfully, When will Wang … arrive?
I smiled. I haven’t listened to Mr. Cao Mengde for a long time.
Oh, he nodded. Don’t take it to heart when talking about the king.
Oh, I know. I didn’t care. I want to teach these two little girls to please my husband.
Dad? He son joy sound rang from the classroom.
Two students are very sensible. It is a problem that Yue sometimes thinks … it is really over her age. Xun Yu said with a wry smile.
I ha ha smiled, but I couldn’t tell him I would.
Dad! My daughter trotted out and reached out and hugged my leg.
Don’t let others doubt your age after being a good daughter. I touched her head.
Yes, he obediently agreed, but … Mr. He can answer any questions! Seems to be more knowledgeable than dad.
Don’t say such shameful things! I picked up my daughter. Compared with your teacher, your family can’t even write your name well. Dad can be regarded as a wild monkey who just faded!
Xun Yu smiled lightly. Wang Yanzhong became famous as early as four or five years ago.
Oh, Jiang Lang has not seen the new appearance for a long time. I really don’t have the confidence to continue discussing this issue with him and change the subject. Is Mr. Wen Ruo still at leisure recently?
He put away his faint smile. Thanks to Wang Zhao, although he is watched, he is not harsh. He has lived comfortably for half a year.
I thought about it for a long time, but I didn’t think of any touching words, Can you do something for me if you are willing, sir?
This time, Xun Yu fell into a short meditation.
I don’t know what I’ve been through for a long time, but at this moment, I feel my heart beating like a deer against Lu Bu for the first time.
Does the king know … who is the master of Xunshi family in Yingchuan? He looked up at me.
The former owner is naturally a kind man (Xun Shuang) now … I looked at him but confirmed it.
He nodded. Yes, it’s Xun Yu.
I picked my eyebrows, but I don’t understand why he said this.