I went to the top of the city and looked overseas.
The city stands by the sea, with a mile’s space from Bohai Sea.
Although the Bohai Sea is a big sea, it is also called a vast expanse of smoke.
There is a strong wind coming from the southeast at sea, which is a good time to ride the waves
Dozens of sailboats with different specifications have approached the city. This is not a fishing boat, but a real warship.
Even with 30 or 50 people on each ship, this force is already several times that of me, and even the foot soldiers guarding the city in Jiadu’s city are far from being compared with your official chief.
But now, the military and political chief of Liaodong, the enemy city, can I lead my relatives to abandon the city?
How many soldiers are there? I turned around and asked
The county magistrate Aaron quickly and carefully replied, Report back that there are 450 foot soldiers in the small garrison city of Fu Jun Da Shi City.
What about the county officers?
桑拿会所There are about forty county officials on duty.
How many ships were there when Gongsun Du sent troops across the sea? How many soldiers? When crossing the sea, I think he should be clear about this stack of people, right
Aaron’s cheeks were faintly sweating. There are about 60 soldiers and about 12,000 people in large and small ships.
I stopped asking questions slightly.
Twelve thousand people?
When Gongsun Du and dispatch troops attacked Peiping, they couldn’t ride more than 100,000 troops, and the total strength of this water army has already exceeded 100,000. For the total population of East China, but 504,000 counties are a country, this 100,000 people is really not a decimal. At present, Lu Zhi’s fierce battle has lost nearly half of Qingzhou Cao Cao’s fighting navy, and it is impossible to retreat … At least 50,000 soldiers have turned into bones.
I can’t help but feel a dull pain at the thought of this. It’s 50,000 people. Put it in the north … That’s a whole county population! Or young and middleaged labor!
Wu Shi!’ I arranged for the bureau to leave 50 soldiers and duty officers at the north gate of the garrison city and prepare more crossbows at the south gate.
Wu Shi grinned and drank a life! He jumped off the tower in a hurry.
Small stack’s city suddenly panic up.
Liaodong has changed hands and returned from sailing. What do the navy want?
Master Pang Gan lowered his voice. Why don’t we retreat to the north for a while and then fight again?
This is a typical escapist thought, but I didn’t scold him. After all, this is a normal idea of normal people.
There’s no need to rush to retreat, I explained to him. How can they catch a horse when they really escape?
If Pang Gan realized something, he nodded again and again. The master is absolutely right.
The wind is getting stronger and stronger, and I can clearly see the sails of the northernmost warship with extraordinary eyesight. I have never seen many ships in my life, so it is difficult to judge the specifications and equipment of this ship. For example, from a personal sense, the sails are not clean and tidy, and they are hung on the poles. Two or three cracks are gradually expanding in the strong wind.
The closer the fleet is.
I suddenly breathed a sigh of relief a group of SangGuQuan
Although it is difficult to keep the sailboats in a neat array in the water, the bad degree of this fleet has been revealed.
Even SangGuQuan … that’s thousands of troops. Pang Gan woke up that there were six hundred foot soldiers in our city.
I smiled. Gongsun Du’s father is dead, and these people will try their best?
He well seemed noncommittal.
… Pang Gan hesitated for a few seconds before slowly saying, Gongsun Du has been operating Liaodong for several years, so it is not necessarily impossible to feel its kindness.
I squinted and rubbed Bazin’s way, I’m extremely awake. Who can be sure that this fleet general is not Gongsun Du’s diehard confidant?
Put the sails away and dock the sailboats one by one.
I quickly glanced at about 30 ships, all of which were not too small.
Stack’s long LUN several cronies are extremely nervously staring at the shore and suddenly added, Fu Jun is better to make peace with the army in the north first.