With a little uneasy, Yang Long stepped into the cave.

The cave is about 300 square meters in size, and the ground is paved with bluish white jade. Although the top around it has not been corrected, it also exudes a faint magical energy. After looking at it, it is not strong and composed of tree roots.
There is a night elf in the cave.
To be precise, there is a female night elf who is halfburied and halfnaked in a cave, her arms and back are connected with roots, and she is going into a coma with her eyes closed. There is a fistsized flesh floating above her head.
桑拿会所This female night elf is the painful person of the moon angel.
Looking at my former brother’s appearance in such a bleak way, Yang Long didn’t know what to do at the moment. wait for a while gave birth to a little fear in his heart more than ten meters away.
And seems to feel someone enter the moon angel suddenly opened his eyes.
Yang Long!’ Come or go. When I saw the incarnation of the old butcher, my eyes immediately bloomed with brilliance, and my delicate and beautiful face also showed a heartfelt smile.
NO633 yongjue
Angel of Luna’s pain or blood rose in previous lives, Angel Wallace’s light language was like a sledgehammer slamming Yang Longtou, which made him feel groggy and remembered the memory buried in his heart.
Took a deep breath and Yang Long strode past.
I didn’t look carefully when I entered the cave just now. When I came to the front, Yang Long found that the roots of her brother had penetrated every inch of her flesh and blood and were extracting her energy all the time.
And one of the roots connected to her neck is conveying natural forces to her.
This two forces, one in and one out, turned the painful body of the moon angel into a concentrated transit, which constantly tortured her spirit and brought her great pain that ordinary people could not bear.
Apparently, the night elves deliberately put her through this pain.
After exploring more than ten tentacles, Yang Long’s face became very bad. Those roots were not only torture, but also connected to a huge magic circle of feathermoon fortress as a whole.
If it is damaged, it will cause a fierce reaction
What makes Yang Long even more headache is that when he entered the huge magic circle of feathermoon fortress, he already started the original energy flow and lost balance. The magic circle consciously accelerated the speed of extracting energy from his younger brother.
That is to say, it won’t be long before the messenger of the Moon God Pain will die.
Is hesitated for a moment, Yang Long made a decision to stretch out his hand and draw the moon angel pain bust, and all the roots were cut off, and emerald liquid energy was sprayed in large quantities
Heh heh heh
In just a few seconds, the natural force flowing in the whole fortress came from the inside towards the cave, and the energy penetrated and compressed the gas here, which brought up a kind of disturbance before the explosion.
Controlling the tentacles, Yang Long pulled his brother out of the soil.
The harsh white light flashed, and the whole feathermoon fortress, together with the surrounding area of more than 100 kilometers, was shrouded in fierce generate’s natural forces, and the original mountain on the west side of Fielas rose up and scattered in the sky.
The angel pain of Luna was caught in a few tentacles, and I was slightly surprised to see the ferocious terror in front of me. The ancient god turned white in a moment. This is the true beauty of Yang Long’s face, and a ray of sadness emerged.
Recondense the incarnation Yang Long came to the front of his brother
At this time, the pain of the messenger of Luna is like a dense root of a big tree from the waist. After losing the natural force, it slowly shrinks and dries up, and the naked eye can see that it falls off a lot.
Combined with the pain of the moon angel, the whole person became weak.
If you let her go, she will definitely die. The only way is to implant Yang Long’s own ancient god core like Feili to replace the painful body of the moon angel from the root and turn her into a part of Yang Long.
However, when Yang Longgang made a decision, the pain of the messenger of Luna was perceived.
Wait! The messenger of Luna showed a little fatigue in her painful mental state. You can let me resume my activities temporarily, right? It’s not like this human being that I can control my body.
This human refers to Fei Li, who is looking humiliated but obedient to stay aside.
Looking at his brother’s smiling eyes, it is better than the resolute face. Yang Long hesitated for a moment sullenly before he separated the core of the ancient gods and reintegrated into the body. He controlled a few tentacles and broke his body.
In less than three seconds, the angel of the moon pained the stonelike body and was free to move.
Although this is also you, I still prefer the way it used to be. The messenger of Luna Pain looked at the huge and towering ancient gods floating to the incarnation of Yang Long and put his hand around his neck. Shall we go out?
This time, Yang Long came to the outside world without hesitation.
Luna angel pain hangs on Yang Longshen, although he lost his bust, but because of the height difference between the two, he still appears in Fielas like a lover.
Slowly, they came to the top of a high mountain and found a place with a wide view and sat down.
I never saw you again. I didn’t expect that the sky still gave me this opportunity. It’s a pity that I was not brave enough to be with you at the beginning. It’s a pity to think of it now!
As soon as he came to the outside world, the moon angel pain fell on Yang Long’s chest and whispered something.
I don’t know what will become the messenger of the moon god, and I don’t know why it took you so long to come, but I know very well that you are with me in every dream during this long time.