My left foot grabbed the turf, and I lifted my right foot and drew it at the end of the ball.

The strength of the ball was just right, and the ball flew into the ball socket from pushing and shoving. The goalkeeper’s line of sight was blocked by everyone and he couldn’t see how the ball flew past.
This foot ball depends on luck, right? Qin Zhen belittled my skills behind me.
Strength is absolutely strength I repeatedly stressed.
He hummed back at me.
So I decided to show him my great strength.
Force him a little bit. I reached out and pulled the two front waists of the midfield in front of me and pointed to Qin Zhen. I will break the ball!
Qin array just took the ball to the top two front waist and then decisively doubled back and forth.
Qin array not care about virtual sway two steps emerged from two people.
You, you are Macy!
I rushed straight from the side and flew to the ground to intercept!
Come on! He looked as expected. Suddenly, a horizontal pull dodged me, and I was bound to have a tackle, and then I quickly rushed to the goal with the ball.
When I rolled over and got up, I answered that it was a cheer.
It has become extremely difficult to intercept Qin array. He has gained a lot of exercise in one game after another, and all his abilities have made great progress, especially his dribbling skills. He even made a wonderful heel jump at halftimebut he was knocked down by two guards who didn’t brake after passing.
However, he still gives me trouble in defense, and he has a speed advantage, so I can avoid it by long and simple means, and we are even in shooting sense of smell.
The score kept climbing, and the two sides broke 44 at half time.
The strikers faced fire and the defenders became decorations.
Today, there are still three days before the first day, but the weather is surprisingly hot. Everyone in the place is sweating, and a white fog rises from the stadium.
Even the audience outside the stadium were exhausted and searched for water.
A few profiteers are delusional about taking the opportunity to make money. The peddler even picked up the cask and didn’t know how he would collect it.
Happy! Qin Zhen pulled the team’s body with only a short divination showing the lean muscles of his arms. I want to exert my strength and let you lose willingly!
Use your sister’s strength! Our body thundered
If you don’t believe it, there is no way! He suddenly picked the ball and wiped the striker’s head and took off.
No, it’s not a simple overhead.
Qin array at the same time and ya ran!
He wants to chase the ball? !
It’s impossible for anyone else, but I have to be cautious
Get him! I casually ordered the recent midfield to block the way of Qin array.
Too late! Too late!
Like a greasy loach, he swam away from several midfielders and fullbacks.
I’ve chased him, and I’m sure I can intercept the ball and one of the people
桑拿按摩The abdomen swelled with a true spirit, and suddenly your feet were as light as a swallow.
Qin Zhen and I are almost shoulder to shoulder with the ball whistling above our heads!
He and I agreed to stick it to the DPRK.
Qin Zhen concealed his elbow and firmly pressed it against my chest.
I couldn’t help but fall behind him when I stopped.
Ball pendant
Qin array stepped into the restricted area with one foot.
79 Qin array naked war horse super
Amateur referees won’t find this bastard moving
I can rely on myself and work hard.
So I forcibly corrected my direction and accelerated towards the ball landing point again.