I shrugged. I guess so … Uncle invited him in.

A few seconds later, Chen arrived and walked into the hall with the messenger.
The messenger is only in his early thirties, and his height is normal. Although he has characteristics, he has some knowledge, temperament and an indescribable wisdom when he looks closely.
He didn’t salute me according to the rules, but he said, Can you come to the table when you are in a weak state?
Please sit down, sir. I motioned for him to sit in Du Ji’s hand according to the trace of unhappiness in my heart.
I’m not stupid. Li Min, the satrap of Yingchuan, should not be stupid. He sent messengers, and should not be stupid. He must have his own intentions in adopting such an obviously unpleasant attitude.
Thank you, General Ma. The messenger shook his robe and sat down with a big smile.
I wonder what your name is, sir? Wang Lie should ask a way
yingchuan bacteria messenger grinned and replied.
23 sycophant from Yingchuan
Of course, no one usually has that name.
But I can’t think of anyone who sounds like a surname at the moment.
Then I vaguely felt from the expressions of Cheng Yu and Jia Xu that they had never heard of this name.
Of course, you adults have never heard of it in just a rural village. The name is Bacterial Messenger, and he laughed.
I have been away from home for many years and rarely returned to the Central Plains, so I am ignorant and disrespectful. I bowed my hand at him. What are the first and last names?
He raised his hand and gave me a gift of teasing Jun Jun
Play surname … this is really a rare surname Wang Lie gathered a moment.
Yes, it’s a small surname …
Rao is my vast knowledge and strong memory, and I can find two or three famous people with the surname of drama.
In addition to ….. talent.
Cao Cao, the earliest counselor of Yingchuan in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, was recommended by Xun Yu. Cao Cao’s contribution was not remembered. After his untimely death, Xun Yu recommended Guo Jia to succeed him.
However, in this world, Xun Yu, the northern state of Cao Cao, is still in the Han Dynasty, and Guo Jia lacks the effectiveness of intermediary law Cao Cao.
I’m sure that this pretentious guy in front of me is an actor … or his relative.
Cao Cao was the earliest counselor … I dug him up, didn’t I?
I wonder what Mr. Xi is doing in Yingchuan? Jia Xu asked.
Jun Xi laughed. You are a white man. Occasionally Li Jun has contacts, which is barely enough to say. Only this time did he dare to send me to see you.
Mr. Ha ha is Li Fujun. Jia Xu smiled slightly.
Don’t say no The drama gentleman waved his hand again and again, and both of them smiled brightly.
While they were still talking in vain, I rubbed the bar and simply conceived a plan.
喝茶约茶  title=Mr. Xi personally came here and didn’t know that he had brought Li Fujun’s kind of entrustment? Always like direct freeze finally impatiently.
Ha ha, this must be Cheng Zhongde? Play jun still said with a smile
The old man is Cheng Yu.
Can’t you guess what you’re trying to do? The goods actually turned against the guest and asked.
Cheng Yu snorted softly, Oldtimer, you are probably Li Min who joined the master.
What Mr. Wang expected was not bad, said Mr. Xi, clapping his hands. Li Jun asked me for advice as soon as he received the message from General Ma, and I suggested that he surrender to General Ma at the first time.
Oh? I raised an eyebrow. Does this guy seem to have a general moral integrity?
But Li Jun boasted that the official of the Han Dynasty, Shandong Prefecture, had just begged the general to hesitate for a long time before being persuaded.
I don’t know if Mr. Zhicai advised? I deliberately said the word ambition
The opposite drama gentleman really showed a little surprise, but immediately concealed it. After persuading Li Jun that the general Nanma, who is facing the river in Yingchuan, will be able to step down the Shandong county in a sharp day, although the situation is fierce, can one person ask Dong Lianjun with the help of you?
General Ma did not want to stimulate Shandong counties to cause strong resistance; The second is to worry about Yuan Shao and Cao Cao in Hebei; Third, the general pities the foot soldiers and doesn’t want to lose too much in the siege. If Li Jun can join the general at this moment, it will definitely help the general to save his wealth.
I nodded and asked, What did you advise Li Min to do … Do you think I can win this protracted war?
Things are always there, and I can’t guarantee that I won’t be deluded. Xi Jun laughed. But I think the current situation is the most potential.
Tell me why you judge so? I especially like listening to others analyze our advantages, otherwise I always feel insecuremaybe this is a kind of selfconfidence?
The first general can fight and have military talent. The drama gentleman raised his right index finger. I have heard many people talk about how many battles the general has fought, most of which are less wins and more losses, and few people can compare with the general’s art of war.
I waved my hand. I’m still far from talking about the art of war! It’s absolutely true. The more I’ve fought, the more I feel that I have a single strategy. I’m really lucky to win every battle …
He raised his middle finger. Most of the second generals are brave, but the tiger and leopard fighters are even more invincible, and now they are the first elite troops in the world to defeat the fierce soldier Lu Bu in World War I.
The Third General attaches great importance to talents regardless of their origins. He put up his name. To be offensive, I also suggested that Li Junpa send someone to investigate the intelligence of the generals … but these agents were deported a few days ago.
I glanced at Han Ji and Du Ji with a smile.
Wang Yanfang and Mr. Liu Zhongli have long been respected by the general as a great scholar in Dongzhou. He bowed his head to Wang Liewei to show his respect. But the rest of the officers are not ordinary brothers, and … the general probably has three battalion commanders who all seem to be rebellious.
Are you talking about Gan Ning, Yang Feng and Chu Yan?
This is not true, I retorted. I still have suspection.i parents here.
Huangfugu was a famous star of the Han Dynasty in the past three generations. How can it be considered as a contemporary celebrity?
Don’t care about one or two exceptions. The play king shrugged his shoulders and stretched out his little finger. The Fourth General sympathized with the soldiers, both civil and military. I heard that the army sergeant system has been specially reformed recently, and the treatment of generals and soldiers has been greatly improved. It is necessary to insist that whether the scribes or soldiers will join the generals in an endless stream, while the theory of relativity, Zhongyuan Prefecture and Hebei Yuan Shao, attach great importance to family names. Even if they have something to do, they will still look up to me.
Come to me when I receive Yingchuan. I immediately hit the snake with a stick. Ma Chao is a schemer and needs the help of a visionary counselor like Mr.
Ha ha play jun evenly dozen ha ha will be the five fingers of the right hand the fifth general has reached such a high potential at the age of twenty, which is far better than those who are in the middle age. The general can devote his energy to the hegemony for ten years, and it must be enough to persuade Li Jun to join the general as soon as possible.
I looked at his slender fingers and laughed. Mr. Chi Cai’s remarks are flattering me … but all of them are facts! Ma Chaode can let Mr So evaluation
Everything you said just now is heartfelt words, general. Don’t really take it as flattering words. Xi Jun gathered up his smile and leaned slightly towards me.