I smiled indeed

Do I have to say … what great council or congress was set up to supervise the emperor?
Even if it is established … Who knows how to supervise!

After I left the Grand Court, I successively inspected other ministries and hospitals.
The atmosphere in most offices is quite serious, but there is no lack of harmony and relaxation. It was only after a person in Mi Heng Douchayuan asked the concierge that he learned that Dean Mi Heng had taken the monkeys out to interview public opinion …
In the Ministry of War, Xun You and I briefly talked about the current military affairs system, only to find that the Tiger and Leopard Flying Army has already had 13 battalions!
From the 1st battalion, the battalion commanders are me, Qin Zhen, Tuoba Ye, Chu Yan, Taishi Ci, Zhang Liao, Gan Ning, Pound, Gao Shun, Lu Bu and Sun Ce. In addition to the 11th battalion, there are also two battalions of cavalry in Xia Houyuan, Wen Pin, which have not been formally incorporated into the sequence in the process of forming troops.
Among these battalionlevel generals, Zhang Liao, Taishi Ci, Gan Ning, Gao Shun and Chu Yan Sun Ce have been guarding the outside world for a long time, accounting for half of the total number, so I asked Xun You whether it should revise the establishment of the Tiger and Leopard Flying Army again.
Xun You’s answer to me is … There is no need for Zhang Liao and others to hang a battalion commander’s name before the official position, which can not only show that they are close to me, but also make it convenient for them to show their work in the local area without spending more money on their salaries.

At the beginning of May, the Sixth Congress was held.
As soon as the meeting didn’t show up these days, Mi Heng impeached more than ten countylevel officials
I am gratified that he is not chasing shadows, and he has produced more detailed evidence and said to most impeachers.
So I immediately ordered the court official department to deal with it within a time limit
It’s certainly a good thing that your dean took drastic measures as soon as he was ready, Jia Xu woke up to Mi Heng. But should we pay attention to a little grasp of the scale when the laws were first enacted in the new dynasty?
Mi Heng laughed. Thirteen people played by the cruel officials in Zhang Tang today are evil in the village, but many families and brothers in the county know their evil but dare not hold themselves accountable easily, so please ask the court to make the decision.
So it’s a lie to say that you don’t know the reason. Jia Xu turned to apologize to him.
Your dean’s wife just listened to your dean’s speech. It seems that there are many officials in Yuzhou and Bingzhou? Cheng Yu asked
Good Mi Heng a moment.
Cheng Yu squinted. Your dean also said that there are many aristocratic brothers, but I don’t know which aristocratic brothers?
Good question,’ Minister Cheng’ Mi Heng smiled and asked him, but he answered with great hesitation’ Three of the 13 Bing people have four people, and one of them is Wang’s younger brother in Taiyuan, and Xiao Lian is recommended by Wang; There are six people and four people in Yuzhou, and Runan had recommended Xiaolian and Maocai as one person or the late Yuan Wei’s brother.
I frowned and asked, Yuan Wei … Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu …
They are from their father, Mi Heng replied.
Wang in Taiyuan … I turned to Wang Lie again in confusion.
Wang head hurriedly waved his hand. I’m from Qingzhou Plain, but I don’t have anything to do with Wang in Taiyuan!
桑拿按摩It’s Wang Yun’s family Jia Xu explained to me briefly.
I oh sighed with regret. I can show my hardhearted private virtue this time!
Wang Lie smiled and shook his head. There are two or three farmers in the old clan. I’m afraid the king is barking up the wrong tree if he wants to embody virtue.
Everyone in the hall laughed.
Later, the drama monarch reported, Wang Xuzhou’s intelligence about the East China Sea phase Liu Bei’s whole army seems to be interested in fighting bandits such as Cang Ba who are entrenched in Langya.
Xun You also said, Qingzhou secretariat of Taishi Ci Beihai satrap Sun Ce also has letters asking whether he can take the lead in this land.
What do you mean? I turned around and looked at the highdefinition picture of thirteen States hanging behind me.
Langxie country is located in the northernmost part of Xuzhou, and the thirteen cities under its jurisdiction are quite vast in area. It is bordered by the sea in the east, the Beihai in Qingzhou in the north and Taishan County in Yanzhou in the west. It seems that most of the mountains are really suitable for mountain thieves to occupy.
Qingzhou military forces are excellent, and there has been no big move recently. Taishi Yiwenwu has both ability and political integrity. Sun Bofu’s contemporary brave generals will charge just a group of Ukrainian United States, Xun You said.
The king laughed. The key is to see if the king is willing to play against the Han family at this time.
Guo Jia immediately retorted, Can the possession of evil bandits be regarded as the land of the Han Dynasty?
Spat play jun Liu Xiehe liu bei is not planning to recover the old soil? Can you tell the situation clearly?
Cough! Mi Heng and freeze cough almost at the same time.
I waved and said, Sooner or later, we will have World War I in Liu Xie. It’s also good to start work earlier … so that Yanzhou and Qingzhou Taishi Ci respectively advocate that Liao cooperate to take evil as soon as possible. Zhang Liao Yanzhou troops have a large loss, and this time I don’t plan to make them the main force to cooperate with Taishi Ci to contain evil, even if some troops are completed.
Good Jia Xu nodded his head.
At this time, there were several different steps outside the temple at the same time.
A moment later, someone outside the back door said, There is an urgent report for Wang Yanzhou!
I slightly zheng and then nodded just talked about Zhang Liao and he sent me an urgent message?
The emissary bowed slightly, stomped and hurried into the main hall and bowed to the ground. The villain Yanzhou Zhang Ci Shi probably visited Wang Long live!
Work hard all the way, I said. What’s the urgent news from Wen Yuan?
Zhang Cishi recently persuaded Cang Ba Cang Ba, who was entrenched in Langya, to agree to surrender to our country, the messenger said, lifting the Chinese hands of the file bag.
There were different sounds in the temple, including surprise, admiration, surprise and regret.
I took the exhibition from Liang Cong and read it carefully.
Given the rev.
Please smell the minister Yanzhou secretariat Zhang Liao.
A few months ago, I rode thousands of people to attack me from the northern part of Yuzhou against Taishan Kou Cang Ba. However, I was surprised by the scouts on the way, and I was chased by a horse, which broke through my department and captured Cang Ba’s minister Pei Qi’s heroism. I was grateful to him for his feelings, and I was interested in raising many people to join me. Wang Ren did not care about his life experience, so I wrote this letter of worship and was willing to answer the minister’s invitation.
I laughed and handed the article to Liang Cong to read by various ministries. Zhang Wenyuan is really a blessing! It turned out that he was on his way back to the army and beat Cang Ba, by the way, which made Cang Ba willingly submit …
At the same time, Jia Xu also smiled when he first read it. It saves me the time to write another official document.
This Cang Ba is a gang of thieves who have been entrenched in Shandong for a long time. Now look at me and surrender to the potential shit. The king should be careful. Say this … turned out to be my old fatherinlaw Cai Yong.
Fatherinlaw can rest assured that a small husband in Cang Ba still got it. I comforted him and he said nothing.
There was another call outside the door, There is an urgent message for Wang Jizhou!
It’s not that Chu Yan just got here a few days ago and took over a big county for me halfway, is it? I laughed and sent the messenger into the temple.