Last but not least, we must thank the heroes who saved the whole Masked Island. Although they don’t particularly mind their real names being mentioned by you, I still want to say that blade master Yonero, the twoheaded dragon Jesse Luo, the poisonous warlock Lissel, and the last and most mysterious singlehandedly great care teacher Zhao Yi! Everyone cheers!

Last but not least, we must thank the heroes who saved the whole Masked Island. Although they don’t particularly mind their real names being mentioned by you, I still want to say that blade master Yonero, the twoheaded dragon Jesse Luo, the poisonous warlock Lissel, and the last and most mysterious singlehandedly great care teacher Zhao Yi! Everyone cheers!
Oh oh oh! ! ! !” Zhao Yi was shocked by this sound, and some people wondered if Rania had colluded long ago … And Zhao Yi felt quite conscious when she saw Eugenie’s bewildered expression. It was so beautiful to be thanked and revered for doing good!
Well, the banquet is also at the request of the heroes. Let’s continue to eat and play! Rania sat down with that, and the whole scene became more and more lively, which made Zhao Yi feel that this island is actually a paradise for real people. If it is possible, there is no problem to settle here.
But soon Zhao Yi was too busy to find the north.
Because a lot of women kept harassing Zhao Yi, some of them were bold enough to gather around Zhao Yi, and the girls disappeared somehow … Zhao Yi took a closer look at the original Liselle Jesse Lo and Eunie Ruo, who were also surrounded by all kinds of people …
You Nie Ruo seems to be surrounded by her former training partner and some friends when she was a child. There are many men around Liselle who seem to like Jessie Lo. It seems that there are many men and women there because Jessie Lo is so cute …! Don’t come near me, weirdo. Jesilo!
Zhao Yi was suddenly upset, but obviously he was surrounded by all kinds of younger sisters. He couldn’t leave and wouldn’t let him leave, but fortunately, the strange corn in Jesse Luo seemed to be squeezed.
Zhao Yi is a little abrupt, but what are your skills?
The great wizard is good in character and handsome!
Hello, can I sit on your leg? Before Zhao Yi promised him, he found his thigh occupied.
Don’t steal away!
Zhao Yi be my boyfriend!
Me too!
No, don’t rob me!
There is nothing wrong with the harem!
The one hundred and fiftyfourth sprout has been red and blue since ancient times.
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You don’t mind, but I do mind …
Zhao Yi thought about it, and if a quarrel happened accidentally, it would be just to die and die … The official palace of Slak was rejected by Zhao Yiyi … Nie Sha, Zhao Yi felt quite troublesome and naturally wouldn’t die … But gradually Zhao Yi’s idea changed from the most singleminded to some moral integrity now … But it seems that there is no way to do things. If they don’t mind, Zhao Yi herself is trying to make the daughters happier.
Of course, Zhao Yi, who refused the inexplicable harem, found that the anger of the daughters was quite terrible, so he fainted. Even if he didn’t drink, he felt … His head was chattering like a sparrow, and his sisters reached a dizzy level … Zhao Yi always didn’t know how he came back … It seemed that Eugenie or Liselle helped him come back? I can’t remember. Chief Zhao Yi decided never to appear in public again … otherwise, she would be harassed to death …
how about it? Did you feel good last night?
Not good at all! Are you all so crazy on the island of hiding your face? My head is about to explode. Zhao Yi thought of last night, and she was scared. It was even more frenzied than a magic spell.
No, it’s not. If you shook your head, you probably harassed Zhao Yi’s younger sisters. It’s true that they are old and have high eyes. That kind of people will haunt Zhao Yi. After all, their identity and strength are not bad. On the contrary, women who are curious about Jesse Luo and Liselle are more cute and extroverted children … It’s also Zhao Yi’s own problem to be dizzy …
Alas, Zhao Yi sighed, but it was not bad to have a good sleep after really getting dizzy last night. Today, I came out early in the morning to train Yonejo. Although Zhao Yi had a joke and never died of unarmed skill bonus, he had a certain mastery of sword skills, but compared with blade master, Zhao Yi wanted to train with Yonejo for a while.
Rania gave him this lux sword in her hand.
The general situation is that … Zhao Yi said that she would train with You Nie Re? Rania immediately gave Zhao Yi the sword, and even Zhao Yi herself didn’t understand what was going on. Rania’s smile always made Zhao Yi feel a little strange … But Zhao Yi was still very bright and clear, so now she is going to the training ground alone with You Nie Re …
On the other hand … how did you learn your skills, Eugenio?
skills? After hearing Zhao Yi’s words, you Nie tried to recall the process of constantly wielding the sword by himself, but he trained much more than the average person. Then he was very happy to show Rania the results after learning the sword dance, but Rania let herself train more … At that time, you Nie still didn’t understand why Rania was so cruel. It was no joke to have a thousand sword dance crits … But now it is true that you Nie’s hard work and selfconfidence bring strength.
I don’t know very well. My own skills are probably just practicing … You Nie Re said with an understatement, but the actual training day is not so boring, and it is not so easy to persist. You Nie Re is now white.
Zhao Yi always gave up. After all, blade master was destined to be a hero. If you really care about her, it is estimated that you will grieve others. After all, there are many people who insist on this matter, but there are only a few people who actually gain strength.
Then again, can you sword? Aren’t you a mage?
Yes, a little. Actually, even Zhao Yi herself is not sure how much the passive skill bonus is, but it’s probably white to compete with Eugene. Eugene! Let’s have a try!
ha? Don’t tease look at you if you are joking. Zhao Yi wants to have a competition with her. After all, Zhao Yi can’t stand being looked down upon for such a thing.
So the two men confronted each other with a blue sword and a threeeyed mask. Compared with Zhao Yi, who was wearing a black robe and holding a red sword, it was obvious that Yu Ruo was more domineering and Zhao Yi had a passive skill bonus, but it was just a skill left by ordinary people …
I didn’t think much of Zhao Yi’s rushing to hold the red sword with one hand, so that I could change my swordholding posture in the process of advancing and attack the method judgment.
If you see Zhao Yi playing really naturally, it’s also natural to hold a sword in both hands and straighten up. Facing Zhao Yi’s attitude, it’s a temporary method to judge the attack, which makes her have some ways of attacking Bai Zhao Yi.
Zhao Yi grinned and turned directly through the side of Eugenie’s body, holding a sword in his hand and cutting it sideways to her body. However, if Eugenie himself is a horizontal sword, this simple offensive has been resolved and Zhao Yi’s sword has also been strongly shocked. I’m afraid that compared with years of training, Eugenie’s Zhao Yi is still a lot worse.
Come again! Zhao Yi pulled the distance between them and looked for the opportunity to rush again. So they compared the sword skills, and the red and blue swords seemed to be dancing and dancing, and all kinds of gorgeous or simple skills were also brought out by the two men to crack each other’s moves …
Two swords, red and blue, were inserted on the floor in front of the two men. You Nie Ruo and Zhao Yi also sat there and looked a little tired. However, the result of the two men’s battle naturally didn’t say that You Nie Ruo won three battles. This is also a normal phenomenon. If you can’t compete with Zhao Yi than you can with the sword, Zhao Yi can simply be a swordsman …
Alas, you are still a strong swordsman … give me a sword dance from time to time. I can’t carry it. Zhao Yi handed the drinks in the ring to You Nie Ruo. These drinks were subsidiary products developed by Lissel when she was studying herbal medicines. It is said that they have physical strengthenhancing effects, and the taste is quite good. So Lissel made some and left them in Zhao Yi’s ring. After all, there is no time in it. This concept can be guaranteed for a long time.
After all, there is a probability trigger … I can’t control this. It’s an occasional flash of light and I’m already jumping up. It’s a flash.
Your skills are quite strong.
喝茶约茶There is some curiosity in Youneiro’s eyes. What did you say before that Doom’s shadow magic ability is also quite strong?