Well … I have to think about it.

Cai Yong suddenly a face of tension.
In fact, there’s nothing to think about. Dad’s social circle says that whether a novel is small or not is limited to a small piece of land in Xiliang is the best. Of course, Pang Rou and Pound are the best. Of course, there can’t be any girls in their family who can marry me. Pang Rou hasn’t married Pound yet, so it seems that she can marry her elder sister Ma Wen. What can’t happen in three or five years?
For other subordinate colleaguesforgive my stupidity, I don’t remember any colleagues.
What I have learned from thinking is there should be no engagement …
Cai Yong’s tight face suddenly relaxed. There is only one female male in the old age, and I have seen it the day before.
I quickly got up my sleeve and couldn’t restrain myself. I was surprised to spit out a drink to my sleeve. The old man was straightforward enough.
I appreciate this personality, but I don’t like this way. For his precious daughter, let’s not.
Small Adai around is also surprised to yi.
The whole hall fell into a brief silence.
This … It’s hard for me. The younger generation is too young to get married so early …
Oh, no, I married when I was fourteen. Cai Yong was very different
I left my pie mouth. I got married at the age of fourteen and didn’t have a baby at the age of fiftynine. Isn’t your survival rate too low?
Cai Yong made another suggestion to me very tenderly. Of course, the old man also knows that if you don’t want to get married prematurely, you can make an engagement first and then get married in two or three years.
Uh … I was moved by his indifference and refused to say anythingin fact, the main reason was that I saw Cai Yong that day … The little girl’s appearance is also very pleasant, although she can’t compare with The Story Of Diu Sim’s peerless posture, but her hidden beauty and temperament make me drool.
I looked at Jia Xu with my head askance.
Jia Xu naturally helped me out. If there is no other favorite family, Miss Cai’s daughter is also a good match.
I’m Zheng. Why did you help an outsider to persuade me? Was it bought by Sigh in secret?
And Cai Yong, the old man, unexpectedly expressed his gratitude to Jia Xu with an arch hand.
This ….. marriage junior should also ask my father to give adult Cai an answer so that I can transfer the excuse to Marten.
However, Cai Yong is already winning. It is said that this is a major event in life and should be cautious.
He seems to let go, but I always feel wrong.
So please ask your father immediately. Sure enough, the old guy was shameless and urged me to write on the spot.
eh? As Cai’s adult wishes, I hesitated for a moment and waved Zhao Cheng to take pen and ink.
Due to Jia Xu’s strong presence in Mafu, there is also a faint fragrancethree generations of Jia’s old man, Jia Xu and Jia Yu are all homeowners who can’t put it down, and I have to fill the room with paper and pens to decorate the facade.
Respect your father as a mirror.
Don’t be too healthy for a few days.
Chao Zaidong Luocai’s adult only wants to marry a woman whose female name is fifteen years old.
Married people are too crazy to deceive you.
May grandparents be healthy.
The unscrupulous Ma Chao would like to worship.
Lao Zhao sent someone to my father.
Zhao Cheng carefully put away the paper and stepped back.
Wait a minute Cai Yong prevented Zhao Cheng from leaving Xu Laotai also wrote a letter to send a horse to Liangzhou
桑拿会所Please I motioned Xiao Zhao to throw pen and paper in front of him.
Cai Yong deliberately raised his eyes. The little servant girl around you is not normal.
I laughed in disguise, which seemed to make me happier than praising my body.
Cai Yong waved his long sleeves and said, Please give it to your father.
Yes I nodded Zhao Cheng.
Zhao Cheng rolled up two pieces of paper together and left the hall.
In this case, I will send my daughter to the government. Cai Yong was relieved
I was blindsided … not so urgent? Didn’t you say you were waiting for my father’s opinion?