That’s good. I clapped my hands and smiled. The general who is the latest in the sky is one of us.

Seibel Zheng
I personally have two thousand foot soldiers. If possible, I hope the general can help me practice my command in the future. I straightened up and deeply saluted Seibel.
Seibel is still sitting straight on the kang.
Super has a younger brother, Ma Dai, whose parents died young. I hope the general can guide his military strategy in his spare time. I grabbed Xiao Dai with one hand and asked him to give me a gift.
May the general not abandon Xiao Dai muttered reluctantly.
Seibel just stretched out his hand to help Xiao Dai but didn’t speak.
Reach out and even acquiesce to accept it.
I left the cabin with Pound and Adai contentedly.
Of course, when I left, I told the centurion who was in charge of guarding it.
If Seibel escapes and kills your family, it will be unforgivable.
Chapter 10 Lu Bu! Lu bu!
Pound Ma Dai followed me closely. They may have doubts, but they didn’t say anything.
I know I behaved a little differently today.
Xiao Dai, don’t you have any questions? I slowed my steps.
Ma Dai bumped his head behind me. Eldest brother was not too polite to that Seibel and today these words are … like … like … He hesitated but failed to say it.
Like last words? I turned to look at him.
He scratched his head and nodded slightly.
This is not a last word. I reached out and patted him on the shoulder. Just in case.
reinvent the wheel! Pound grunted coldly and suddenly stepped up and walked past me. You won’t die!
I smiled and watched him strode away.
You won’t die!
Do you mean that I won’t die or at least I won’t die before you because you will protect my place?
Pang second brother has finished me together before I know it.
But I’m afraid it’s not unnecessary.
Can Pound, who is under twenty years old, stand up to Lu Bu in his heyday?
I’m not optimistic about the situation here
I’m afraid it will be extremely sinister
Remember what I told you just now, Xiao Dai, if … I mean, if there is one thousand, just do as I tell you. My eyelids suddenly jumped.
Although Ma Dai may be reluctant, I am so cautious that he can promise.
I hope … my entrustment will never come true.

night changes
The darkness came to the sky.
Six thousand hussars came out with medals, and all the horses were wrapped in hooves, and the bells were picked, and they quietly touched the Lyu3 bu4 army at the Qingni Pass.
In the enemy camp, most of the lights have gone out for dinner, except for some night watchman patrolling back and forth.
Six thousand cavalry slowly rolled out from the ravine.
Pound striker, I’m in the middle, Ma Dai is last.
The three troops suddenly went straight for the enemy camp!

品茶论坛Chaos, horseshoes, four tramples, endless sparks flying all over the sky
The fire is burning!
The wood crackled in the night.
Siege equipment declared dead
There was chaos in the enemy camp.