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I guess he will find an opportunity to block me.

Sure enough, Ye Xiangyuan went out after lunch break. I took Xiaojin and my baby to play in the living room, and he went downstairs and talked to me.
He asked me what Ye Xiangyuan was going to do.
I wanted to think, "Ah Yuan said it’s not urgent. After all, he’s far away from home and Lu Xun’s eldest brother is far away from his heart … Let those rumors continue …"
Li Mulin looked at me inquiringly and obviously didn’t believe my story.
I know he won’t believe me. After all, Ye Xiangyuan and I are not as worried as we are.
So I pretended to be mysterious and said, "You should believe that Ayuan must have a way to solve it."
This is, of course, deliberately hinted that he had a response to Ye Xiangyuan.
Specious, let him guess and put a little pressure on him and Han Qingshan behind him.
Li Mulin really thought about it and then left on the pretext of something.
I didn’t care about him either
Li Yu smoke going all afternoon, and now I revealed that Ye Xiangyuan had arranged something early, so I can’t believe he didn’t contact Han Qingshan.
There’s no hurry in Han Qingshan, so it’s not for me to guess.
But since Ye Xiangyuan is waiting for Han Qingshan to find me, I certainly hope that Han Qingshan will act.
I held the baby in my arms and watched Xiao Jin dismantle the model while secretly thinking about what Ye Xiangyuan was doing when he went out.
He used to be very carefree these two days. What happened again?
I will ask Ye Xiangyuan directly when he comes back later.
At that time, he was changing diapers for his baby, and he didn’t look up when he heard the smell. Naturally, he said, "I’m going to go through Spain and ask Dong to find out first, so I went out for coffee all afternoon to avoid Han Qingshan’s eyes and ears."
I see
We are now in the southeast of France, and before the Spanish border, I speculated that he would go to Spain. After all, Spain is next to Africa, which is a good retreat.
But then I still leng leng.
He told me so lightly about such an important matter that there was no pause.
Does that mean he really did what he promised and didn’t want to hide anything from me again?
If so, then I think it is worthwhile for me to give Thaksin.
I couldn’t help walking over and hugging his waist and head from behind, kissing his back and calling him "Ayuan"
He just finished changing the baby, smiled and took my hand and turned my body to face him.
Then he hugged me and kissed my mouth and face. "What’s wrong with baby?"
I shook my head and put my head on his shoulder.
He stroked my back one by one.
Section 313
spa会所After a while, he said softly, "I asked Yuan Xi to go to Los Angeles to find Mr. Ji Shu, who is the most famous surgeon in the world. It should be a few days before Ji Shu recovers. You can arrange one then."
I didn’t expect him to remember it and immediately arranged for his confidant to do it …
My heart is softer and I can’t help hugging his waist harder.
He gave me a low smile and kissed me.
After a few seconds of silence, I told him about Li Mulin’s coming to inquire about the news during the day.
He listened and squeezed my face and smiled slightly. "Baby, you have done a good job. You always have to get even with Han Qingshan before you can take a step. You are so stimulating Li Mulin to let them toss Li Yuyan for me, but you just want him to go to Han Qingshan to inform him."
I’m relieved if I haven’t done anything wrong.
But I thought about what he meant. I have to wait for Han Qingshan to come before I can leave. What does that mean?
But he didn’t speak again, so I hesitated and didn’t ask more questions.
He may tell me something if I ask him, but I also have concerns. In case I am caught by someone and tortured one day, or the baby threatens me, I guess I will tell the secret.
He might as well keep it from me.
Of course, if I have something to do with Gu Changyu, I hope he can be 100% honest with me.
After we wash up, we are going to sleep.
Before going to bed, I packed my baby’s clothes and saw Pan Dong give me a mobile phone and return it to my bag.
It suddenly occurred to me that I had been ignoring a question and looked up at Ye Xiangyuan. "How did you connect with Ji Shu at the beginning?"
Ji Shu doesn’t have a good impression on him. How can he get along with him?
Ye Xiangyuan smiled and said, "It is mainly due to the east."
I am zheng.
He came and hugged my waist and smiled gently. "You forget that once before, he caused you to be arrested by Xiaoyan and Dong just saved you … He didn’t believe me but he believed Dong …"
Chapter 343
It’s because of Pandong. I didn’t expect it.
Ye Xiang traveled a long way. "When Ji Shu and Han Qingshan went to the hospital to find you, he guessed that Han Qingshan would be bad for you. He found Dong and said that he was willing to stay with Han Qingshan and protect you if he had the opportunity."
I suddenly one leng.
He continued, "At that time, I asked Dong to answer without telling him what to do, so he went to France with Han Qingshan. Later, Dong contacted him and he immediately offered to help." He paused and gave me a deep look and said, "He is very kind to you."
I looked at him, too
Why does his tone sound so jealous?
But beyond that, there seems to be some … Sigh?
What is he sighing about?
I looked at him and said nothing.
He gave me a gentle hug and said, "But even so, I won’t give you up to him."
I smiled and shook my head and still didn’t do it.
In my heart, I think that he doesn’t need to argue with Ji Shu because my heart has always been with him.
We hugged quietly for a while. I looked at the phone in my eye bag again and said, "By the way, Han Qingshan seemed to block the signal at that time …"