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This successful long-distance attack and pendulum swing will give full play to Lu Wenbin’s speed, skill and body, even if Lu Wenbin scores a good goal.

It is no wonder that even the British commentator shouted excitedly when Lu Wenbin hit the ball into the door.
"The goal is scored. Lou scored a super beautiful goal."
"Lu counterattacked three people in a row and finally put a Ronaldo pendulum over the goalkeeper and defeated the whole Swiss team with one hand."
"The superstar Lu really didn’t disappoint."
At the scene, China fans and neutral fans gave Lu Wenbin a bow and clap their hands, and even some Swiss fans shook their heads and applauded Lu Wenbin deeply.
Lu Wenbin was also very excited and had a long celebration with his teammates. Finally, the Swiss team protested and ended the celebration. He returned to his own half and waited for the Swiss team to kick off in the middle circle.
Two goals behind the Swiss team, there is no way out to storm.
However, although they are stronger than China Olympic team’s Asian opponents, Lu Wenbin’s defensive ability is much stronger than before.
Lu Wenbin withdrew to participate in the defense, which was slightly worse than that of Mexico, so it was difficult for the Swiss team to break through the defense of China.
Not only that, but also more files appeared in the backcourt of the Swiss team
In the 4th minute, China got another chance to fight back. Several people in the Swiss defence were attracted by Lu Wenbin and Lei Wu, and Cao Yunding was in the defensive position.
Lu Wenbin protected the ball. Cao Yunding was about to offside and passed the ball in an instant.
Cao Yunding successfully entered the forbidden zone against offside, and received Lu Wenbin’s wonderful low shot from near the corner.
China’s 3-0 lead sealed the victory.
In the next ten minutes, although the Swiss team almost ignored the defense, Lu Wenbin, Wu Xi, Zhang Linpeng and others Qi Xin cooperated to defend China and kept the score of 3 to the end.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game.
China beat Switzerland 3 times with 6 points, ranking first, Mexico 3 points second, Gabon and Switzerland each scored 1 point, ranking third and fourth.
In the final round, even if Gabon and Switzerland win, China loses, and Gabon and Switzerland can’t catch up with China by six points.
The top two direct promotion in the group stage, China team has qualified from Group B in the previous round and advanced to the London Olympic men’s soccer team.
All China fans and overseas Chinese in the stands stood up, clapping, cheering and screaming with excitement.
Many people cried "Long live China", "We are qualified" and so on to vent their excitement.
It is not only the fans and spectators who are watching the Olympic live broadcast in the host country, but also the same.
China’s Olympic team not only achieved its historic first victory in this year’s London Olympic Games, but also advanced to the top six points before just two games, which is an unprecedented achievement of China football.
It is no wonder that all China fans and spectators are so excited.
Lu Wenbin was also very excited. After the game, he had a warm celebration with his teammates and coaches, and then interacted with China fans for a long time and signed some autographs before returning to the locker room to take a shower and change clothes and go back to the hotel to rest.
Chapter 591 Quarter-finals
Back to the hotel, the Olympic team members celebrated their group qualifying first, and then watched the women’s 1 m air rifle final of the first gold medal battle in London Olympic Games together.
In the end, Yi Siling, a 23-year-old girl from China, beat Polish player Bo Gacka to win the first gold medal in the 529th ring, and another China player Yu Dan won the bronze medal.
China won two of the three medals, of which Yi Siling was the first gold medal in the London Olympics.
When Ran Ran, the venue of the two five-star red flags, rose, and when the magnificent march of the volunteers stadium rang, Lu Wenbin secretly squeezed his fist. He also wanted to help China win a gold medal in the Olympic Games.
Then Coventry had a night’s rest and the China team returned to London the next day.
China’s third round match venue is Wembley Stadium in London against Gabon.
The schedule of men’s soccer competition in the Olympic Games is very dense, almost every three days.
After qualifying, China will naturally not go out to Gabon for shopping. They have to save enough energy to play in the 14 finals.
Therefore, the third round match between China and Gabon in Group B was held at Wembley Stadium in London on January 1, and China rotated most of the array goalkeepers and were replaced by Wu Sihuo.
Of course, Lu Wenbin, the anchor, continued to start.
If you have Lu Wenbin, Gabon will not dare to attack. Even if you have Lu Wenbin to defend Gabon, the success rate will be greatly reduced.
Nine minutes later, the score on the big screen was 21, and China won by one goal.
Although Gabon scored a goal due to the lack of strength of China’s substitute team, it was finally defeated by Lu Wenbin’s goal twice.
Lu Wenbin made many opponents feel nai.
China scored 9 points in three victories, ranking first in Group B. Mexico beat Switzerland in the final round, and Switzerland and Gabon went home together.
After the third round of group matches, Lu Wenbin also won the group qualifying system award of 10,000 experience and 1 skill point.
Plus the single experience gained in each game, Lu Wenbin’s experience has increased by 19 levels, 193.532 million, and 650,000 is still needed to upgrade.
If you want to score and win in the 14 finals, you can upgrade again.
Go out in the present group
Segmented reading 22
Lu Wenbin naturally did not hesitate to add a position selection skill to make his position selection attribute reach 12 points.
After the group stage, the top teams will be a group Britain, Segal, B group China, Mexican group Brazil, Egypt, D group day and Honduras.
In the 14th final of China Olympic team, the opponent also came out of Segal.
This is an African country that can beat Uruguay and England to qualify together in Group A, and Segal’s strength is still good.
However, compared with the strong hosts, Brazil, Mexico and so on, Segal’s strength is still worse. Many teams with Lu Wenbin and China have a great chance to win.
品茶论坛The top four waved to the China team.
Most media in various countries are also optimistic about the China team. After all, Lu Wenbin at u23 level can beat a team by himself.
Segal is not a strong team, but it is lucky to force Uruguay into the strong team.
It’s like a game in which China rotated most of the main players, but Lu Wenbin scored twice alone to help China beat the main players by 21 points and do their best in Gabon.
This is one of the reasons why the China team will be listed as the top favourite to win the championship.
However, when China’s Segal 14 final officially started at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales on April 4th, 2012, Segal didn’t shrink back, and China fought for defense, but took the initiative to attack from the beginning of the game.
This caught the China team off guard.
The media unanimously said that China was stronger than Segal, and everyone thought that Segal would shrink his defense and fight back. Even head coach Blazevic thought so.
I didn’t expect Segal to take the initiative to attack.
Aren’t they afraid that Lu Wenbin and China will fight back?
Good China team’s tactical body is 4231 defensive counter-attack, based on defense and then counter-attack. At the beginning of the game, the attack will not be overwhelmed, but the defensive formation will be stabilized and the situation will be seen first.
Segal scored three shots in the first ten minutes with three axes, but China’s defense was once right and the power angle was not good, which was easily confiscated by Ceng Cheng.
On the contrary, the China team once made a very threatening attack in the 6th minute. Unfortunately, Wu Leilang went straight to Lu Wenbin and finally slipped out with a single shot.
After resisting Segal’s opening attack, the China team stabilized its position. Everyone gradually found that Segal looked aggressive and its strength was much worse than that of China when it met Mexico. The Swiss team was the same.
Moreover, the discipline of African players is much worse than that of the Swiss team. It is a good ball to go out, but Segal players will choose to force their own breakthrough, and when the result is stolen or the French breakthrough is delayed.