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"Elder brother, why did you stab me? I just ask. Can Xiaoxi manage the company? He’s not even one year old. He’s not a child prodigy. "

"Ha ha ….." But I didn’t want the master to laugh. I lifted Jiang Junyue’s lower abdomen with a crutch. "You little brat, do you want to listen to politics?"
"Grandpa, I didn’t say."
"Come on, give me the baby. If you can’t bear to part with you, you can come back here with Miss Lan every day to see him. You can also move back to live in Jiang Gu. It’s really not bad where you live. You have kept it for you from your former room." The master spoke again, but this statement immediately put Jiang Junliang’s hopes into ten levels of hell and could not be seen.
"Still eat not to eat? If you don’t eat, I’ll go out and eat. I’m hungry. "Jiang Junliang got angry and strode towards the gate. Why can’t he beat Jiang Junyue? If you give him another chance, he will do better than Jiang Junyue, but grandpa is eccentric and never gives him a chance.
Scene suddenly some ice Jiang Hanchang this just got up and shouted, "Jun Liang, you give me back."
"If I don’t, I won’t." Jiang Junliang really left the glass door.
Lan Jingyi felt that she shouldn’t have come. It seems that the atmosphere would be bad when she came here. She pulled Jiang LaCrosse’s cuffs and "let’s go". She thought that she really didn’t have enough to eat and just walked away.
Jiang Junyue is holding Xiaoxi’s arms. Grandpa just said this. If he still insists on holding Xiaoxi, I’m sorry for Grandpa’s good fortune. My heart says that Grandpa is still partial to him.
How can he make the master angry again? I have to reluctantly hand Xiaoxi to the master. "Well, Jingyi and I will come to see his grandfather again. You have to promise me that you will take good care of Xiaoxi. If he makes a mistake, I will definitely take him away."
"Don’t go and eat before you go." The master took the lead in walking towards the table with a crutch. The food was already ready, but no one dared to eat until the master opened the mouth. Fortunately, his old man’s house finally remembered at the moment.
Lan Jingyi looked at Jiang Junyue Jiang Junyue and sighed. He knew what his weakness was now, that is, Grandpa took Lan Jingyi’s hand and walked to the table. They had to eat this meal, but maybe his master meant well. He wanted to give Lan Jingyi a chance to get along with Jiang’s family, but the atmosphere was cold from sitting down to eating the table.
Next to Lan Jingyi Lan Qing is on pins and needles. From beginning to end, the rice grains in the bowl are counted and the dishes are served. However delicious, they can’t be eaten because of their mood.
After dinner, Jiang LaCrosse left with Qin Qin, Lan Jingyi and Lan Qing. When he came, he thought he must bring Xiaoxi back, but now he has gone through all kinds of silence before dinner.
Maybe he can respond to Lome Wei in a rude way. Lome Wei was wrong about Lan Jingyi, but he really couldn’t help it with his master.
Soft and hard, the old guy doesn’t eat. Anyway, the master just won’t give him back and Lan Jingyi.
Going back to the small apartment all the way to get rid of the sleeping little Qin Qin, the three adults are very boring without saying a word.
Seeing that Jiang Junyue was almost there, he pulled over slowly.
The car has stopped, and Lan Jingyi is still staring at a corner of the window in a daze. She thinks that the more she thinks about the child, the more she feels distressed. It’s her body falling, but she hasn’t enjoyed her maternal love since she was born.
"Aunt Sunny, how about getting something to eat?" Jiang Junyue got off the bus while discussing with Lanqing, and soon she went around Lanjingyi’s side. She was still in a daze, and his expression made him feel distressed.
品茶论坛"Didn’t you just eat?" Lan Qing was surprised that he stopped to ask for a meal, but Jiang Gu just finished eating and left, didn’t he?
"You and Yiyi didn’t eat much. You must be hungry now. It’s not good. It’s not too late for us to go home after eating." He loves his woman dearly, but she is not allowed to be hungry anyway.
Chapter 126 Beaten
"You and Yiyi didn’t eat much. You must be hungry now. It’s not good. It’s not too late for us to go home after eating." He loves his woman dearly, but she is not allowed to be hungry anyway.
"Good" Lan Qing looked at Jiang Junyue’s daughter’s eyes and knew that he was worried, so it was better for Xiao Qinqin to eat milk.
"Yi Yi, let’s get something to eat." She didn’t eat much at the dinner table. He knew that Qin Qin was still eating milk. She didn’t eat alone. She knew that he was going to love two people.
But Lan Jingyi still just sat there as if she didn’t hear it. "Yi Yi, let’s get something to eat." Jiang Junyue shook her shoulder and thought that he was sorry for not bringing it back.
The light shaking strength made Lan Jingyi finally wake up and look up. First, he glanced at Jiang Junyue in confusion, and then he didn’t care if Qinqin was asleep in her arms. He raised his hand and waved it at Jiang Junyue. "Why didn’t you tell me earlier?" What? What? You scoundrel, scoundrel … "You waved your fist desperately, but as you sobbed, her fist became slower and softer." Jiang Junyue, what did you tell me? "
"Wow … whoa …" She woke up with such a big move that she watched her mother cry. She naturally didn’t want to lag behind and cried with her mother, so she didn’t have a car. Both mother and daughter cried. Lan Jingyi took Xiao Qinqin’s cry and wiped her tears. It was hard to find her little grandson, but her in-laws didn’t pick her up. She was also sad.
Jiang Junyue was beaten by Lan Jingyi until she couldn’t beat her and dropped her fist. He gently hugged his mother and daughter and whispered, "Blame me this time." After that, he never dared to put everything at the back to surprise her. This surprise was there, but there were more troubles behind him. Grandpa really gave him a headache. It seems that he can deal with outsiders, but he just doesn’t know how to deal with his relatives.
"Blare ….." Lan Jingyi sobbed for a while and his nose and tears rubbed against Jiang Junyue. He patted her on the back. "I’ll take you to see Xiaozhuangzhuang again. Rest assured that the master won’t mistreat that little thing from birth to now, although he doesn’t have relatives around him, but he will laugh and deceive people the most. Even strangers can’t bear to bully him when they see him. What’s more, he’s too grandfather. Besides, I dare not hurt him when I go back to grandpa every day. I promise to accompany you to go back to see Xiaozhuangzhuang later, or Crying into a big cat. Well, you are a big cat. Our house is small. Qin Qin is Xiaohua Mall. "Jiang Junyue said softly in Lan Jingyi’s ear. Lan Qing couldn’t hear it, but watching Lan Jingyi" sloped "finally broke into tears and smiled." You are a bad guy. You are a cat. "
Seeing that Lan Jingyi finally stopped crying, Jiang Junyue was relieved and reached out and hugged Xiao Qinqin. "Come, dad, take you to eat something. There is corn juice in this shop. You must like to drink greedy girls and like to eat sweet, right?"
"Don’t kiss your teeth and don’t give her something sweet to eat." Lan Jingyi took Jiang Junyue and handed her a tissue and ordered it while wiping her tears.
"Good that is unsweetened corn juice so the head office? Child her mother "
"Let’s go" Lan Jingyi is really very fond of Jiang Junyue. Sometimes he looks cold, but it is a set of things to coax people. When he said this, her mood was much better. So she got out of the car and followed him into a restaurant across the street. Both Chinese food and western food looked good. Lan Qing ordered a steak herself, Jiang Junyue and Lan Jingyi ordered an Italian beef tenderloin, and then ordered a unsweetened corn juice with a small straw for Xiaoqin. Each of them was the simplest food, but it was better than Jiang’s table. Sanzhen seafood is much more delicious. Sure enough, eating is also about paying attention to the mood. Lan Jingyi’s mood is better, but she is still weak. First, she wants to be small and strong. Second, she thinks about Jiang Junyue’s father and refuses to accept her. This makes her very headache.
"Pour your father what so against me? Just because I am married three times? " Speaking of the word "three marriages", to be honest, it seems quite awkward. She also feels awkward. "Forget it, it’s my fault. You’re not married, and I’m going to get married three times."
When the car stopped, Lan Jingyi got angry and got into the car with Xiao Qinqin. She kicked up a roadside stone while driving. She was really upset. How could she get married again and be married three times?
Jiang Junyue didn’t say anything, but quietly hugged her on the shoulder and went into the ladder with her. Lan Qing also didn’t say anything. Looking at their young husband and wife together, she was worried and sad. She thought she should move out, or she would live with Lan Jingyi and Jiang Junyue again. Why did she feel like a bright light bulb? She would move out in a few days. These days, she was afraid that Lan Jingyi would be unhappy because of small and strong things.
After taking a shower, Lan Qing coaxed Xiao Qin Qin to sleep. Xiao Qin Qin slept in a beautiful princess bed by herself. Did Jiang Junyue buy it for her? Lan Jingyi naturally slept with Lan Qing in the bedroom big bed, so Jiang Junyue could sleep on the sofa.
He couldn’t have sex last night, and he can’t count on it anymore
And don’t even think about taking a bath, which is even more impossible.
The sound of Lan Jingyi splashing water in the bathroom was simply a kind of torture. Jiang Junyue opened his eyes and looked at it casually, but the sound could not hide the water in the bathroom. He frowned and took a cigarette to the balcony and sucked it up against the railing. Xiaoxi made him have a headache for the first time.
Chloe, he has a lot of things waiting for him to deal with in the company.
"It’s your turn. Go and wash it quickly." The small apartment is really small and has a bathroom, so it will take a while for three people to queue up for a shower like this.
"Yeah, I know," but the decoration of the villa is not ready yet. Wait for more than a year. It’s not bad for ten days and a half. Jiang Junyue sighed and took his pajamas into the bathroom. Jiang Junyue yi tooth was really painful. Only then did he see through the mirror that his back was swollen. The master’s battle was really hard.
Grandpa used to hit him like this. It’s the first time since I was a child. At most, I slapped him in the ass. That’s really incomparable.
Alas, there is only one child. It seems that Grandpa really likes Xiaozhuang.
After washing Jiang Junyue, he went to get his pajamas, but he didn’t hold his pajamas firmly and brushed them off. Before the water ran clean, he was soaked. Jiang Junyue frowned and felt that this night, the unlucky son couldn’t come back to take a shower and could drop his pajamas, so he wrapped a bath towel and gently pushed the door open, only to see Lan Jing Yi Zheng sitting on the sofa as if waiting for him. "Why haven’t you slept yet?" He walked over and sat beside her and asked in a low voice.
"Don’t want to sleep yi your pajamas? How did you come out like this? "Lan Jingyi didn’t face away. Although she had seen Jiang LaCrosse naked for several times, she somehow swept the towel waist and Jiang LaCrosse would make her blush. She really blushed. So the man covered with water drops seemed to be more sexy.
"My pajamas are wet, please help me get another one." It’s really troublesome to look at the small room in the bedroom closet, but I don’t know what it is. He just doesn’t want to move, and it seems that he is addicted to living here.
Lan Jingyi went into the bedroom and quietly took his pajamas out. Lan Qing went to sleep. She tried not to make a sound "to wear" and opened her pajamas. Uncle Jiang Junyue stretched out his arm but stopped before wearing Lan Jingyi. "Do you have a swollen back? Does it matter? Did grandpa hit that one? "
"Don’t worry, it’s just a limp." Jiang Junyue is careless. He is a man. Where is a man so delicate?