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I’m afraid she didn’t expect me to say this, and suddenly she was even more angry, panting.

I don’t have so much sympathy. "I haven’t forgotten what your precious gold-encrusted son did to me, Mrs. Fool, and a few days ago, he threatened to expose my photo if I didn’t help him get a balanced contract. But after three years of domestic violence, he always beat me and scolded me for doing so much hard. Is this still the case? Why do I have to defend you as a scum after what I’ve done? Am I sick? Or are you living a dream? "
"Ink gorgeous you this …"
Section 61
"Bitch woman?" I grabbed her words and sneered. "Yes, I was a bitch and I was tortured by you for three years."
I’m a bitch and I’ve been cheated by their partnership for so long.
No1 I’m proud that I can’t give you Chapter 33 Subtle care
I have always felt that I am a sentimental and soft-hearted person. I didn’t expect that in the face of Qingyang, I was able to harden my heart and not respond at all, even thinking about how to fall into the trap.
After all, being at home is in Qingyang and being at enmity with me. I think that my current state of mind and practice is not in line with a virgin bitch of Mary Su, and I am very pleased at the moment.
It’s as ugly as the sound keeps coming into your ears.
I just muted my phone and threw it away. She couldn’t hear me and I couldn’t hear her.
Quite good!
I turned my head only to see that Wei Qingkui was looking at me with his back against the door and his hands in his trouser pockets.
His eyes are not strange at all, full of fire and passion.
I thought about how much he listened to when I talked to Qi Linxi just now. A little red at the moment
He smiled and walked up to me, stretched out his hand and put his arm around my waist gently. I just looked up in front of him and enlarged my face, and gently printed my lips.
A dragonfly kisses a little water to calm the heart, but the lake is in chaos
I panicked and hurriedly bowed my head to look at his eyes.
I am secretly wary that every time I get along with him alone, he will come to do such intimate and provocative things to me, which makes me feel worse.
按摩  title=I leaned against his chest and asked, "Is the meeting over?"
There were some people on my head. He was silent for a while and replied, "Well, just after the meeting, Zhang Xiaomeng said you came to see me."
He released me and dragged me to sit on the sofa.
This time, he didn’t hold them at a distance, and I finally felt better.
I don’t want to come to him either. They are tied together and he helped Qingyang.
Although I promised to be with him, I still rejected him from beginning to end after thinking about myself for so long, and I felt a little sorry in my heart.
I feel more and more sorry at the thought of looking at his handsome and cold face.
"You will find a reason to divorce him every day, and he will definitely not want to."
"If we know that …" I’m a little remained.
Wei Qing said with one hand on his forehead, "This is a quotation."
Lead a divorce!
Who will be drawn out? Mo Shuhua or Liu Yue?
Isn’t it certain that both of them have been spread out?
Although I am confused, I also know these things. I think there is nothing more.
I didn’t know this from him because he didn’t hide it.
It turns out that he has been sending people to monitor Qingyang, and they have also found a detective agency to investigate and find Qingyang, which is all the mistakes of the Yu regiment.
From his mouth, I also know that I know that after Yu Qingyang and Mo Shuhua, Mo Shuhua moved into the rain view villa.
I don’t have anywhere to live in that rain view villa. I know. After all, I saw it with my own eyes when I went back that day.
Wei Qingkui said that I really said nothing new before me.
In the long run, there are some weak and weary through illness. The Yushi group will even turn over the water for this matter because of the explosion outside.
It’s not unusual for me to be sleepy, but it’s even more embarrassing to push open a door in his office before I realized there was a lounge inside.
The lounge is spacious, and a soft big bed with beige sheets makes me more sleepy.
The lying guard gently tucked me in the quilt corner, then opened the ventilation window, which was very intimate, and then pulled the black curtain. Suddenly, the room was dark and suitable for sleeping.
Before he went out, he said, "I’ll call you before dinner."
I was in a trance after a while.
In a daze, my heart seems to have caught something, but I can’t catch it. I always feel that my heart is not practical.