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Meixi hesitated. Can she really bet on her happiness for the rest of her life? Can she really afford to gamble?

"Meixi, we are all adults now. We should be responsible for our own lives. Marriage is not a child’s play. You must think about it. Once you get married, some things will not change you." Liu Yiwen put his hand on Meixi’s hand and said.
Meixi retracted her hand like a blow.
"Let me think about it." Meixi nervously picked up her bag and walked out of the cafe.
Liu Yiwen looked at Meixi’s distant back and lost in thought. He hoped that his words would make Meixi love more than one lover and Wei Xi more than one.
Meixi touched her hot cheek with one hand and opened the car door with the other. She kept the tone to a minimum. She felt that it was time to let herself get hot and calm down. What did Liu Yiwen just do represent? This made Meixi puzzled, but one thing was that after talking with Wei Xi just now, Meixi felt that she really should consider it carefully and could not compromise at will.
Chapter 10 Fight to the end ()
"Liu Dage bad" Liu Yiwen just ready to leave Wei Haochen from the urgent words.
"What’s the matter?" Liu Yiwen hurriedly asked.
"My mom, they are moving too fast. I found out that they have already started planning the details of the wedding. What should I do?" Wei Haochen said anxiously.
"How did this happen?" Liu Yiwen, who has always been calm, also panicked at this time
"The two companies want to jointly develop a gasoline field, which involves a lot of money. They want to marry to show their sincerity," Wei Haochen said with some disdain
"I just talked to Meixi, and she seems to have been told by me. I will be able to finish talking about her when I want to give me some more."
"There is no time. I just saw that Lao Wang has asked someone to design an invitation. If the invitation is sent out, even Mei Xi’s opposition will be gone." Wei Haochen shouted in a hurry
"Don’t worry, we need to be calm now." Liu Yiwen’s brain is running rapidly.
"There’s no way out." Wei Haochen said with some frustration.
"We have to stop the invitation from coming, just like you said that if the invitation is sent, there is no room for change," Liu Yiwen said with a frown.
"Well, I hope Sister Meixi can come to their senses." Wei Haochen prayed.
Meixi walked into the house in a trance, and as soon as she entered the door, she saw the mountain sitting on the sofa and didn’t know what to look at.
"Dad, I’m home."
"Yo, my baby girl’s back. Come sit here with dad." The mountain waved happily.
桑拿"Dad, I have something to tell you," said Meixi with courage.
"You come and have a look at this first." Shan handed the invitation in his hand to Meixi.
"Dad, this is" Meixi looked at the invitation and asked him to take a photo with Wei Xi.
"Ah, this is urgent when synthesizing. The design company will synthesize a wedding photo first, and sometimes you and Hee will make up the photo after the invitation is sent out in a few days."
Meixi rubbed her hand at the photo, and the two of them were close and full of tenderness.
"If only this were true."
Meixi was puzzled by this composite photo, but Liu Yiwen’s words kept ringing in her ears in the afternoon.
"Dad, I"
"So a look at you two is really a perfect match." Shan interrupted Meixi and took the invitation and studied it carefully.
"It’s a double happiness in our family now. Your marriage is settled. It’s natural for us to cooperate with Tianhe Science. With the support of Heaven Science, our development project can finally be carried out." Shan said happily.
"Congratulations to the chairman," Liu Mi came in from outside with a stack of papers in his hand.
"There you are." The mountain looked up.
"This time, you can rest assured that you are running around with money. This time, with the support of Haotian, our company will surely turn the corner."
"Dad, what happened to our company?" Meixi asked in a hurry.
"It’s all right now. It’s all over," said Shan with a wave.
"How can you keep such a big thing from me?" Mei Xi’s nose was sour, and he always felt sad about Wei Xi’s things. He didn’t care about the mountain now. Look carefully for a few days, but the mountain has aged a lot. Mei Xi realized that the mountain, which has always been strong, has reached the age of being unable to help things.