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Chang Huan Yan is smiling while covering her mouth. The little girl added, "It’s a good thing my aunt called Ma Ma, otherwise he wouldn’t even know that today is your birthday."

Chang Huanyan "…"
If eyes can kill people, she has been chopped by Jing Muchen by now.
Yu Yu is silently glanced at his wife’s mature face and vaguely nai.
The night before, I often called Su Re secretly and asked her to call Jing Anyue to tell my little girl that her bodyguard brother’s birthday was coming.
However, unlike Jing Muchen, he turned a blind eye to Chang Huanyan’s argument that "the daughter-in-law should start from the doll"
After all … The child is still young.
After blowing out the candles and eating the birthday cake happily, several children immediately got together to play, while Gao Xiaobai found a corner to watch alone.
Xiao Mo Mo suggested, "Shall we play house?"
"Good!" Yu Sheng Xiao readily agreed.
Yu Jin Shen just wanted to pull Yu Mo to play with the robot, but he was stopped by Xiao Mo Mo, who arranged a director’s posture. "I am the bride’s brother Mo, the groom’s official, and Jin Shen’s brother is the best man …"
Before Xiao Mo Mo finished his words, Jing Anyue stamped his feet and protested, "No, no, brother Mo is me. He can be my groom!"
Yu Mo "…"
Just passing by with a cup of tea, Yu Yu almost dropped the cup with a shake.
Jingmuchen is also twitching at the corner of his mouth, but he was just about to get up when Su Re pulled his arm and his eyes signaled him not to make a move.
A few small bags over there are still chattering. Every time Xiao Mo Mo says Jing Anyue, he retorts that although he is only two or three years old, he has a glib tongue. It’s not just that he has been watching a few small bags for a room full of adults, but also watching one leng one leng.
Finally, the boss Yu Mo came out and said, "Will you two take turns to be brides?"
Small ink ink sip sip mouth darling promised to "good".
Who knows that Jing Anyue said without thinking, "Bad brother, I can be my groom!"
Section 754
Yu Mo "…"
Little Mo Mo raised the minibus in anger and used the killer weapon. "Hum, my brother Mo, sister Sheng Xiao and brother Jin Shen go to kindergarten together every day. We have classes, eat together, sleep together and play with you … you are a …"
Xiao Momo thought for a long time and finally squeezed out a sentence she saw, "You are a female bandit!"
All "…"
JingAnyue blink "wow" a was more than I could bear "Deng Deng Deng" ran to jump into JingMuchen arms.
"What’s the matter?" Jingmuchen hurriedly hugged her baby daughter. Although my little girl cried, there were no tears, but … Listening to that cry also made me feel distressed.
"Pull out my sister, she bullied me 55555 …"
The female bandit met a female bandit who was more horizontal than herself, and especially took advantage of the home court advantage of "being in the right place at the right time". Jing Anyue couldn’t adopt the method of "tattling on adults"
Sure enough, Jing Muchen immediately hugged her softly and coaxed so Jing Anyue took the opportunity to say, "Pull out Yue Yue and go to kindergarten. He wants to go to kindergarten with Mo brother."
After returning home, Su Re discussed it with Jing Muchen later.
Actually, I have been to kindergarten once before the two children, but on the first day of school, Jing Anyue, together with Jing Yicheng, gave the class bully a fat beating and told the teacher that she and Jing Muchen were also called to the school for training.
(For details, please refer to the small theater brocade 1 in the chapter "My wife hurts you before marriage")
That incident caused so much shadow that my little girl never dared to learn anything again. I didn’t expect to take the initiative to learn now …
Su Re thinks this is a good thing at night. Anyway, the children will learn a few children of similar age sooner or later, and they will learn together, with a companion and protection.
桑拿网Especially Yu Mo, who is only three years old, is already a "big brother". Yu Jin Shen and Xiao Mo Mo listen to him …
So even if Jing Muchen was still reluctant, Jing Yicheng and Jing Anyue were sent to St. John’s kindergarten after the National Day and became a pair of students who gave up halfway and came back to class.
After introducing herself on the first day of school, Jing Anyue ran to the Yumo table with calf excitement. "Brother Mo, I want to sit with you."
Yumo didn’t speak and frowned.
So Jing Anyue immediately looked at Yu Mo’s deskmate Yu Jin and said, "You go and sit with my brother!"
"…" Yu Jin wanted to struggle deeply, but when he saw Jing Anyue clenching his fist and saying, "Good men don’t fight with women," he jumped up and sat down with Jing Yicheng.
From then on, the last six small bags played together when they were in kindergarten every day.
Yu Mo is naturally the eldest brother, and he also remembers that his father taught him not to fight and make trouble with his five brothers and sisters every day.
Fortunately, although Jing Anyue is naughty, if you want Yu Mo to say "No", my girl will be very obedient, which is even more than Jing Muchen’s words.
The same is true of Xiao Mo Mo and Yu Jin Shen.
Yu Yu was born to be a very good child, while Jing Yicheng never seemed to sleepwalk. His favorite thing to do was to meditate alone …
After a few parents, they will be completely at ease.