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Exterior Anjiu took the bag and saw that the trunk of the rear car had been opened. Han Mo White took out the bags one by one and put them on the ground.

Jing Anjiu came next to him to talk, but he was a little timid at the sight of his thick eyebrows locked and his thin lips pursed into a straight line.
She also knew for the first time that … Xiao Bai was still terrible when she got angry.
Han Mobai finally moved the camping east and west. He looked at the little girl there with a bag in her arms and a pair of big eyes with water vapor. She looked at herself and bit her lip. She was a pitiful gesture.
Well, almost instantly, Han Mobai felt that the sulking in his chest vanished in an instant.
He really can’t stand her being wronged a little.
After the heart sighed, Han Mobai lifted his foot and asked, "Why doesn’t YanYan drive?"
"Ah?" Jing’ an Jiu blinked and then looked at Che Gang. He just wanted to walk over and shout, but his arm was held by Han Mo for nothing.
"Forget it," he said. "Call home first. There are many things. You two will definitely not move."
"…" Jing Anjiu looked at him and relaxed, and his face was timid. He stretched out his small hand to cover his joints and asked, "Xiaobai, were you angry just now?"
The girl’s voice is very light and soft, with a hint of flattery, which is particularly delicate, waxy and soft, and there is a kind of unspeakable taste.
Han Mobai wanted to say "no", but he thought that he was really angry just now. If he denied that it was not too hypocritical at the moment, he didn’t hide anything and said "grace" directly.
"Don’t be angry," said Jing Anjiu immediately. "My birthday is coming in ten days. Don’t worry … when the time comes …"
按摩Han Mobai lightly picked an eyebrow. "Tell Uncle Jing then?"
"Yes" JingAn nine immediately nodded like dao garlic.
That’s what she’s going to do
"At the age of ten, my father wouldn’t forbid me to fall in love, Xiaobai …"
She shook his hand gently, just like a coquetry, and explained, "I really want to be with you, but … I don’t want my father to be sad or sad because of this. I hope that both of us can be recognized and agreed by our families … if we wronged you, can we bear it for a while?" I swear that I will take the initiative to admit the two of us to my father when I wait for my tenth birthday. "
Han Mobai looked at her eyes full of prayer, so sparkling as if she contained a spring water …
His throat tightened and he finally nodded and said, "OK, I promise."
"…" Jing Anjiu looked at her in surprise. It seems that he didn’t expect him to be so frank suddenly. "Really?"
"True" Han Mobai said and knocked on the back window in the past.
Jing Saixixi looked out and pushed open the door car.
"Yo, is this … made up?" He has a mean smile on his face.
Han Mobai didn’t answer is to bypass the front of the car again and then … Cayenne roared off.
"What attitude is this smelly little!" Jing Saixixi spat in vain and then looked at his sister. "Did you have a problem with him just now?"
Jing’ an Jiu’s eyes have been following the Cayenne car shadow without speaking.
Two minutes later, Jing Muchen drove the car and personally took his worried children home.
After the car, the servant helped to move everything into the villa. Jing Muchen directly put the car keys on the coffee table and asked, "Why don’t you let the driver drive in?"
JingAn nine one leng "er …"
Jingmuchen a pair of black eyes blazing with anger looked at her oppressive feeling.
I have always been bad at lying, and I have some wandering thoughts. Jing Anjiu suddenly could not speak.
Fortunately, at this time, Jing Saixixi said, "It’s not because we all have no money that the driver refused to bring the car in."
Jing Anjiu "…"
Yu Jingmuchen directly sneer at a pendulum is not believe it.
"Dad, you can’t deduct our money again, okay?" Jing Saixixi took the opportunity to complain, "Fortunately, this activity was covered by several class cadres. Otherwise, jiujiu and I don’t know how poor they are when they go out. People are still so petty at home."
The students studying in Sean Chen are naturally famous in D city, and many of them have roots in their parents and Jing family. He also has a good heart.
Besides, it’s sad to think that Han Mo doesn’t have enough money to spend when he even has a car.
Jing Muchen gave him a sidelong glance and said, "When you go abroad, you will appreciate my deduction now."
Jing Saixixi still doesn’t understand at this moment.
After waiting for a month, he went to study in a foreign country and suddenly found himself … having no money except to learn bank cards! At that time, he completely understood the meaning of Jingmuchen’s words.
After being questioned, Jing Anjiu finally had to go back to the building.
As soon as her goalkeeper put her backpack on the table, she took out her mobile phone and called Han Mobai.
He should have arrived home by the time the appointment was touched, right?
Section 76
But it rang for a long time and was not answered.
Jing Anjiu made a three-way call with perseverance and finally gave up and sent a WeChat directly. "Xiaobai, are you home?"
Still no reply.
Jing’ an Jiu sat on the sofa and deeply tangled up between the eyebrows.
It used to be easy to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss when you liked someone. At present, even some people doubt whether they are doing something wrong.
The door was suddenly knocked at a few times.
"Knock knock"
Jing’ an Jiu got up and put the phone back on the table to "come in"
The door opened and Su Ruo came in with a smile. "Do you pack up?"
Jing ‘an Jiu nodded and zipped up his bag in the past.
Su Ruo sat on the sofa in the evening and thought that her husband had just talked to himself thoughtfully for a moment and then asked, "Did jiujiu Xiaobai go camping with you?"
Jing’ an nine froze when he moved.
See her reaction Su Re night also confirmed the heart guess.
She sighed and said, "It is said that girls are extroverted, and I finally experienced it today."
Jing Anjiu blushed, but at the same time she felt guilty. She couldn’t help but turn around and solemnly apologize. "Mom, I’m sorry I was wrong."
Su Ruo smiled at night. "Nothing, don’t apologize. Actually, Xiaobai has always liked this child. He has a stable personality since he was a child. You two have been very good since childhood. I know that although he has been abroad for five years, you have always had him in your heart. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been so quiet for so many years, right?"
Jing Anjiu looked at his mother, surprised and surprised, and a little touched.
"Don’t worry about your father. I won’t tell him." Su Re added later.
"Mom, I didn’t mean to lie to my father," Jing Anjiu explained. "I have already discussed with Xiaobai that I will tell my father about us when I turn ten on my birthday."